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NXT Level Up results: Jacket Time vs. Edris Enofe & Malik Blade

Joe Gacy and Ivy Nile also made appearances on this week's Level Up.

Joe Gacy (with Harland) defeated Quincy Elliott

This match was the debut of Elliott. Before the match began, Gacy cut a promo about giving Quincy Elliott his first opportunity. From the start, Gacy had trouble with Elliott’s size. Gacy targeted Elliott’s neck with headlocks and forearms throughout the match. Gacy came back with a springboard lariat and, with Harland’s help, was able to distract Elliott to pick up the win following the handspring clothesline.

Quincy Elliott looked good in his debut tonight, but he could use some more work regarding his selling.

Ivy Nile (with Malcolm Bivens) defeated Kiana James

Before the bell rang, James cut a very scripted promo about working in an office and making her dream come true on NXT Level up. Ivy Nile DOMINATED this match. She submitted James quickly with the dragon sleeper and remains undefeated.

Edris Enofe & Malik Blade defeated Jacket Time

Kushida and Ikeman controlled the match early on. Blade and Enofe were able to turn the flow of the match into their favor by isolating Ikeman Jiro, working on his left arm. Kushida with a hot tag was able to give Jacket Time the flow of the match again. However, Enofe and Blade soon came back and were able to score the win following a modified double powerbomb on Kushida. This was the third consecutive loss for Jacket Time.

After the match, Jiro and Kushida shook hands with Enofe and Blade.

Final Thoughts

The piped crowd noises were very distracting during this episode, especially when you see the crowd not reacting to what is happening in the ring.

The in-ring work on this show was fine, but nothing out of this world. Ivy Nile has the potential to be a star, if booked right.