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WWE NXT live results: Bron Breakker vs. Robert Roode

The finals of the women's Dusty Classic will also take place on Tuesday night.

Before he challenges Dolph Ziggler at NXT Stand & Deliver, Bron Breakker will clash with Ziggler's tag team partner.

Breakker vs. Robert Roode is set for tonight's episode of NXT. Two weeks ago, interference by Roode contributed to Breakker losing the NXT Championship to Ziggler in a triple threat match that also included Tommaso Ciampa.

Ziggler made his first defense of the NXT title last week, retaining against LA Knight. Breakker then confronted Ziggler after the match and challenged him to a championship match at Stand & Deliver.

The finals of the 2022 women's Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic are also set for tonight. It will be Io Shirai & Kay Lee Ray vs. Wendy Choo & Dakota Kai, with the winning team getting a future shot at Toxic Attraction's NXT Women's Tag Team titles.

Plus, two more qualifying matches for the North American Championship ladder match at Stand & Deliver will take place tonight. Solo Sikoa vs. Roderick Strong and Grayson Waller vs. A-Kid will determine the next two challengers for North American Champion Carmelo Hayes.

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


The show opens with NXT North American Champion Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams arriving to the building. They are heading inside to check who qualifies for the ladder match at Stand & Deliver.

A ladder match qualifier is kicking off the show. 

Solo Sikoa defeats Roderick Strong in a North American Championship Qualifying Match

Sikoa pins Strong to qualify for the ladder match for the North American title at Stand & Deliver. 

With the match in progress, Hayes and Williams arrive at the announce booth to provide guest commentary.

Strong cuts off Sikoa with a throat across the top rope. Never really seems like a Roddy Strong match at first. Not enough backbreakers I guess, but Strong eventually delivers a backbreaker for a near fall. At least the backbreaker was special in that regard.

Strong knife edge chops. Pun intended. Sikoa starts to fight back as they trade strikes. Hope spot is dashed, and Sikoa is again trapped on the mat. Olympic slam by Strong for another near fall.

Sikoa kicks out at two just as Santos Escobar enters the soundstage as he saunters up the aisle towards ringside. 

Comeback by Sikoa, and a Samoan drop earns him a near fall. Sikoa attempts to climb the turnbuckles, but he gets crotched by Strong. 

They tease a superplex, and Strongs takes a Nestea Plunge off the top rope. Sikoa follows with a Superfly splash, and Sikoa scores a three count. Sikoa wins via pinfall, and he advances to the ladder match at Stand & Deliver.

Indi Hartwell and Persia Pirotta are bickering backstage. This plays into the next match, as Hartwell invites Pirotta and Duke Hudson to watch from ringside.

Tony D'Angelo defeats Dexter Lumis (with Indi Hartwell)

D'Angelo pins Lumis after outside interference. Unrelated to that outside interference, Tommaso Ciampa jumps D'Angelo whilst he is cutting a post-match promo.

D'Angelo's cockiness cost him early on in the match, and Lumis begins to pummel him. The fight eventually spills outside the ring, where D'Angelo is able to trip Lumis on the ring steps.

D'Angelo puts on his hat, and he mocks Tommaso Ciampa just as the show cuts to a commercial break. D'Angelo faces Ciampa next weekend at Stand & Deliver.

Lumis comeback after the show returns from the break. Lumis cleans house. Hartwell gives her approval while watching from ringside. In the meantime, Pirotta and Hudson lurk in the background.

Meanwhile, double down in the ring. D'Angelo is able to crawl towards his trusty crowbar. Hartwell gets to the corner first, and she grabs the crowbar to keep D'Angelo from using it. 

Pirotta goes on to take the crowbar away from Hartwell. D'Angelo reaches out from inside the ring. He and Pirotta are having a tug-o-war with the crowbar. Pirotta loses her grib and let go. D'Angelo's momentum spins him around, and smacks Lumis with the crowbar. The referee somehow misses most of this.

Lumis is laid out after a crowbar shot to the head, and D'Angelo covers him for a pinfall.

D'Angelo cut a promo after the match directed at Ciampa. D'Angelo vows to basically end Ciampa's NXT career. That is when Ciampa surprises D'Angelo with an attack. Fairy Tale Ending by Ciampa, and Ciampa says he is going out on his terms.

