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NXT UK results: WALTER vs. A-Kid title match

WALTER vs. A-Kid

The Big Takeways:

NXT UK Champion WALTER retained the title over A-Kid in a great main event while a four-way tag team elimination match for a title shot will happen in two weeks.

Show Recap:

The show opened with a recap of A-Kid winning the Heritage Cup, beating Tyler Bate, and challenging WALTER for the NXT UK Championship. 

Joe Coffey pinned Ed Harvey/Sha Samuels (6:40)

Harvey is the former Sha Samuels. The 35-year-old veteran of the British scene has been around since 2004 with well over 600 matches under his belt. He has been a regular for RevPro, ICW, Preston City Wrestling, wXw and IPW:UK and has wrestled for pretty much every promotion in the UK and Ireland during his career, including appearing in TNA's British Bootcamp series. He held tag team titles in RevPro, OTT, ICW, wXw, IPW:UK and PCW as well as the RevPro British Heavyweight title and the IPW:UK and PCW heavyweight titles. 

Neither man got an advantage early and after a brief flurry of offense, Harvey got thrown to ringside. Harvey grabbed the mic and screamed that he was not Ed Harvey but Sha Samuels. He leveled Coffey with a spinebuster and then worked over his arm and shoulder.

They went back and forth with Samuels getting a lot of offense in. He caught a reverse crossbody from Coffey from the turnbuckle and slammed him for a near fall. Shortly after, Coffey finally hit his double jump reverse crossbody, followed up by the Glasgow Sendoff and All the Best for the Bells for the pinfall victory. 

-- Sid Scala, from earlier in the week, was ready to make an announcement when his phone rang. As he was talking, Pretty Deadly walked in and demanded a Tag Team title shot. He said there were a number of great teams in NXT UK and that in two weeks, they would face Oliver Carter & Ashton Smith, The Hunt, and Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster in a four-way elimination match for the no. 1 contender spot.

-- Rampage Brown was working out in the NXT UK Performance Center. As he briefly stepped away from lifting weights, Dave Mastiff stepped in and then lifted the weights. He said that Brown impressed a lot of people and suggested they have a match. 

Tyler Bate pinned Sam Gradwell (7:13)

Bate dominated Gradwell early until Gradwell played dirty by grabbing Bate's nose and ears and started beating the smaller man down, locking in some submissions. Bate came back with leg kicks, a sunset flip and a number of strikes.

He caught Gradwell and hit an exploder, followed up by a running shooting star press for a near fall. Gradwell escaped the Tyler Driver '97 and hit an STO for his own near fall. Bate kicked out and then came back with a rolling kappa kick and the Tyler Driver '97 for the win.

-- Carter & Smith were being told by Scala about their four-way in two weeks and were excited. In the background, Kenny Williams and Amir Jordan were shown training and looked frustrated.

-- Ilja Dragunov walked up to Jack Starz in the Performance Center. Dragunov greeted him and said everyone talked about his match with WALTER but he needed to start at the beginning again. He said Starz was his first opponent in NXT UK, was the gatekeeper, and a tough guy. He asked Starz if he would face him again and Starz accepted.

Jinny and NXT UK Women's Champion Kay Lee Ray in-ring confrontation

KLR and Jinny will square off next Thursday for KLR's title.

Jinny came out with Joseph Conners who helped her beat Piper Niven last week. Jinny said some credit from her win goes to Conners and people may ask why he associated with her. She said she is a woman of wealth and with wealth comes power and with power comes connections. Next week, she would be the new champion and could guarantee that.

KLR came out and called Jinny funny. She said she is the champion because she beat everybody. Jinny said she hadn't beaten her because she hadn't faced her. KLR said after she is done with Jinny, there wouldn't be enough money in the world to fix her face. Conners calmed Jinny down who said she was here because Jinny helped KLR keep the title and told her to enjoy it as she got one last week as champion left.

-- Eddie Dennis and The Hunt were behind a chain link fence. Dennis talked about chaos and how some people thrived in it. He said he though his business with Webster and Andrews was done, they kept coming back. Now, he had to find out that The Hunt needed to win the four-way to become no. 1 contenders again. He reiterated that some people thrive in chaos because it was all they knew.

NXT UK Champion WALTER pinned A-Kid to retain (13:50)

A tale of the tape graphic showd how much bigger WALTER was than A-Kid.

This was a great match that told a good David vs. Goliath story with A-Kid using his MMA training to take out WALTER's leg in an effort to submit him while WALTER used power and brutality to keep A-Kid from reaching his goals.

WALTER stalked the Heritage Cup winner, who held the champion at bay with leg kicks. They quickly battled for position on submission attempts. A-Kid used his speed to dodge WALTER's strikes and chops. WALTER pinned A-Kid's shoulders down off a Roman knuckle lock, but A-Kid bridged out including when WALTER jumped on top of him. A-Kid locked in an armbar over the ropes, which had the champion screaming in pain.

A-Kid kept hitting leg kicks and worked over WALTER's legs, which showed some effect. WALTER finally hit a number of hard chops that sent A-Kid flying. A-Kid kept hitting leg kicks and escaped some submission attempts until WALTER repeatedly beat him down and started manhandling him. A-Kid came back with a dragon screw through the ropes from the apron and then attacked WALTER's leg with a springboard dropkick.

A-Kid looked to lock in the omoplata, but WALTER made the ropes and chopped the Spaniard down. He leveled A-Kid with a shotgun dropkick and a power bomb, but A-Kid narrowly kicked out. WALTER screamed in German at A-Kid to get up. A-Kid slapped him and turned a chop into a Fujiwara armbar and then a triangle. WALTER managed to roll out of the ring with A-Kid still attached to him. He deadlifted A-Kid and then power bombed him into the apron.

Back in the ring, A-Kid came back with a Pelé kick, but WALTER hit a lariat, a chop to the back of the neck, and a short arm lariat for the pin and successful defense of the title.

Next week:

NXT Women's UK Champion Kay Lee Ray vs. Jinny