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WWE NXT live results: AJ Styles vs. Grayson Waller

The show will also feature Pete Dunne vs. Tony D'Angelo in a Crowbar on a Pole match.
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AJ Styles' first-ever singles match in NXT takes place tonight.

The feud between Styles and Grayson Waller will come to a head as they face off on this week's show. At New Year's Evil last Tuesday, a confrontation between Styles and Waller ended in a brawl when Waller went to attack Styles. Styles was about to hit the Phenomenal Forearm, but Waller bailed out of the ring.

Waller then showed up on Raw last night and attacked Styles during his match against Austin Theory and caused it to end in a disqualification. Waller then bailed again when Styles tried to fight him off.

A Crowbar on a Pole match will take place tonight as Pete Dunne faces Tony D'Angelo. Plus, Xyon Quinn takes on Santos Escobar with the winner leaving with Elektra Lopez, Solo Sikoa collides with Boa, and Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter team with Amari Miller against Indi Hartwell, Persia Pirotta & Wendy Choo.

Tonight's show will also feature the fallout from New Year's Evil and Bron Breakker's NXT Championship win.

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


We kicked things off this week with ring announcer Samantha Irvin introducing the new NXT Champion, Bron Breakker. 

NXT Champion Bron Breakker in-ring promo

"You deserve it!" chants rang out through the WWE Performance Center before Breakker began his promo. He thanked Tommaso Ciampa, calling him a great performer and an outstanding human being. Breakker also said that after the match Ciampa paid respect to his father (Rick Steiner, not mentioned by name) who was sitting ringside last week. 

Breakker continued to say he's going to prove why he's earned the NXT Championship every week before dropping the microphone and exiting the ring. 

Santos Escobar's music hit and he entered with Joaquin Wilde & Raul Mendoza for his match with Xyon Quinn. Escobar and Breakker exchanged a look as they crossed paths on the entrance ramp. 

Santos Escobar defeated Xyon Quinn

Quinn attacked Escobar before the bell and took the early advantage. Elektra Lopez was shown watching the match from somewhere in the Performance Center, as she will leave with the winner. Quinn remained on offense as we went to commercial break. 

We come back from break and Escobar has an ankle lock on Quinn. We cut to a replay of Escobar hitting a tope suicida during the break on Quinn, who had been distracted with Joaquin Wilde at ringside. 

Quinn looked to be making a comeback but Mendoza got up on the ring apron and provided a distraction that allowed Escobar to hit him from behind. As Escobar was about to ram Quinn into the steel post, however, Elektra Lopez blocked his path. 

Lopez and Quinn then stared at each other for a bit as Lopez seemed to imply she would like to leave with him. As Quinn turned around, however, she kicked him in the groin. Escobar then hit the Phantom Driver for the win. 

Escobar, Mendoza, Wilde, and Lopez all celebrated at ringside. 

We cut to Tony D'Angelo delivering a backstage promo about his upcoming match with Pete Dunne. He said he tried to be a nice guy and only let Dunne off with a broken hand. D'Angelo said Dunne is just like his dogs and needs to learn that he is in charge. 

Mandy Rose Segment

NXT Women's Champion Mandy Rose is shown poolside with a team of photographers taking her picture as she held the NXT title. Rose said every week people tune in to see her because NXT 2.0 is all about Mandy. She told everyone to keep watching and keep staring. 

Cameron Grimes defeated Damon Kemp

Cameron Grimes returned this week on NXT 2.0. Shortly after the match began, Malcolm Bivens was shown watching it from the stage area as Bennett mentioned he might be scouting for the Diamond Mine. Bivens began clapping when he saw Kemp hit a suplex on Grimes. 

Grimes quickly turned things around and landed a flying crossbody before hitting the Cave In for the win. He then yelled that he was coming for gold into the camera before leaving the ring area. 

Joe Gacy cut a backstage promo along with Harland about the Dusty Rhodes Classic. He said they plan to use the platform to demonstrate that no matter someone's size, skill, or experience, everyone has an equal opportunity to win the Dusty Cup. He then assured his opponents tonight that they will be in a safe space. 

On commentary they mentioned that Von Wagner has been fined and suspended for his actions last week where he attacked several members of the NXT Universe. 

Malik Blade and Edris Enofe defeated Joe Gacy & Harland via DQ in a Dusty Rhodes Classic play-in match

Gacy started things off with Enofe and got the early advantage and a two count off a uranage. Blade tagged in and landed a dropkick before him and Enofe hit some double-team moves. Gacy then tagged out to Harland who took out both of his opponents. His aggression would end up costing his team the match, however. 

Harland kept striking Malik in the corner after the ref had counted to 5. The ref then called for the bell to disqualify Harland & Gacy. With that, Blade & Enofe qualify for the Dusty Classic and Gacy & Harland do not. 

An Imperium vignette aired. They ran down lazy, gluttonous Americans and spoke of how they achieve success through hard work and punishment. In a nutshell, they look down on lazy, uneducated, and unkempt people. Also, the mat is sacred. 

Tony D'Angelo defeated Pete Dunne in a "Crowbar on a Pole" match.

Both Dunne and D'Angelo would take turns going for the crowbar before D'Angelo hit a suplex and we went to commercial break. 

When we got back from break, D'Angelo was still in control. Dunne quickly fought back and hit a neckbreaker and eventually made a run at the crowbar. D'Angelo stopped him from doing so and then grabbed the crowbar himself after giving Dunne a suplex.

D'Angelo attempted to use the crowbar to hit Dunne in the hand again, just as he had done earlier in their feud. This time Dunne was able to escape, however. 