Robert Roode is backstage for a interview with McKenzie Mitchell. NXT Champion Dolph Ziggler is with Roode, and Ziggler hypes up Roode ahead of a featured match later on tonight.

Elektra Lopez (with Legado del Fantasma) defeats Fallon Henley

Lopez pins Henley in a short match.

Henley's character is leaning into the country girl gimmick with cut-off denim shorts. Henley fires up, looking for an upset. No dice. Lopez executes a sit-out side slam, and Lopez scores a three count.

Draco Anthony gets a video message from Joe Gacy trying to recruit Anthony. Draco slams the phone against a locker. Xyon Quinns overhears the message, and he sternly tells Anthony he has his back.

Backstage interview with Dakota Kai & Wendy Choo. McKenzie Mitchell asks about their thoughts on the Dusty Classic finals later on. They vow to win the tournament.

Bron Breakker defeats Robert Roode (with NXT Champion Dolph Ziggler) 

Breaker pins Roode clean in a really good match. Ziggler gets ejected from ringside during the match, but returns after the match to waylay Breakker with a sneak attack.

This bout continues a trend of Breakker working with ring veterans, resulting in a some great TV matches. 

Breakker pulls the straps down. He is fired up. Ziggler interferes by pulling Roode out of harm's way as Breakker charges into a corner. Breakker rams himself into the ring post.

Unlike in the opening match, the referee sees the interference. So, the ref orders Ziggler to leave, ejecting him from ringside. Ziggler is pitching a fit as the show cuts to split-screen commercial break.

Breakker is battling back as the show returns from the break, but Roode dashes the hope spot with a blockbuster. Taunts by Roode, and he dashes another hope spot. Breakker kicks out again. 

Roode attempts to climb the turnbuckles, and his is cut off by Breakker. Super Frankensteiner. They go on to trade near falls. 

Overhead belly-to-belly by Breakker, and the crowds barks in approval. Roode answers back with a spinebuster that stuns Breakker. 

Roode signals for his finisher, but Breakker blocks it. Breakker fires up, and he delivers a spear for a close near fall. 

Breakker lifts Roode with a gorilla press, but Roode counters into a Glorious DDT. Roode drapes an arm over Breakker, but Breakker lifts his shoulder off the mat at two and half.

Slugfest develops, and they trade strikes. Roode leaps off the middle rope for some reason. Breakker catches him, and Breakker with a press slam on Roode. One ... two ... three. 

Breakker is celebrating after the match as he walks up the ramp. Ziggler waylays him with a sneak attack, and Ziggler smacks Breakker with the title belt. Ziggler stands over a fallen Breakker, and Ziggler berates him with Breakker laid out on the stage.

Backstage skit with Dexter Lumis draws a picture to reveal Duke Hudson has a match with Gunther.

Bodhi Hayward cuts a promo in class at Chase University. Hayward goes on to berate another student, much to the joy of Andre Chase.

Grayson Waller defeats A-Kid in a North American Championship Qualifying Match

Waller pins A-Kid, and Waller qualifies for the ladder match at Stand & Deliver.

A-Kid working circles around Waller, and the crowd with a genuine pop on a high spot where A-Kid catches Waller in a submission hold. 

Waller counters a springboard with a scary-looking leg sweep off the middle rope. A-Kid lands in an ugly manner. Waller then covers A-Kid for a pinfall.

Hayes and Williams were again at ringside. They announce another qualifying match for the ladder match. Next week the losers from the previous qualifying matches meet in a triple threat. Winner qualifies for the ladder match. Next Tuesday is A-Kid vs. Roderick Strong vs. Cameron Grimes.

The Creed Brothers (with Malcolm Bivens and Ivy Nile) defeat Grizzled Young Veterans 

Brutus pins Drake to win the match.

GYV work over Julius Creed, but he make is own comeback to apply a stretch muffler on Zack Gibson. Nevertheless, Gibson is able to knock Brutus Creed off the apron. That allows GYV to regain an underhanded advantage.

Air Sabu by Drake to knock Brutus off the apron again. That only delays the inevitable. GYV attempt a Doomsday Device. Julius escapes their clutches, and Drake sells his knee on a roll through. Julius capitalizes with a chop block to the knee. 

Hot tag to Brutus, and he squashes Drake with help from Julius. Brutus then pins Drake.

