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WWE NXT live results: Great American Bash go-home show

Perez & Jade will face Chance & Carter in a tag title number one contender's match.

Tonight's NXT is the go-home show for the Great American Bash.

Toxic Attraction's Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne are set to defend their NXT Women's Tag Team titles at the Great American Bash special next Tuesday. Tonight, Roxanne Perez & Cora Jade will take on Katana Chance & Kayden Carter to decide their challengers.

NXT Champion Bron Breakker defending his title against Cameron Grimes has also been confirmed for the Great American Bash. The two will go face-to-face tonight.

Last week, Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen won the vacant NXT UK Tag Team titles in a four-way elimination match. Briggs & Jensen will address their title win on tonight's show.

Plus, Indi Hartwell vs. Kiana James, Sanga vs. Xyon Quinn, Giovanni Vinci vs. Ikemen Jiro, and the return of Nikkita Lyons are set for tonight. Lyons is returning to NXT TV for the first time since she had to be removed from the Women's Breakout Tournament due to a partial MCL tear and sprain.

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


Cold open, meaning no introductory video other than the quick "Together" montage that opens every modern WWE television show.

Kicking off the show is the number one contenders' match to determine the next women's tag team title challengers at The Great American Bash. 

Roxanne Perez & Cora Jade defeat Katana Chance & Kayden Carter to become number one contenders

Perez pins Chance to win the match. Perez & Jade will go on to challenge Toxic Attraction for the tag belts next Tuesday at The Bash. 

Some subtle trouble within the team of Carter & Chance, as miscues lay the framework for a possible split, or at least a heel turn. They would act heelish in a backstage segment later in the show.

The Toxic Attraction trio watches this match from a couch on a perch overlooking the ring.

The match goes through a commercial break, even though they did not need to do so. Perez is about to attempt a dive just before the show cuts to commercial, but she is cut off. 

Hot tag to Jade after the show returns from the break. She runs wild on Carter. Chance moments early had rolled off the apron after tagging out, so she is not in her corner when Carter needs a tag. Perez tags back in, but Carter is able to cut her off. 

Carter & Chance attempt their double team finisher. However, Jade trips up Carter, and Jade pulls her out of the ring. Perez counters Chance, and Perez executes Pop Rocks (Code Red). Perez then scores a pinfall on Chance.

Joe Gacy, flanked by The Dyad, approaches The Creed Brothers, Damon Kemp and Ivy Nile. Gacy is looking to recruit them into his cult group. They instead profess their allegiance to Diamond Mine. Roderick Strong enters the room, and he tells off Gacy. There is apparently a match later with Diamond Mine against Gacy's faction. 

McKenzie Mitchell interviews the trio of Toxic Attraction. The tag champs are unimpressed with their challengers. Nikkita Lyons confronts them, and tonight she is back in the ring. Lyons says she has her eye on NXT Women's Champion Mandy Rose. Repsonding to Lyons, Rose says she is the queen of the jungle after saying she will face Lyons tonight in the ring. Looks like a match between the two is coming up later.

Giovanni Vinci defeats Ikemen Jiro

Vinci looks strong in a short match where he wins in dominant fashion.

Vinci is a serious wrestler, but there is gaga with Jiro and his jacket. Vinci springboards into an awesome-looking tornado DDT that spikes Jiro. The live studio audience erupts with a "holy sh**" chant, which is censored on USA Network. Vinci then delivers a sit-out powerbomb, and he covers Jiro for a three count.

Breaking the fourth wall after the match, Vinci looks into a camera to say The Great American Bash cannot happen without him.

Video clips highlight Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen winning the vacant NXT UK Tag Team titles. A promo from them is plugged for up next after a commercial break, except it is not actually technically up next.

NXT North American Champion Carmelo Hayes is actually up next, with a promo joined by Trick Williams. Grayson Waller interrupts them carrying a basketball and some memorabilia. Wallers asks Hayes to sign the stuff. I've seen this type of angle plenty of times before. Waller has tricked Hayes into signing a contract for a title match. 

New NXT UK Tag Team Champions celebrate

Briggs & Jensen are in the ring for their first promo on television since winning the straps. They are joined in the ring by Fallon Henley. They are all very excited, and Henley pops the crowd by saying they are going to drink some beer in celebration. 

The team of Pretty Deadly interrupt the celebration. Pretty Deadly insult Briggs & Jensen with redneck and Roll Tide jokes. Pretty Deadly goes to confront them in the ring.

Briggs & Jensen eventually attack Pretty Deadly, and the new tag champs clean house on Pretty Deadly. They sent them packing, as Briggs & Jensen stand tall.

Kiana James defeats Indi Hartwell

James pins Hartwell with her foot on a rope for illegal leverage. James' gimmick is she is smart, so the story of the finish is she uses her smarts to win. In the case, that means she cheats.

Hartwell springboards into a flying elbow drop, but James rolls out of harm's way. Hartwell crashes and burns. James then rolls her up, and James puts her foot on the bottom rope for illegal leverage. 

James was almost too far away, and she barely got her foot on the rope, which is unintentionally hilarious. 

Tony D'Angelo is on a bridge overlooking a river. He has a nice watch in his hands, which apparently belonged to Two Dimes, who was recently released from the company. D'Angelso tosses the watch into the river, after he insinuates Two Dimes in now "sleeping with the fishes." So was Two Dimes murdered? D'Angelo gets a phone call, which is Escobar pranking him. An angry D'Angelo then throws his phone into the river. He and Stacks then storm off. 

A plug advertises ticket going on sale for Undertaker's upcoming one-man show.

Wes Lee cuts a promo calling out Trick Williams for a match at The Bash.

Joe Gacy & The Dyad vs. Diamond Mine (Roderick Strong, Brutus Creed & Julius Creed)

Strong drops the fall to a Dyad dude, after there is dissension within Diamond Mine. 

