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Report --

The show opened with a promo video, highlighting tonight's main event match between Meiko Satomura and Blair Davenport.

NXT UK Tag Team title number one contender's tournament: Ashton Smith & Oliver Carter defeated Symbiosis (Primate & T-Bone) (w/Eddie Dennis) (09:37)

Carter and Primate started out and Carter and Smith had Primate under control early, before he finally tagged in T-Bone. The babyface team used some double team magic to wear the bigger T-Bone down. 

Symbiosis came back and went for a double suplex on Carter, but Smith pulled his partner out the move and to safety. Symbiosis finally found their groove and worked Smith over, focusing on his back. Symbiosis scored a near fall on Smith after Primate hit a frog splash on him. 

Carter finally received a hot tag and ran wild on bot opponents. He scored a near fall with a quebrada but Symbiosis quickly regrouped and focused on Smith once more. Smith rammed T-Bone into Primate who was on the top rope. He clotheslined T-Bone to the outside, where Carter took him out with a dive. 

Smith then lifted Primate on his shoulders and Carter hit him with a Doomsday cutter for the pinfall victory.


- Blair Davenport was shown warming up backstage.

- Pretty Deadly were asked about losing the tag team titles to Moustache Mountain. They complained about some other teams receiving a chance at the title in a tournament. Sam Gradwell then walked up and told them to stop whining and complaining and told them they had to take what they wanted around here.


An absolutely fantastic video on Ilja Dragunov aired. 

He was first shown training. He talked about how his intensity wasn't his biggest strength, but his family was. They then showed him with his wife and son at home, preparing food and playing. He said sometimes when his son falls down, he asks him "why do we fall" and his son replies" to get back up". 

He said his family isn't his weakness, it's his strength as they played clips of Jordan Devlin insulting Dragunov, using his family to talk trash to Dragunov. This was great.


- Noam Dar was watching the match between A-Kid and Nathan Frazer on his phone while Samuels had jotted down all the possible ways for Dar to win on a flip chart. They settled on Dar to beat Frazer in the 4th round for 11:1 odds.

- Die Familie cut a taped promo. Rohan Raja said that they were a family and Metehan talked about how the eye sees everything and now it sees them winning tag team gold. He said it was nice that Tyler Bate and Trent Seven were friends, but their bond was stronger.


Xia Brookside beat Myla Grace (03:50)

Brookside played crybaby some more, escaping into the ropes and complaining when her arm got worked over. Grace kept her momentum and the crowd was audibly behind her. She hit a 619 on Xia who was sitting in the corner. 

Xia pulled her off the ropes, hit a kick to the back and hit Broken Wings for the win.


- A-Kid trained at the UK Performance Center and talked about wanting to recapture the NXT UK Heritage Cup.

- Jack Starz and Dave Mastiff cut a promo about how they would win the tag team titles in 2022.


Amale was interviewed at the UK Performance Center about her amazing video package and detailing her story and how it exploded on social media. Mila Smidt entered and told her that her story was inspirational. 

Jinny then entered and told her it was a pathetic sob story, then left to catch her limo. Stevie Turner looked on and said that Jinny had a point. Amale flipped her lid, pushed her against the glass door and berated her in French.


A video package on WALTER aired, talking about how next week, he would make his "last stand" in NXT UK and have his final match on the brand. He then cut a promo and said that he dominated and brought back glory, respect and dignity to this sport. 

He said he was told great things about Frazer and that he was the future of the brand. WALTER wasn't impressed and like everyone else, Frazer was in it for himself and was taking the piss out of the sport. He said that every time, the Ring General steps into the ring, he comes out victorious.


NXT UK Women's Championship: Meiko Satomura (c) defeated Blair Davenport to retain the title (12:57)

Satomura started out with leg kicks, then turned a knuckle lock into a Judo hip toss. She followed with an arm drag and kneeling arm bar, further controlling her opponent. They finally exchanged strikes and Satomura kicked Davenport off the top rope to the outside as Davenport went for a springboard maneuver. The champion kept on offense, using a surfboard and more strikes, sending Davenport to ringside once more.

Davenport used her ringside position to her advantage though, kicking Satomura straight on the jaw as she went to leave the ring, almost knocking her out. She hit a draping DDT off the apron to the floor, then quickly went for a pin but only score a two count. She hit a running basement dropkick for another near-fall, then locked in a chin lock.

Meiko finally made another stand, hitting a vicious suplex on Davenport, then locked in an STF, but Davenport managed to lock in a Fujiwara arm bar from the hold. Davenport went for the Falcon Arrow, but couldn't get it and received a DDT instead. Meiko went for a Pelé kick, but Davenport caught her leg and locked in an STF of her own. She followed with more kicks and a running knee that sent Satomura through the ropes. Davenport hit a double foot stomp off the top on Satomura's back as she was on the apron. Satomura evaded the V-Trigger, then hit two consecutive Death Valley Bombs for a two count. Satomura went for Scorpion Rising, but Davenport evaded and hit a knee for another two.

Davenport went for the Falcon Arrow once more, but Meiko evaded it and went for another Death Valley Bomb. Davenport turned it into a sunset flip, but Satomura reversed it, sat down and scored the pinfall victory.

As Satomura celebrated, Davenport attacked her from behind and hit three consecutive V-Triggers. She posed with the belt, then threw it onto Satomura and told her. she'd see her again.

Final Thoughts --

  • The main event was very good and told a great story. Meiko finally prevailed, showing ring prowess, but it was through a roll up and not a deciding move. Davenport's attack prolonged the program afterwards.
  • The tag team match was a typical high level match. 
  • The other women's match was more of a showcase for Xia Brookside's new heel personality.
  • The video package on Ilja Dragunov and his family was outstanding.

Next week --

  • WALTER's Last Stand: WALTER vs. Nathan Frazer
  • NXT UK Tag Team Championship number one contender's tournament: Die Familie vs. Jack Starz & Dave Mastiff