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WWE NXT live results: Briggs & Jensen vs. Gallus Pub Rules match

The show will also feature Wes Lee vs. Tony D'Angelo in a Halloween Havoc qualifier.

Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen are set to throw down with Gallus on NXT tonight.

In the main event of tonight's show, Briggs & Jensen will face Gallus' Mark Coffey & Wolfgang in a Pub Rules match. There was a confrontation between the two teams last week when Gallus wouldn't let Briggs & Jensen into their cribbage game. The teams were about to brawl until officials stepped in.

The next competitor for the NXT North American Championship ladder match at Halloween Havoc will be confirmed tonight. Either Wes Lee or Tony D'Angelo will join Carmelo Hayes and Oro Mensah in the five-way ladder match to crown a new North American Champion. The title was relinquished by Solo Sikoa last week.

The Creed Brothers will look to get revenge on Damon Kemp, as Brutus Creed takes on Kemp tonight. The episode will also feature NXT Women's Champion Mandy Rose vs. Fallon Henley in a non-title match, Nikkita Lyons vs. Kayden Carter, and Cameron Grimes vs. Joe Gacy.

Our coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


The show opens with Ilja Dragunov entering the soundstage as he works the crowd like the conductor of an orchestra.

Notably, the show is on tape from Performance Center soundstage in Orlando. So the impending hurricane is not a concern for this show. Thankfully, this show was taped in advance. Everybody in Florida be safe, as Hurricane Ian looks to be a massive storm. 

Dragunov enters the ring to deliver an opening monologue. He waxes poetically, and then Dragunov name drops Bron Breakker. 

Despite name dropping Breakker, he was the one to interrupt the monologue. Out comes JD McDonagh. They have history in NXT UK.

McDonagh called Dragunov a "dirty, sneaky, little rat." Dragunov responded by saying he once defeated and forced McDonagh out from NXT UK. McDonagh in return says Dragunov was so beaten up in their match, that Dragunov had to relinquish the NXT UK title. McDonagh sarcastically asks Dragunov how his broken ankle healed up properly.

McDonagh enters the ring and gets face-to-face with Dragunov. McDonagh tells Dragunov this is McDonagh's time now. McDonagh instructs Dragunov to stay on the "sidelines" where he has been. 

McDonagh threatens to end Dragunov's career of he was to stop him again. Dragunov reacts to getting into McDonagh face, as Dragunov's own face is flush with a seething rage. They are suddenly interrupted by NXT Champion Bron Breakker.

Breakker strolls out and welcomes Dragunov to NXT. Breakker calls him a "warrior" before also cautioning Dragunov that the NXT title "isn't going anywhere."

McDonagh pipes up, saying he is the number one contender. He says he has a good idea. The crowd chants "triple threat" at McDonagh, but he heels on them. The studio audience winds up getting the last laugh. Stay tuned.

McDonagh says he earned his shot, but he still has an idea. He suggests Breakker and Dragunov beat each other up, and McDonagh will face the winner. 

Breakker scoffs at the notion like he is a character on a sitcom. Breakker goes to make a math joke, poking fun at his uncle Scott's infamous promo. Breakker tells McDonagh he has a 33 and one third percent chance of winning. Studio audience pops.

This all leads to Breakker announcing that he will face both Dragunov and McDonagh in a triple threat title match at Halloween Havoc.

Meanwhile, a brawl erupts backstage between Gallus and Briggs & Jensen.

NXT Mandy Rose is headed to the ring, and she cuts a promo ahead of match with Fallon Henley. Rose's promo is all about Alba Fyre.

Fallon Henley is already in the ring as the show returns from a commercial break.

NXT Champion Mandy Rose (with Gigi Dolan & Jacy Jayne) defeats Fallon Henley in a non-title match

Rose pins Henley clean after the "Kiss By the Rose" finisher.

Rose has her Toxic Attraction teammates in her corner, but Henley is alone. After the pull-apart brawl earlier with Briggs & Jensen, they are unable to be in Henley's corner.

Shine, heat, and comeback for Henley. Rose cuts off her comeback with a Kiss By the Rose (jumping knee strike). Rose then covers Henley for a pinfall.

Rose cuts a promo on Alba Fyre after the match. Rose threatens Fyre with analogies about fire. Fyre interrupts Rose's promo, as Fyre appears on the video screen.

