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NXT Level Up results: Three debuts

Thea Hail, Channing Lauren, and Troy Donovan made their NXT deubts on this week's Level Up.


The show opened with a new intro package that showed off NXT’s greatest successes (Seth Rollins, Bianca Belair, Big E, etc.). No one on the current NXT brand was included, which seems a little strange.

Javier Bernal defeated Guru Raaj

Bernal opened the match with a prolonged headlock. Bernal held on to this headlock for dear life, maintaining it on the mat and standing. Raaj eventually escaped and gained a foothold with a dropkick following a series of quick pin attempts.

Bernal fought to a standing position after a submission attempt from Raaj. Bernal led a short offensive sequence, punctuated with a double-knee facebreaker (basically a codebreaker). Bernal pinned Raaj, bringing the opening match to an end.

Ivy Nile defeated Thea Hail

This was not good.

Hale came to the ring with a long red cape. I think this was meant to be a reference to her ‘spartan’ heritage.

Nile opened the match with a drop from the fireman’s carry onto the top rope. Nile tossed Hail across the ring and scored multiple strike downs. Nile connected with a shiranui from the top and a German suplex.

Hail launched a very short-lived rally, but after awkwardly rolling around on the mat, Nile locked in an equally as awkward dragon sleeper; the hold forced Hail to submit.

Bodhi Hayward and Andre Chase defeated Channing Lauren and Troy Donovan

This was a fine little match. Lauren and Donovan looked great and were good in their role.

Lauren and Chase opened the match, trading wrist locks. Chase took the lead from the sequence, laying the boots to Lauren before tagging to Bodhi. Donovan tagged in as well, but Bodhi maintained his team's lead with a wrist lock that he passed over to Chase.

Lauren connected with a sneaky strike while Chase was looking away. Donovan took this opportunity, taking control of the match. Lauren and Donovan then worked to isolate Chase from Bodhi.

Chase scored a hot tag after a long struggle. Bodhi knocked both opponents off their feet in a burst of energy. After a series of slams, Chase tagged back in. Chase and Hayward hit a strange double team move, leading to a pinfall in their favour.