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WWE NXT live results: Breakker vs. Hudson, Rose vs. Hartwell

The episode is the second-to-last NXT before In Your House.

The NXT Champion and NXT Women's Champion are both set for non-title action on NXT tonight.

Ahead of his NXT Championship match against Joe Gacy at In Your House, Bron Breakker will take on Duke Hudson tonight. NXT Women's Champion Mandy Rose vs. Indi Hartwell has also been announced for the episode.

WWE has yet to confirm Rose's challenger for In Your House. The special event is taking place on Saturday, June 4.

A non-title match between NXT Tag Team Champions Pretty Deadly and Diamond Mine's Roderick Strong & Damon Kemp has also been advertised for tonight's NXT. Pretty Deadly are defending their titles against The Creed Brothers at In Your House. In recent weeks, The Creed Brothers have been unhappy with Strong getting involved in their matches.

Plus, Alba Fyre faces Elektra Lopez, Ikemen Jiro attempts to get vengeance on Von Wagner, the semifinals of the NXT Women's Breakout Tournament will take place, and more.

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


Opening the show is a tag team grudge match. But first, Tony D'Angelo and his henchmen with a backstage promo on Santos Escobar. Their feud ain't over, not by a long shot. They go on to threaten Escobar, before heading to the ring for their match.

Meanwhile, Escobar is backstage cool as a fan. He smirks and puts on his sunglasses. No worries. 

Channing "Stacks" Lorenzo & Troy "Two Dimes" Donovan (with Tony D'Angelo) defeats Edris Enofe & Malik Blade

Two Dimes pins Blade to win the match. A huge brawl ensues after the match involving Legado del Fantasma. 

Enofe & Blade got a lot of offense, which in WWE logic means they go on to lose the match. The offense seems to make them look strong, but they keep losing most of their matches. 

Heat on Enfoe as the two heels work him over. In a split screen, Esobar is backstage with Legado del Fantasma. Escobar says they are heading to the ring.

Hot tag to Blade, and he slips when trying to springboard into the ring. Although they almost ruins his momentum, the heels bump and feed. Blade gets a few near falls, and he goes to tag Enofe. 

Enofe is pulled off the apron before he can make a tag. Blade is subsequently cut off in the ring. Escobar and Legado del Fantasma enter stage left as Blade is hit with stereo Yakuza kicks. 

Two Dimes covers Blade for a three count as D'Angelo's henchmen get a win. D'Angelo enters the ring immediately after the match is over. He calls out Legado del Fantasma, and they rush the ring.

Huge brawl erupts. Gordon Solie might call it a Pier Sixer in describing the bedlam. Referees and stooges pour out to separate the two factions. The live studio audience chants "let them fight."

Wes Lee is backstage for an interview with McKenzie Mitchell. Lee, with his ribs taped up, stand by his challenge to Sanga. He is not backing down.

Sanga defeats Wes Lee

Sanga pins Lee after a mauling and a chokelsam. 

Vibes of David against Goliath as Sanga manhandles Lee at the outset. Except this time, Goliath wins. Then Goliath seemingly turns babyface after the match.

Lee eventually makes a comeback with a rally. Lee knocks Sanga out of the ring, and Sanga is off his feet at ringside. Not for long.

Sanga cuts off Lee, but makes one last rally. Lee turns a flip taking a lariat from Sanga. Lee then takes a chokeslam, and Sanga covers Lee for a three count. 

Xyon Quinn comes into the ring after the match, seemingly to attack Lee. Sanga had left the ring, but he comes back to run off Quinn. Sanga embraces Lee, as the announcers play it up like Lee has earned Sanga's respect.

Cora Jade gives Roxanne Perez a pep talk ahead of Perez's match tonight. They tell a story about a show in Austin where someone threw all of their stuff out of the locker room, and then Perez had to the wrestle a match with this person. After the match, Jade hit the person with a skateboard. Jade also says she is going to watch the show tonight from ringside.

NXT Champion Bron Breakker bursts into a locker room looking for Jor Gacy and his druids. Instead, he finds the NXT Championship belt hanging on a locker and a polaroid photograph from his childhood.

