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WWE NXT Level Up results: Chase U vs. Bronco Nima & Lucien Price

Ikemen Jiro and Elektra Lopez were also in singles action.

Ikemen Jiro defeated Myles Borne

Both men were coming off losses in this match as Borne lost two weeks ago to Javier Bernal due to a dirty pin.

It was back and forth to start with Jiro showing off his "ultimate showman" antics. Borne was hitting Jiro with everything, but Jiro kept popping back up in his pineapple jacket, which got a chant of "pineapples." Borne was on the offensive for most of the match, whipping Jiro into the corner and wrapping his body around the ring post. Jiro actually started tapping out, but it didn't count because he was outside of the ring.

Borne got way too cocky, however, and Jiro fought back with a spinning heel kick and a dragon screw leg whip. He then hit Borne with the jacket punches and connected with the Ikemen Slash for the win.

- Kelly Kincaid was backstage with Sol Ruca and asked about her match with Elektra Lopez tonight. Ruca said everyone works hard in NXT, but she's different and Lopez is not ready for how she prepared. Ruca declared that she was going to turn Lopez's world upside down and then did a handstand and walked off the set while on her hands.

Elektra Lopez defeated Sol Ruca

Neither of these women has won a match in a while as Lopez has not won since May and Ruca has not won on television at all. 

It was power vs. agility in this matchup. Lopez was throwing Ruca all over the ring with headlock takeovers and different tie-ups, but Ruca kept doing handstands and rolls to get out of everything. Ruca fought out of a cravate and got some heat, but Lopez countered a standing moonsault with her knees and hit a blue thunder bomb for the win.

Andre Chase & Bodhi Hayward (w/ Thea Hail) defeated Bronco Nima & Lucien Price

Chase U was taking on the debuting team of Nima (Nnamdi Oguayo) and Price (Edwin Grande), two former college football players.

Chase and Nima started things off. Both these new guys are absolutely huge and showed it off quickly as Nima was throwing Chase around. Chase moved out of the way of a right hand and started sloppily grappling around Nima, leading Niguel McGuinness to say "smooth as silk" which made me laugh.

Chase U was keeping Nima in their corner with double teams. Price made his way into the ring, but Chase tagged in the red hot Hayward. It seemed whenever somebody got the upper hand in this match, it immediately changed.

The football players were dominating Hayward until Hayward hit some elbows and a belly-to-back suplex to get Chase into the match. Chase was striking Lima and then knocked Price off the ring apron. He hit the Chase U stomp and tagged in Hayward to hit their assisted flatliner to win the match.

Final Thoughts:

The first match felt kinda pointless, but Jiro is always fun to watch. Ruca still needs some promo work, but her in-ring work has some promise and she definitely has the look. I hope she gets a win soon. 

The main event featured Chase U against two newcomers that were very green, but have a lot of potential. I hope they do more with Chase U also. They seem to get a big reaction on this show.

Overall, Level Up was short and fun as always.