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NXT UK #1 contender's tournament, first round: Dave Mastiff & Jack Starz defeated Die Familie (Teoman & Rohan Raja) (w/ Charlie Dempsey) (09:23)

Die Familie had a new graphic and new, opera-themed entrance music.

Starz and Raja started with Starz getting the better of their early exchanges. Mastiff was in next and downed both opponents before Starz and Teoman squared off. Mastiff was back in with a senton, after which Starz hit a rope-assisted splash on the head of the family.

Dempsey pulled Teoman to safety shortly after and distracted the referee, allowing Teoman and Raja to double-team Starz on the outside. Back in the ring, Teoman followed with a missile dropkick to the back of Starz' head. The heels double-teamed Starz some more, bringing him to the brink of defeat.

Starz finally made the hot tag and Mastiff ran wild on both men, then hit a rolling fireman's carry on Raja before hitting a senton, that also doubled as a dropkick on Teoman. The referee was preoccupied with getting Teoman out of the ring though and thus missed the pin.

Dempsey meanwhile pulled Starz off the apron, but Joe Coffey suddenly hopped the ringside barrier to confront him. The rest of Gallus came out from the back and confronted Dempsey and Teoman, allowing Mastiff to hit a German suplex on Raja to score the pinfall victory.

Gallus and die Familie brawled at ringside, with Gallus getting the better of things.


- A video highlighted last week's match between Blair Davenport and Meiko Satomura, including Davenport attacking Satomura after the match

- A video highlighted the feud between Ilja Dragunov and Jordan Devlin; their title match will take place in two weeks


Amale defeated Stevie Turner (03:59)

Jinny was on commentary for this match, running down both women.

Amale hit strikes early on, sending Turner to ringside. Back in the ring, Amale hit a bulldog but missed a running kick in the corner. Turner took over and hit some ground and pound.

Stevie locked in a  standing armbar and pulled Amale's hair, then hit a running kick as she was in the ropes and scored a near-fall off it. Amale came back with a bodyslam, shotgun dropkick and running kick into the corner.

Amale then hit the Hopebreaker to score the win. Jinny on commentary said someone needed to crush Amale's hope.


- Pretty Deadly complained to Sid Scala about Sam Gradwell calling them stupid last week. Scala proposed a tag team match for next week, Pretty Deadly vs. Sam Gradwell and a partner of his choosing. Pretty Deadly were elated, claiming Gradwell had no friends and that it would be a handicap match.

- A-Kid and Noam Dar talked about their upcoming NXT UK Heritage Cup match. Dar said he wanted to get revenge for A-Kid beating him in the original Heritage Cup tournament. A-Kid said winning the cup changed his life and he wasn't sure if he could come back, if he lost to Dar. The match takes place next week.

- Amale was interviewed about her victory over Stevie Turner. Jinny walked in and called her weak and pathetic, causing Amale to snap, attack and berate her in French. Officials rushed to separate the two women.


WALTER defeated Nathan Frazer (14:01)

This was called "WALTER's Last Stand", his final match in NXT UK before he makes the U.S. his primary area of work.

Frazer looked intimidated before the match. After some feeling out, WALTER slapped on a headlock and launched Frazer halfway across the ring. WALTER threw Frazer by the arm, then locked on a wrist lock and an arm bar.

Fraszer hit a dropkick, then went for guillotine, but WALTER picked him up and placed him on the apron. Frazer came back, but quickly found himself stretched over the top turnbuckle with WALTER raining down blows on him.

WALTER toyed with his smaller opponent, before downing him with a bodyslam. Frazer missed a quebrada, allowing WALTER to slap on a sleeper hold. Frazer escaped, then hit some leg kicks and a flying forearm that sent WALTER staggering. He followed with a running crossbody before WALTER downed him once more with a big boot.

WALTER applied a standing surfboard submission, which Frazer eventually escaped. WALTER took right back over, punishing Frazer for his insolence. 

Frazer hit some chops and kicks, before WALTER hit a hard slap. Frazer turned a powerbomb into a hurricanrana and cradled WALTER for a near fall. WALTER came back with forearms across Frazer's chest, as he was bent over the ropes, then locked on a sleeper hold.

Frazer escaped, then downed WALTER and hit a running shooting star press for a two-count. WALTER hit another big boot, but Frazer turned the second powerbomb attempt into a Destroyer for another two count.

Frazer hit two superkicks, then hit a quebrada into a reverse DDT, prompting WALTER to roll tor ringside. Frazer followed with a dive, got caught but still managed to escape and hit another superkick on the outside.

WALTER made it back into the ring by 8, but Frazer attacked his leg with more kicks. WALTER was limping, but managed to down Frazer with a right cross. Frazer came back, further attacking the leg, then hit an enzuigiri from the apron. WALTER chopped him out of mid-air off a springboard move.

WALTER went for another powerbomb, but his leg buckled. Frazer hit another superkick, a curb stomp (like his trainer, Seth Rollins), then followed with a frog splash for another two count.

Frazer went for a moonsault, but WALTER clipped his leg from behind, then finally hit a devastating powerbomb to score the pinfall victory in his final match on NXT UK.

WALTER stood tall as the show closed, while Frazer groggily hung in the ropes.

This certainly is the end of an era for NXT UK.

Final thoughts --

  • A great show with a fun tag match and a hard-fought women's match.
  • This was a great send off to WALTER, who goes on to bigger and (hopefully) better things in the U.S.
  • For anybody looking to get another WALTER fix, also check out his awesome match against current PROGRESS champion Cara Noir from wXw's 21st Anniversary show in Germany, which was just added to the WWE Network/Peacock. I attended that show live and the match is an absolute treat.

Next week --

  • NXT UK Heritage Cup: Noam Dar (c) vs. A-Kid
  • Pretty Deadly vs. Sam Gradwell & a partner of his choosing

In two weeks --

  • NXT UK Championship: Ilja Dragunov (c) vs. Jordan Devlin