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NXT UK results: A-Kid vs. Teoman

A-Kid clashed with Die Familie in the main event of this week's NXT UK episode.

Taped at BT Sport Studios in London, England

Jack Starz & Dave Mastiff defeated Gallus (Joe & Mark Coffey) (8:32)

Mastiff and Joe Coffey started out and Coffey bounced off Mastiff. Starz tagged in and got worked over, briefly came back, and tagged back out. Joe Coffey actually picked Mastiff up, but Starz dropkicked him over.

Joe Coffey now got worked over, with Starz and Mastiff taking turns. Joe hit a missile dropkick from the top on Mastiff and finally tagged out. Mark Coffey ran wild on Starz for a bit until he managed to tag in Mastiff once more. Mark hit a forearm on Mastiff, but Joe had blind-tagged himself in, so Mark wasn't the legal man to go for the pin.

Joe told Mark to get out of the ring. Mastiff then hit Joe with a rolling Samoan drop.  Mastiff tagged in Starz, who hit Joe with a powerbomb to get the win. This was kind of an upset.

Gallus argued after the match and got into a shoving match until Wolfgang came out to calm things down.

- A recap of last week's NXT United Kingdom Championship match between Ilja Dragunov and Roderick Strong aired. We were shown scenes from after the match backstage where Strong congratulated Dragunov on his victory and shook his hand -- but Strong told Dragunov that they'd see each other again and the outcome would be different next time.

Jordan Devlin walked in and made fun of Dragunov and Strong, telling Strong he was lucky he had dodged the Irish Ace and telling Dragunov that when they had their empty arena match a while back, Devlin didn't mean tables, chairs, and stairs, but that Dragunov couldn't beat him one-on-one (except, Dragunov did just that).

Devlin said Dragunov had the title, but Devlin still was the Irish Ace. Usually, Dragunov vs. Devlin would be money and they will always be great in the ring, but the words leaving Devlin's mouth here made zero sense at all.

- We saw a recap of the feud between Sam Gradwell and Kenny Williams. Gradwell talked about growing up in the slums of Blackpool, including some video footage of the area. Gradwell challenged Williams to a Back Alley Brawl and Williams accepted, saying that Gradwell doesn't want to find out what Williams would do to him in a match where no one could stop him. The match takes place next week.

NXT UK Women's Champion Meiko Satomura and Isla Dawn confrontation

Satomura entered and demanded Dawn come out and return her stolen title belt.

Dawn came out and said that she was willing to hand the title back temporarily, under one condition: a rematch, under Dawn's own "chaotic" rules. Satomura accepted and said that she already told Dawn that if she wanted to fight again, all she had to do was ask. As Satomura picked up the title belt from the mat, Dawn spit black mist into her face.

As Satomura slowly recovered, Dawn talked about her world of darkness and said the match would take place in her domain.

- Backstage, Amale said she would watch the debut match of Eliza Alexander and -- even if she showed a sweeter side of herself recently -- she was still full of rage and would get her hands on Xia Brookside and Alexander eventually.

- Gallus were shown still arguing in their dressing room, then Joe Coffey came out and left.

- Wild Boar and Mark Andrews talked about their 15-year friendship, and Andrews said the only time they were not on the same page was when Eddie Dennis got into Boar's head. Boar was in a rage and wanted to fight Dennis, but Andrews told him he had to fight Dennis with his head, as Dennis would always try to get the odds in his favor. Andrews said Subculture were here to support Boar.

Eliza Alexander (w/ Xia Brookside) defeated Angel Hayze (4:13)

Alexander beat Hayze up for most of the match until she made a brief comeback and scored a two count off a slingblade.

Alexander quickly hit Hayze with a running knee to pick up the win.

- Emilia McKenzie was asked about her time in NXT UK. McKenzie said she was training hard and was training with the best in Satomura. Stevie Turner also was in the room and said she was in awe of McKenzie -- because while everyone wanted to be number one, McKenzie was happy being number two.

Turner said Satomura chose McKenzie as a trainee because she didn't think McKenzie was a threat. Turner told McKenzie it was just something to think about.

- A really good video recapped the history between Moustache Mountain and Oliver Carter & Ashton Smith ahead of their two-out-of-three falls match for the NXT UK Tag Team titles next week. Tyler Bate looked taken aback at times at Trent Seven's comments during the segment, where Seven claimed he/they would do anything to win.

Teoman (w/ Rohan Raja and Charlie Dempsey) defeated A-Kid (11:23)

A-Kid dominated Teoman on the ground early on, clearly annoying the head of Die Familie. Teoman came back with submissions, including a straightjacket choke.

After A-Kid connected with a dropkick, Charlie Dempsey got on the apron to distract the ref as Rohan Raja swept A-Kid's leg on the apron, allowing Teoman to hit a dropkick through the ropes. A-Kid eventually came back with leg kicks, but he got slammed off a suplex attempt.

A-Kid got back on offense with more kicks and a flurry of submission moves. Teoman further worked over A-Kid's neck, then got a nearfall off a running forearm smash to the jaw.

Teoman went for a back handspring elbow off the ropes, but he got caught in a sleeper in mid-air. A-Kid then transitioned it into an armbar, but Teoman made the ropes.

They ended up at ringside, where Teoman looked to smash A-Kid into the ropes, but he instead ran into the ropes himself. A-Kid then went for a springboard moonsault to the outside, but Teoman moved out of the way and A-Kid only hit Raja and Dempsey. That allowed Teoman to slam A-Kid onto the apron. Teoman then followed up with a reverse headlock driver to score the pinfall victory.

Final Thoughts --

A fun show. The tag team opener was an upset victory for Jack Starz & Dave Mastiff, who are rising in the ranks. It will be interesting to see if there will be a Gallus split down the line.

Eliza Alexander looked good in her debut, while it looks like Meiko Satomura vs. Isla Dawn may lead into some sort of gimmick match for the NXT UK Women's Championship.

Teoman also looked strong, and Die Familie is slowly becoming the top heel faction on the brand.

It will also be interesting to see how NXT UK will compensate for the recent or impending losses of A-Kid, Nathan Frazer, and Pretty Deadly (who were some of the best workers on the brand) to NXT 2.0.

Next Week --

  • Two-out-of-three falls match: NXT UK Tag Team Champions Moustache Mountain defend against Oliver Carter & Ashton Smith
  • Back Alley Brawl: Sam Gradwell vs. Kenny Williams