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WWE NXT Level Up results: Andre Chase vs. Javier Bernal

Ikemen Jiro and Duke Hudson were also in singles action on this week's show.

This week's episode of WWE NXT Level Up was taped before this past week’s edition of NXT. Byron Saxton and Sudu Shah were on the call.

Myles Borne defeated Ikemen Jiro

Jiro started with a superfluous cartwheel before frustrating Borne with his athleticism, kipping up out of a pair of shoulderblocks. They did some chain wrestling before Borne hurt his knee on an up-and-over. After some hesitation, Jiro took advantage and went after it with a half crab. Borne fought through and turned the half crab into a pinning predicament for a nearfall.

Borne strung some offense together, hitting a dropkick and a series of suplexes for another nearfall. Jiro went back to the knee, hitting a few kicks and a Jacket Punch before going for his big kick. Borne ducked and ensnared Jiro with a La Magistral cradle to score the win and continue his Level Up winning streak.

- Kelly Kincaid interviewed Javier Bernal, who insisted she called him "Big Body Javi." He trashed Chase U, saying he got his big body from the school of hard knocks. He finished by saying that he would beat Chase in front of all of his students.

Duke Hudson defeated Bryson Montana

Not since the Bolsheviks have we seen a tag team explode as this one has. Last week, Hudson walked out on Montana in their tag team loss to Ikemen Jiro and Tank Ledger, and Montana wanted payback here. After he hid in the ropes, Hudson took advantage with some big strikes.

Montana made Hudson pay for showboating with some hammering shots and a Michinoku Driver for two. Hudson rolled to the floor, chopping Montana in the throat when he came after him. Hudson hit an outside-in German suplex and a big boot to get the win. I guess that makes him Nikolai Volkoff and makes Montana the Boris Zhukov of this affair.

Andre Chase defeated Javier Bernal

Thea Hail was so great in Chase's corner here. Her energy is so infectious. After Chase hit a big back body drop, Bernal sent him out of the ring and dropped him in the ropes with a neckbreaker. Bernal took control for a while, landing a big bulldog for a nearfall.

Bernal talked trash to the Chase U student section, which fired Chase up. Chase strung some big strikes together before hitting the Chase U Garvin stomp. The top rope crossbody scored the win for Chase.