Fyre says he does not do verbal warnings, she is more visual. Fyre lights an image on fire, spelling out a hashtag that says "AND NEW" on the ground outside the building.

Apollo Crews has words for Grayson Waller. Crews is still seeking revenge after Waller tried to supposedly blind him, although it really just an eye poke. Crews has a horrifying vision of Waller's future.

Wes Lee enters the soundstage joined by Connor's Cure Thriver Quinn "The King Crusher" Molitor. Lee is in action up next.

Xyon Quinn confronts Ilja Dragunov, which looks to set up a match between the two.

Wes Lee defeats Tony D'Angelo (with Channing "Stacks" Lorenzo) 

Lee wins via referee stoppage when D'Angelo cannot continue due to injury.

Carmelo Hays and Trick Williams are shown backstage watching the match.

The match goes through a commercial break. Just before the show goes to commercial, the referee ejects Stacks after he interferes in the match. That actually helps D'Angelo, as the distraction by Stacks allows D'Angelo to gain the underhanded advantage.

As if to begin a comeback, Wes Lee is about to hulk up when something seemingly goes wrong. D'Angelo is sent into a middle turnbuckle after taking a drop toehold. D'Angelo tries to stand, but he cannot put weight on his leg. the referee stops the match, as D'Angelo is apparently hurt.

Raquel Rodriquez is the focus of a PSA celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month.

A vignette highlights NXT Tag Team Champions Pretty Deadly, with a day in the life of the champs. Played up for laughs, I guess they are supposed to be funny heels. Kind of like the Honky Tonk Man as IC Champ, except their gimmicks are nothing like the Honky Tonk Man. 

Sol Ruca defeats Amari Miller

Ruca pins Miller in Ruca's in-ring debut on NXT television. Ruca does a Muta clothesline in a corner, and she turns a flip into a double legdrop before scoring the pinfall.

Ruca has plenty of potential and great athleticism, but this match is not Tom Magee against Bret Hart. 

On commentary Ruca is described as "standout" college athlete from the University of Oregon, but no mention of her shoot name. She also has a gymnastics background, so they at least gave a clue as to her real name.

Gallus is backstage in a scrum with security. One security dude takes a headbutt from Joe Coffey, and Gallus is forced back into their locker room. This skit leads to Joe Coffey being banned from ringside during the main event.

Joe Gacy (with The Dyad) defeats Cameron Grimes

Gacy pins Grimes after interference by The Dyad.

The match gets under way, and it quickly turns into a brawl. Gacy is getting the better of Grimes, until Grimes comes back with a rally. 

Grimes goes for a dive off the apron, but The Dyad are there attempting to block him. Grimes dives over them anyway with a somersault senton on Gacy. However, Grimes momentarily turns his attention to The Dyad.

With Grimes' attention briefly diverted by The Dyad, Gacy is able to capitalize. Gacy works over Grimes, but Grimes soon fights back. The Dyad thwarts Grimes' comeback as they interfere again. Grimes takes a lariat that turns him upside down, and Gacy covers him for a three count.

Grayson Waller is freaking out about Apollo Crew's vision. He vows to hire extra security to protect himself.

An advertisement plugs NXT trading cards ... in the year Two Thousand Twenty Two. What is old is new again. 

Nikkita Lyons (with Zoey Stark) defeats Kayden Carter (with Katana Chance)

Lyons pins Carter clean in the middle. So, a potential challenger has pins one-half of the NXT Women's Tag Team Champions. A tag title match seems imminent. 

Lyons counters Carter to deliver a roundhouse kick. Lyons follows up with her splits/legdrop combo, and Lyons covers Carter for a clean pinfall.

This match had "a lot of hype online." Sure, Vic Joseph. Whatever you say.

A pre-taped skit featured Andre Chase giving a speech at a pep rally on the campus of Chase U. Andre Chase upset Carmelo Hayes in an impromptu match last week on NXT. C

Chase announces he faces Von Wagner next week in a qualifying match, where the winner joins the five-way ladder match at Halloween Havoc to crown a new NXT North American Champion.

By the way, Chase cut a promo on a reporter named "Dave," saying he don not ask a five star question.