Dunne wrapped D'Angelo in a crowbar-assisted chickenwing until D'Angelo backed him into the corner. D'Angelo then got a two count after a crowbar-assisted neckbreaker. He then started to work on Dunne's injured hand. 

The finish came shortly after Dunne had his opponent wrapped in a triangle but D'Angelo was able to get his feet to the ropes. Then D'Angelo got up and gave Dunne a double-leg takedown on a chair, tossed him into the pole, hit him with the crowbar and got the pin. 

Grayson Waller was interviewed in the back. He talked about how he's in the main event tonight and he'll be in main events permanently after beating AJ Styles later. 

Indi Hartwell, Persia Pirotta & Wendy Choo are shown in the back. Pirotta and Hartwell were warming up for their match as Choo looked like she was just waking up. 

Indi Hartwell, Persia Pirotta & Wendy Choo defeated Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter and Amari Miller

Wendy Choo curled up in the corner and rested on a pillow once the match began. She did look quite comfy. 

Briggs and Jensen were shown in the back watching the match on a monitor as Bennett spoke about them wanting dates with Catanzaro and Carter. 

Choo was tagged in and despite her sleepiness managed to land some suplexes and got a two count on Miller. All 6 then exchanged moves on one another in the ring before Choo curled up on the mat and appeared to be taking a nap again. As Miller went to attack her, however, Choo kicked her off and tagged into Pirotta. She then landed a face buster on Miller before Hartwell (who had tagged in) came off the top with her diving elbow for the win. 

Hartwell and Pirotta then seemed pleased with their pajama-wearing partner as they celebrated in the ring. 

MSK were shown in the back in front of the Dusty Cup talking about making history repeat in this year's tournament. Dakota Kai, who won the Cup last year with Raquel Gonzalez, wandered into the scene and said, "Nothing divides friendship more than success" as she stared dreamily at the trophy. Perhaps she was alluding to teaming up with Gonzalez again, maybe? And is that really what divides friendship? 

Kay Lee Ray was shown in the back where a photoshoot had just taken place. A voice off-camera told Ray that the photoshoot had been for Mandy Rose. Ray didn't like that Rose would show up for photoshoots but not to defend the title. She then smashed a bunch of the photography equipment with a baseball bat. 

Solo Sikoa vs Boa went to a double count-out.

Boa got some early strikes in but Sikoa took control pretty early on. As things spilled to the outside, however, Boa took control after ramming his opponent's head into the steel post. Bennett kept speaking about Boa's darker persona and there being a darker side to him. 

Boa got a two count of a double undertook suplex. Sikoa then fought back with a series of strikes and a senton. The match spilled to the floor again and they began fighting on the outside. The referee counted to 10 and called for the bell, counting both men out. 

Sikoa and Boa kept brawling throughout the Performance Center as the camera cut away from the ring area. 

AJ Styles was interviewed backstage and said the passion shown by Boa and Sikoa is what he loves about NXT. He said the only one on the roster without that passion is Grayson Waller. Styles also said he's going to win the Royal Rumble (which I think was him declaring for it) and main event WrestleMania but first he's going to beat Grayson Waller. 

When we got back from break, Sikoa and Boa were still fighting in the backstage area. Sikoa tossed Boa on the other side of some cases. As Sikoa leaned over to pick him up, however, a fireball burst into his face. Boa then stood up and revealed he was now wearing facepaint and looking very much like Boa's darker persona.  

Vic Joseph then revealed that Von Wagner's suspension has been lifted and his fine has been paid but we don't know by who. 

Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams in-ring promo

Carmelo was announced as the NXT North American Champion (with no mention of the cruiserweight title) and he came out with just the one belt. 

Hayes said last week was one of the toughest challenges of his career. He then had a moment of silence for Roderick Strong's cruiserweight title reign. Hayes said he's got more accomplishments than months spent in the company. He said whatever you want to call his title, it's the "A-Championship". 

AJ Styles music hit as he came out for his main event match with Grayson Waller. He exchanged some glances with Williams and Hayes before heading to the ring. 

When we came back from break, Hayes and Williams were leaving but found Cameron Grimes hanging out by their car. He let them know that he's coming for Hayes' championship. There was also some talk of him going to the moon. 

AJ Styles defeated Grayson Waller

Styles got the early advantage in the match and worked a bit on Waller's leg. He hit him with a backbreaker, bodyslam, and knee drop before getting a two count. 

Styles hit a dropkick that caused Waller to spill to the outside but Waller turned things around shortly after. He gave Styles a draping neckbreaker on the ropes and then hit a big clothesline on the floor before we went to commercial break. 

When we came back from break, Waller had Styles in a neck crank. Styles made a comeback not long after. AJ looked to get Waller up in the Styles Clash but Waller got to the ropes and escaped to the outside. 

Styles tossed Waller back in the ring and motioned like he was going for the Phenomenal Forearm but Waller rolled to the ring apron. When Styles went to get him, Waller pulled his head down on the top rope. Waller then hit a springboard elbow drop for a two count. 

Styles locked in the calf crusher but Waller got to the ropes. Waller hit a slam for a two count on AJ shortly after. Waller then motioned like he was going to go for the Styles Clash but AJ gave him a backdrop. Styles then went for the Phenomenal Forearm but Waller escaped to the outside before running back in to give Styles that stunner he does for a two count.

Styles then gave Waller a Pele kick and a brainbuster. He then went for the Phenomenal Forearm for a third time, hit it, and picked up the three count.  

Styles cut a promo after the match. He told Waller that he was good but he's not phenomenal. Styles said he wants to introduce Waller to one of his friends and LA Knight's music hit. Knight then came out and attacked Waller. Knight finally clotheslined Waller out of the ring and his music hit again. We close the show with Knight and AJ shaking hands and then celebrating in the ring.