Alba Fyre defeats Elektra Lopez

Fyre pins Lopez after a Swanton Bomb. Short match with a short story where Lopez targets an arm, but Fyre is able to overcome the injury and win.

Lopez works an arm as Jade watches the match from a seat in the front row. Fyre cannot execute her Gory Bomb finisher because of the injured arm. Comeback by Fyre nonetheless, and they go right into the finish. 

Fyre off the top rope with a Swanton, and she covers Lopez for a pinfall.

Lopex and Jade exchange words at ringside after the match.

Damon Reed tells the rest of Diamond Mine that Roderick Strong rolled his ankle, and their match tonight is off. The Creed Brothers and Ivy Nile are not happy about this.

In a backstage interview, McKenzie Mitchell reveals that Nikkita Lyons is out of the women's tournament due to injury. Fallon Henley receives a bye to the finals. She is confronted by Tiffany Stratton, who takes exception to Henley getting a bye. This sets up a match later tonight with Stratton against Henley, with Stratton subbing for Lyons in a semifinal tournament match. Henley does not get a bye after all.

Roxanne Perez defeats Lash Legend in a semifinal match in the Women's Breakout Tournament

Perez advances to the tournament final after pinning Legend. Short match, and they mostly kept it simple. Perez is really good.

The finish came out of nowhere as Legend went for a powerbomb. Perez counters into a Code Red (which is being called "Pop Rocks"), and Perez gets a three count on Legend. 

The finish works to get Perez over, while somewhat also protecting Legend. During the match, Legend looks strong, even if she loses in the end.

Toxic Attraction is headed to the ring for a Mandy Rose match. Kayden Carter & Katana Chance jump the NXT Women's Tag Team Champions, Jacy Jayne & Gigi Dolan. This leaves a distraught Mandy Rose alone without her cohorts for her match that is next.

NXT Women's Champion Mandy Rose defeats Indi Hartwell in a non-title match

Rose pins Hartwell after some outside interference causes a distraction.

Rose in control early on, until a rally by Hartwell. Rose takes a powder out of the ring as the show cuts to a split screen commercial break.

During the break, Rose cheats to cut off Hartwell. Rose is working her over as the show returns from the break. A second comeback by Hartwell nets her some near falls.

Dolan & Jayne stumble out to ringside where they are again attacked by Carter & Chance. A melee ensues at ringside. 

Jayne end up in the ring fighting with Chance, and Jayne throws Chance out of the ring. Jayne then turns around, where she is met by a high kick from Hartwell, who is distracted by the brawl. Hartwell then walks into a running knee strike from Rose, and Rose cover her for a three count.

Jayne & Dolan continue brawling with Chance & Carter. They fight their way off the set. 

Rose is celebrating at the top of the entrance ramp. Suddenly, Choo attacks Rose from behind. Choo poses with the championship belt as he stands over a fallen Rose.

NXT Champion Bron Breakker in a backstage interview says Gacy's mind games will not throw him off his game. As Breakker says that, the monitor backstage shows a clip from a high school football game with a young Breakker. He says his father (Rick Steiner) missed the game because his father was in Japan. McKenzie Mitchell asks Breakker if he is okay, and Breakker responds that Gacy will not get to him.

NXT Tag Team Champions Pretty Deadly cut a promo where they put themselves over ahead of their title defense at In Your House.

Tiffany Stratton defeats Fallon Henley in a semifinal match in the Women's Breakout tournament

Stratton subs for Lyons in this semifinal, goes on to win, and Stratton now advances to the tournament final.

Stratton continues to improve in the ring, and she is getting good really fast.

Stratton works over a leg, targeting Henley's knee. Still selling the leg, Henley manages to make a comeback. Yet, her injured knee buckles. 

Stratton capitalizes, and she springboards into a corkscrew splash. A three count later, and Stratton advances to the tournament final.

Kacey Carter & Katana Chance issue a challenge to Toxic Attraction for tag title match at In Your House. Wendy Choo also challenges Mandy Rose to a singles title match.

Another vignette with Thea Hail where she talks about going to college while also being signed by WWE. Next week she announces which college she plans to attend.

Duke Hudson and Bron Breakker have words ahead of their match later on. Breakker snaps and puts his hands on Hudson. The story going into their match tonight is Breakker is a loose cannon. 

