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WWE NXT Level Up results: Xyon Quinn vs. Quincy Elliott

Thea Hail vs. Arianna Grace was also on the show.

This week's edition of NXT Level Up was recorded on Tuesday before NXT. Sudu Shah and Nigel McGuinness were on the call.

Dante Chen & Guru Raaj defeated Bryson Montana & Damaris Griffin

This was the first time Chen and Raaj, but you wouldn't be able to tell at the start of the match. They were working well together with a hip toss followed by an assisted double axe handle strike. 

Montana and Griffin were billed as a solid and unstoppable team, even though they've never won a match on TV. Montana went on the offensive with a pounce and choke bomb for a two count. Both Chen and Griffin went on to get a hot tag and Chen went nuts on both of his opponents.

The pin after a punt kick was broken up by Montana who was quickly ridden off by Raaj. Griffin went for a move off the middle rope only for Chen to move out of the way and hit the double-handed chop for the win.

- Kelly Kincaid was backstage with Arianna Grace before her match against Chase U's Thea Hail. Kincaid brought up Grace's loss to Hail in June and Grace responded by saying that we shouldn't dwell on the past and went on this whole pageant spell on how it's her duty to look forward for the good of the world or something like that. Kincaid looked about as confused as me. 

Arianna Grace defeated Thea Hail (w/ Andre Chase & Bodhi Hayward)

Hail made a very extravagant entrance with the rest of Chase U. They seem really over in the CWC, but I'm not sure how that translates to the rest of the world.

Hail started with a side headlock and got a lot of offense out of it. She showed off her gymnastics and cheerleading background but Grace quickly countered with her power, using a back suplex. The commentators were sure to point out how her heel style is the complete opposite of her babyface promo personality. Hail had a little burst of offense, but Grace threw her back first into the turnbuckle and then rolled her up with help from the second rope for the win.

Xyon Quinn promo

They came back from a commercial with an opponent already in the ring for Quinn. They never stated his name or anything. Quinn just told him he had then seconds to get out of the ring. Of course, he obliged and just left.

Quinn said he was at NXT Level Up to see who has the x-factor and who was gonna step up to him. Quincy Elliott's music hit and he came out on a moped and rode around the ring. Shah said he's been driving it around the parking lot.

Quincy Elliott defeated Xyon Quinn

Talk about someone having an x-factor in one of my personal favorite Level Up regulars: Quincy Elliott. He did start out slow though until he turned things around with a hip toss and shoulder tackle. Quinn mauled Elliott in the corner after, showing off his attitude and striking. 

Elliott fired up and got right back into it with a few right hands, but Quinn stayed on Elliott and hit a death valley driver for a near fall that got a huge reaction. He locked in the cobra clutch and Elliott fought out with some shoulder tackles and a Claudio Castagnoli-like running uppercut. He followed that up with a sort of second rope splash that actually got the three count. This was a huge win for Elliott.

Final Thoughts:

I never really go into Level Up with any expectations, but they never really cease to entertain me. It's always a fun and short show where they can showcase some new talent. The only thing I wish is that it would lead to more sometimes. I do think Elliott's win over Quinn will indeed lead to something more, but Hail hadn't lost a match since May and now she lost to Grace who hasn't won a single match since April. I would rather them use this show to get people over instead of telling some long-term story.