Unknown vandals are shown ransacking the Diamond Mine gym. They spray paint "DON'T CRY" on the wall, and one of them rips down the DM flag. They send a text with a warning to the Creed Brothers.

Gunther (with Imperium) defeats Duke Hudson (with Persia Pirotta)

Gunther pins Hudson in a hard-hitting match. Gunther was throwing some chops that look like haymakers. 

Gunther is a montser. Hudson is peppering him with punches at one point, until Gunther lands a massive chop that echoes throughout the soundstage. The crowd erupts into a "holy sh*t" chant.

Hudson's chest is hamburger meat. Gunther applies a choke, yet Hudson fights back. Hudson fires up on Gunther. Hudson with a German suplex for a two count. 

The monster awakens. Gunther clobbers Hudson, and Gunther delivers a powerbomb. Gunther then covers Hudson for a pinfall.

LA Knight confronts Gunther

Gunther cuts a promo after the match. Declaring himself the most dominate competitor in NXT, Gunther bemoans being overlooked in NXT. Gunther brings up the name of LA Knight, which brings out Knight to confront Gunther.

Knight begins his shtick on the mic when Gunther tells him to shut up. Gunther claims Knight represents everything that wrong with the sport today. A lot of talking, and very little skill. Gunther goes on to say Knight's mouth talks him matches, but Gunther says Knight lacks skill to win those matches. 

Knight responds with a threat against Gunther. Knight warns Gunther to never interrupt him again, which is ironic since Knight first interrupted Gunther earlier in this segment. Knight curses at Gunther. Bold move.

Knight wanted to use his words to set up a match, but Knight decides to go a different route since Gunther told him to shut up. Knight hits Gunther with a sucker punch. 

Imperium jump Knight until MSK run in to make a save, evening the odds. Knight and MSK clear the ring as the heels bump and feed.

In an announcement after a commercial break, Gunther against LA Knight in a singles match is made official for Stand & Deliver. Also announced is a trios match for next Tuesday on NXT, with Gunther & Imperium against Knight & MSK.

An emotional video package tells the story of Cameron Grimes, and the passing of his father. Grimes made a promise to his father. Grimes looks to work towards fulfilling that promise.

Io Shirai & Kay Lee Ray defeat Wendy Choo & Dakota Kai to win the Women's Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic

Shirai pins Choo to win the match, thus winning the Dusty Cup.

The trio known as Toxic Attraction watches from a perch looking out over the ring.

Fun sequences early on highlighted by a little bit of gaga. Nevertheless, Choo's character is more serious than she was in previous matches. Still plenty of silliness.

Shirai goes for a Tiger Feint Kick on Kai, but Choo blocks it with a pillow. All for not, as Shirai easliy recovers to sent Kai out of the ring.

Shirai leaps through the ropes with a flying crossbody to the outside on Kai, while Kay Lee Ray jumps into a dive on Choo through the ropes. Choo & Kai are in peril as the show cuts to a split-screen commercial break.

Choo runs wild after the break, as Choo gets a hot tag. Choo & Kai are cooking, and they are on fire.

Choo with an avalanche overhead suplex, KLR takes a hard bump back into the ring. She still manages to kick out at two.

KLR with a double foot stomp, and Choo follows with a modified Vader splash. Shirai flew in out of nowhere to deliver a missile dropkick, which breaks up a pinning attempt.

All four down in the ring selling. Moments later, KLR with a Gory Bomb on Choo. Shirai follows up with a moonsault press, and Shirai covers Choo to score a deciding pinfall.

Confetti falls from the ceiling as Shirai & KLR celebrate their win. Toxic Attraction enter the ring as NXT Champion Mandy Rose orders the music to stop. She rains on the parade as confetti is still rains down from above. 

Rose cuts a promo on Shirai & KLR, telling them they will be beat by Jacy Jayne & Gigi Dolan.

KLR & Shirai both basically say they have their sights set on Rose's title. KLR announces the women's title match at Stand & Deliver is know a fatal four-way. Wut?

The apparent logic here is KLR & Shirai earned a tag title match by winning the Dusty Cup, but they instead choose to add themselves to the singles title match. I guess that is legal and whatnot. For what it is worth, the announcers on commentary similarly wonder.

Cora Jade rushes to the ring as the show closes with a wild brawl involving all the women in the ring. Toxic Attraction flees after they are sent packing. The babyfaces stand tall as the show closes.