A vignette features Nathan Frazier, and it focuses on his success as a soccer player. Frazier relates that to his best-of-three series against Axiom. The third match in their series in also now a qualifying match, where the winner advances to the ladder match at Halloween Havoc.

Ilja Dragunov defeats Xyon Quinn

Dragunov pins Quinn to win the match.

Vic Joseph on commentary notes this is Dragunov's first match back since returning from a broken ankle.

While Quinn got plenty of offense, but this was clearly about getting Dragunov over with the audience. 

Dragunov fights back on Quinn, and Dragunov lands some wicked strikes. For the finish, Dragunov signals and measures for a flying back elbow. Dragunov then scores a pinfall.

Lash Legend and Wendy Choo cut promos on each other in a pre-taped, post-produced featurette.

Brutus Creed defeats Damon Kemp via disqualification 

Kemp is disqualified for using a chair. 

Creed meets Kemp on the entrance ramp, and the fights starts with a brawl before the bell. 

Creeds throws Kemp around with suplexes. Kemp soon counters, and Kemp applies a neck vice. They work the hold for awhile like this was a house show.

Kemp mocks Creed, which in turn fires up Creed. Kemp is sent out of the ring with a Monty Brown Pounce by Brutus. Being a heel, Kemp grabs a metal folding chair. Kemp hits Creed with the chair, leading to a DQ.

Kemp pummels Creed with chair shots, and an Kemp screams at Creed after the match.

Sanga is usually the one giving out advice, but this week he gets some advice instead in a backstage skit. Sanga is given a pep talk by "Super Diva" Quincy Elliott. Xyon Quinn walks past, and Elliott tells Quinn he does not see the "X" factor in him. Elliott then giggles at Quinn as Elliott turns to leave.

Nikkita Lyons & Zoey Stark cut a promo vowing to win the women's tag titles. They are confronted by Toxic Attraction, who warn Lyons & Starks that the odds are three-on-two. A shoot line of fire is ignited by Alba Fyre, as she steps in to join the side of Lyons & Starks. This seems to set up a future trios match. 

Plugged for next week on NXT is The Grayson Waller Effect, with two rivals having a face off. Waller's guests are foes Roxanne Perez and Cora Jade. Also announced for next Tuesday is Andre Chase against Von Wagner in a North American qualifying match. In addition, NXT Tag Team Champions Pretty Deadly will deliver a "State of the Commonwealth Address" on next week's episode of NXT. 

Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen defeats Gallus (Mark Coffey & Wolfgang) in a Pub Rules match

Jensen pins Coffey after a wild, weapons-filled brawl. Gallus is handcuffed by police officers after a post-match angle, where Joe Coffey punches a referee.

Joe Coffey is banned from ringside after headbutting security earlier in the show, but he runs in during the match nonetheless. 

Pub Rules basically means a hardcore match. Trash cans are scattered around ringside. Tables and chairs are also prevalent. 

The two teams fought in street clothes like they are in a bunkhouse match, which fits Briggs & Jensen's gimmick.

This is probably not the first pub brawl in pro wrestling history to start over a cribbage game. Old school fans will get that reference.

Briggs brings a rope to the ring like he is El Texano Jr. Likely only lucha libre fans will get that reference.

The brawling goes through a split-screen commercial break as the fight continues.

The two teams whip each other with leather belts. Briggs & Jensen do the Ray Traylor spot where they baseball slide out of the ring and punch their foes. Makes me nostalgic for the Big Bossman.

A deathmatch breaks out as glass soon becomes involved in the melee. Briggs & Jensen shatter beer mugs on Mark Coffey & Wolfgang.

Despite being banned from ringside, Joe Coffey runs in. He then takes a Nestea Plunge through a table at ringside. In the ring, Wolfgang is hiplocked through a table. 

In the meantime, Mark Coffey is stuffed upside down into a trash can. He gets to his feet with the trash can still over his head, and Coffey stumbles around like Terry Funk trapped in the can. Briggs & Jensen deliver a high-low combo on Coffey, and Jensen covers Coffey for a pinfall. 

Fallon Henley joins Briggs & Jensen in the ring to celebrate their win.

Referees pour out to keep Gallus from getting back into the ring. Joe Coffey punches a ref, and out comes a bunch of police officers. Gallus is handcuffed by police and led away as the show closes. 

Gallus is being "suspended indefinitely" as part of the angle.