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WWE NXT Level Up results: Ivy Nile vs. Lash Legend

Tank Ledger made his NXT Level Up debut on this week's show.

This week’s edition of WWE NXT Level Up was taped before last Tuesday’s NXT. Byron Saxton joined Sudu Shah for the call.

Ikemen Jiro & Tank Ledger defeated Duke Hudson & Bryson Montana

Ledger and Jiro scored the win in a quick opener.

This was Ledger’s debut on Level Up. The former Northwestern defensive lineman was a part of the first WWE NIL class, and came out with matching hats for himself and Jiro. Hudson and Montana came to the ring with an overwhelming anti-charisma, especially in comparison to Jiro and Ledger -- just two guys sluggishly sauntering to the ring like generic characters in a wrestling game.

After overpowering Jiro, Hudson had a harder time taking down Ledge before dropping him with a knee. Montana and Hudson worked him over, keeping him on their side of the ring for a good amount of time. Ledger dodged a corner attack before getting the tag to Jiro. Jiro ran wild, hitting an impressive triangle moonsault out of the corner before hitting a big kick on Montana to score the win.

- Kelly Kincaid interviewed Myles Borne, asking him how he plans to continue his momentum after getting his first win last week. Borne thanked his fans for their support and said he will keep it going as long as they are behind him.

Myles Borne defeated Dante Chen

Borne picks up another win here in a fine little match.

The crowd had some fun with Chen and the buildup to his big pose in the ring. These two did some grappling with Borne sprinkling in flashes of his athleticism with a backflip and a dropkick. Borne tried to pick up the pace, but Chen dodged a corner attack and landed a big boot. Borne would get the match moving with a belly-to-belly suplex and another dropkick before scoring the win with a lifting flatliner.

Ivy Nile defeated Lash Legend

This was an impressive win for Nile as she continued her winning streak on Level Up.

Legend used her size advantage to take control early on, picking Nile up from a sunset flip attempt and throwing her around with ease. Nile used some kicks to bring Legend down and hook her for an armbar. Nile picked up the pace and hit a crossbody, but Legend took control back with a double underhook suplex for a nearfall. 

A big pump kick from Legend sent Nile down, but Nile hooked Legend’s legs and almost got the win with a rollup.

Legend took Nile down with a big clothesline, but Nile dodged an elbow drop and rocked Legend with an enzuigiri. Nile hit a big running kick in the corner, but Legend tossed her up and bounced her off the mat. Legend had Nile in position for a scorpion death drop, but Nile jumped up to reverse the position and scored a quick tapout with a dragon sleeper.