Von Wagner (with Mr. Stone) defeats Ikemen Jiro

Wagner pins Jiro to win the match.

Jiro rushes into the ring to attack Wagner before the bell. Wagner soon cuts him off, and Wagner begins to mauling Jiro. 

Escaping a long bear hug spot, Jiro explodes into a comeback. He springboard into a missile dropkick, and generally runs wild. 

Jiro with an Asai moonsault, and he follows up with a tornado DDT for a near fall. Wagner cuts off Jiro by tugging on his jacket. Wagner pulls the jacket over Jiro's head like they are in a hockey fight.

Wagner pummels Jiro with punches, and then Wagner executes a modified Attitude Adjustment. Wagner then covers Jiro for a pinfall.

Sofia Cromwell appears on the entrance ramp after the match. She orders Wagner to attack Jiro again. Jeff Briggs runs to make a save, and he sends Wagner packing back up the ramp. This seems to set up Briggs vs. Wagner. 

Tony D'Angelo challenges Santos Escobar to "one last business meeting" at In Your House.

An angry Mandy Rose accepts the challenge from Wendy Choo. The tag champs also accept the challenge from Carter & Chance.

A video package feature shows Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams going to the barber shop. It was much better than my description. NXT North American Champion Cameron Grimes shows up to confront Hayes at the barber shop. 

Bron Breakker heads to the ring for a match, while Joe Gacy lurks backstage with two hooded druids. Gacy says they are getting to Breakker, and they will make sure of it in the next match.

A vignette from Rome hypes the arrival of Giovanni Vinci. He apparently has a lot of style. He is very fashionable.  

Announced for next Tuesday on NXT:

  • "Championship Summit" with NXT Women's Tag Team Champions Toxic Attraction and their challengers, Katana Chance & Kayden Carter
  • NXT North American Champion Cameron Grimes vs. Nathan Frazier
  • Cora Jade vs. Elektra Lopez

Duke Hudson defeats NXT Champion Bron Breakker via disqualification in a non-title match

Breakker hits Hudson with a chair for a lame DQ finish. The story plays into a stipulation for Breakker's next title defense. However, there is blatant outside interference before the DQ that somehow was not a DQ. 

The bout begins with Gacy and his druids watch the match from a perch looking out over the ring. This distracts Breakker enough that Hudson is able to gain an early advantage.

Breakker fights back to execute a delayed vertical suplex. Hudson powders out of the ring, and he is able to hit Breakker with a cheapshot. Breakker is slow to give chase because he is seemingly distracted by Gacy's mind games.

Double down before the show cuts to a split screen commercial break. Gacy and the two druids arrive at ringside. Their arrival distracts Breakker while he is perched on the top turnbuckle. Hudson trips up Breakker, and Breakker bounces off the ropes to the outside.

The reoccurring theme on this show of working a body part continues in this match, as Hudson targets Breakker's shoulder. The mind games by Gacy also continue. 

Hudson sends Breakker crashing into the ring steps, and Hudson keeps working the shoulder. Gacy smiles in approval as he lurks around ringside. 

Hudson attempts a Steiner Recliner, but Breakker counters him. Another cheap shot by Hudson, yet Breakker still manages to hulk up. Breakker comes back with a Rick Steiner powerslam, and Breakker pulls down the straps on his singlet.

The druids attack Breakker at ringside, but Breakker fights them off. Breakkers gets back into the ring, where Hudson is waiting with a metal folding chair. Breakker takes the chair away from Hudson. The druids rush into the ring, and Breakker quickly tossing them out. Somehow this is not a DQ.

Gacy jumps on the ring apron, and Breakker swings a chair in his direction. Gacy ducks the chair shot. Hudson spins Breakker around, and Breakker hits Hudson with a chair shot. The referee calls for the bell, as he disqualifies Breakker. The blatant outside interference by the druids is not grounds for a DQ, but the chair shot warrants a DQ. Go figure.

The DQ does play into the next title match, as the DQ rule is waived at In Your House. That means if Breakker gets DQ'd at In Your House in his match with Gacy, Breakker would lose the title. Gacy's plan appears to be working as he flashes a sinister grin when the show fades to black.