They wrestle through a commercial break, and the heels eventually work over Brutus Creed after he suffers a chop block to his knee. 

Gacy at one point in a weird spot where does a handstand using the middle rope in a corner, just to talk trash. Bro, what are you doing?

Hot tag to Julius Creed, and he cleans house. Julius clears the ring, and he is a house of fire. Strong tags himself in as Julius is running wild, which angers Julius. Strong shoves Julius multiple times, and Strong orders him to get out of the ring.

Brutus bursts into the ring to make a save as Strong argues with Julius. Brutus cuts off Gacy when he attempts a handspring off the ropes. Despite being saved by Brutus, Strong is upset with him too. Strong yells at both Creed brothers.

The Dyad capitalize on the dissension within Diamond Mine. Strong falls victim to them. Dyad make a blind tag. They then give Strong a double team spike DDT, and Strong gets pinned for a three count. 

Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams find out Grayson Waller tricked Hayes into a title match next week. They basically scoff and joke about it. This was kind of wacky.

Lash Legend says Alba Fyre is "permanently" out of action after being injured in a match with Legend last week. Legend then issues a warning to everyone else in the NXT women's division.

Diamond Mine is imploding as they argue in the locker room. Strong and the Creed Brothers yell at each other, leading to Strong challenging the Creeds to a NXT Tag Team title match next Tuesday at the Bash. Strong teams with Kemp next week to challenge his own stablemates for the tag straps. Is this the beginning of the end?

Sanga and Xyon Quinn begin brawling before their scheduled match, just as the show is cutting to commercial

Sanga defeats Xyon Quinn  

Sanga pins Quinn clean after a chokeslam. This match is not particularly good, but it is unintentionally funny at times. It is not supposed to be funny, but it is nonetheless. To his credit, Quinn took a beating in putting over Sanga. What did Quinn do to deserve that burial?

In the match, Quinn plays heel as he cheap shots Sanga when the bell rings to start their match. Sanga eventually recovers, and he begins to pummel Quinn. And then he pummels him some more.

Wendy Choo in a dream sequence recaps her feud with Tiffany Stratton. Choo wakes up and brushes her teeth. Choo cuts a quick promo on Stratton, vowing to win at The Bash. Very wacky.

Nikkita Lyons defeats NXT Women's Champion Mandy Rose (with Jacy Jayne & Gigi Dolan) disqualification in a non-title match

Lyons wins via DQ after outside interference. Lyons returns to the ring with a strong push.

The match goes through a commercial break. Just before going to commercial, Rose takes a series of hip tosses. Rose powders out of the ring.

Rose goes to target a leg in order to cut off Lyons. Rose looks to gain some momentum, but Lyons hulks up. Lyons looks almost unstoppable, until she is stopped by Rose. 

Lyons takes a Nestea Plunge off the ropes, and Rose follows up by delivering a missile dropkick. Lyons hulks up a second time. Spin kicks galore as Lyons mows down Rose. 

Jacy Jayne & Gigi Dolan jump in to attack Lyons, leading to the DQ. Toxic Attraction continue to jump Lyons. Cora Jade & Roxanne Perez run down to for a save. The heel trios flees.

A backstage stake looks to set up a match between Apollo Crews and Xyon Quinn.

A vignette hypes the arrival of JD McDonagh (formerly Jordan Devlin).

NXT Champion Bron Breaker is face-to-face with challenger Cameron Grimes

Wade Barrett hosts the segment as an intermediary, but Breakker dismisses Barrett at the start. Breakker says he and Grimes just want to talk. Barrett leaves the ring.

Breakker tells Grimes he is different than his other challengers. Breakker claims Grimes has everything to gain and nothing to lose. Grimes replies by saying it only seems that way.

Grimes implies Breakker has nothing to lose. Even if Breakker loses the title, Grimes says Breakker will still be called up to the main roster. If Breakker drops the title, Grimes claims "they probably put you on SummerSlam."

Grimes goes on to say he lost the North American title, and then he put bet "all his chips" on winning the title from Breakker. That is what makes them different, according to Grimes.

Grimes says if his loses the title match, that is it for him. He has no backup plan. Grimes chides Breakker for not having another backup plan, as Grimes says this is Breakker's backup plan (meaning becoming a pro wrestler). 

Grimes talks about Breakker wanting to be a pro football player, and then Grimes taunts Breakker for being cut by the Baltimore Ravens. So, Grimes says that Breakker calls up "pops" after deciding he wanted to be in WWE.

Breakker responds by saying he thought this match is about respect, but apparently not. Breakker mocks Grimes' "to the moon" catchphrase. Breakker threatens to spear Grimes in half.

A fiery Grimes raises his voice. Grimes says Breakker can knock him down, but Grimes will keep getting back up. Breakker insults Ted DiBiase as a way to get at Grimes. 

Breakker begins to say he is bigger and stronger. Grimes stops him, saying Breakker is indeed bigger and stronger. But what Breakker does not have is heart, and Breakker does not Grimes' heart. Grimes tells Breakker it is just genetics. 

"Your daddy didn't have no heart either," Grimes says to Breakker. When Grimes begins to say that is why Rick Steiner was not world champion, Breakker snaps.

Breakker grabs Grimes and lifts him into a military press. Grimes escapes, and he sidesteps a charge. Breakker crashes into the turnbuckles, and Grimes sends him shoulder-first into the turnbuckles again. The top rope breaks on the second attempt, and Breakker sells his shoulder.

Officials and referees pour into the ring to check on Breakker, who cotinues to sell his shoudler. Grimes smirks, and he admits Breakker can probably beat him at one hundred percent. 

"It looks like you aren't one hundred percent, Bron," Grime snears.