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WWE 205 Live results: Ivy Nile vs. Valentina Feroz

Bhodi Hayword also faced off against Guru Raaj on this week's 205 Live.

In a rare sight, 205 Live opened with a promo. Andre Chase started the show by announcing the man Von Wagner tried to kill, Bohdi Hayword, would be awarded a full ride through Chase University.

Bohdi Hayword defeated Guru Raaj

Hayword used his size advantage to lead the match for some time. Raaj had some success using selective striking, but Hayword continually overwhelmed Raaj. A chop block from Hayword led to a roll-up; Hayward pinned Raaj to close his debut match.

This entire opening segment felt like a blast from the past. If you told me this was on an episode of 2014 NXT TV, I’d believe you.

Ivy Nile defeated Valentina Feroz

I liked this match a lot. It was unique structurally and was compelling. Good stuff.

The match opened with throw based wrestling in which Feroz found great success. Eventually, Nile connected with a suplex and a jumping kick to turn the match on its head. 

Nile worked head scissors for an extended period before attempting a suplex. Feroz reversed a sleeper attempt, turning it into an inside cradle. After Nile kicked out, Feroz tried for a bridging pin; Nile stood up, turning the pin attempt into a dragon sleeper. Feroz tapped out almost immediately.

The show concluded with a replay of a Bron Breaker hype package and promo.