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WWE NXT live results: Hall of Fame panel reveals Iron Survivor participants

X-Pac, Alundra Blayze, Molly Holly, and Road Dogg will appear alongside Shawn Michaels.

A Hall of Fame panel will be on NXT tonight to help set the stage for NXT Deadline.

WWE has announced that X-Pac, Alundra Blayze, Molly Holly, and Road Dogg will appear alongside Shawn Michaels to reveal the participants for the Iron Survivor Challenge matches at NXT Deadline. The men's and women's Iron Survivor Challenge bouts will both feature five participants. The wrestler who has won the most falls at the end of the match will become the number one contender to their division's respective championship.

Deadline is streaming live on Peacock/WWE Network on Saturday, December 10.

NXT Women's Champion Mandy Rose will be in action tonight as Toxic Attraction take on Katana Chance, Kayden Carter & Nikkita Lyons.

After attacking North American Champion Wes Lee following last week's main event, Dijak will return to in-ring action tonight. Plus, Roxanne Perez vs. Indi Hartwell, Fallon Henley vs. Kiana James, and Malik Blade vs. Von Wagner will take place on the show.

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


Opening the show is match several weeks in the making. Indi Hartwell has a new attitude, much to the chagrin of Roxanne Perez. During skits in recent weeks, Perez has tried to reason with Hartwell, but tensions eventually boiled over last week.

Roxanne Perez defeats Indi Hartwell 

Perez pins Hartwell clean after executing Pop Rocks.

Perez is such a good babyface-in-peril. She begins a comeback after a launching herself into a tope. Hartwell catches her on a flying crossbody, and Hartwell looks to deliver a slam. Perez counters into a small package, but Hartwell drops her with a big boot.

Just before the finish, Hartwell goes to eat a kick from Perez. Pop Rocks (Code Red) by Perez, and she cradles Hartwell for a three count.

Duke Hudson pleads his case to Andre Chase, and Hudson apologizes to Hudson for costing them the match last week. Hudson organized a petition to get Hudson into the Iron Survivor Series. 

Grayson Waller comes into the scene and starts insulting Chase and company. Thea Hail snaps on Waller, and she has to be held back. Hudson says he will take care of Waller, so except a match between the two.

Returning to a NXT is Dijak. His surprise return was a cliffhanger from the last episode of NXT. This week Dijak has an enhancement match.

Dijak defeats Dante Chen

Dijak pins Chen after the Feast Your Eyes. Dijak dominates the short bout, and he applies a chokehold just before executing his finisher.

Dijak in a post-match promo says the bout is an example of "hard justice." That was also the name of a TNA PPV. No relation, apparently. Dijak goes to say he will dish out his form of justice on the NXT roster.

JD McDonagh is in the Diamond Mine dojo talking with Ivy Nile and Tatum Paxley. Julius and Brutus Creed come in, and they vow to defeat Indus Sher. McDonagh says that is impossible. They bicker about it until the Creeds order him out of the dojo. He smirks and leaves.

The Hall of Fame panel is sitting around a table, and they begin to discuss potential participants in the Iron Survivor Challenge. This is set to music, and the panel begins to give their opinions.

Road Dogg picks Carmelo Hayes, and the rest of the panel puts him over. 

Alundra Blayze brings up Tony D'Angelo, but they all seem to decide he cannot return from injury. 

Sean Waltman mentions JD McDonagh, and he is put over as a creep, but a bad ass at the same time.

Molly Holly name drops Joe Gacy. They talk about him being a leader.

Road Dogg circles back to mention Von Wagner. He is a big scary guy, but he has not won the big one.

Axiom is mentioned, but he is still out with an injury.

Grayson Waller is also mentioned, and he is put over strong by the panel even if he is a heel.

Shawn tells the panel to write down their top five, and this segment is to be continued...

Grayson Waller defeats Duke Hudson (with Andre Chase & Thea Hail)

Waller pins Hudson after a stunner.

This reminds me of a house show match from the '80s. There is some gaga with Hudson pulling hair, and he is admonished by Chase because that violates the Chase U code of conduct.

Hudson is outside the ring when he assures Chase he can stop the match anytime he wants. Hudson then gets back into the ring, and he takes a stunner from Waller. Hudson takes the fall, and Wallers wins.

McKenzie Mitchell shows why she might be the best backstage interviewer since Mean Gene. In a skit with Javier Bernal, he pitches the idea for his own merch line. He has a "Big Body Javi" baseball bat. There is an Aaron Judge joke where Bernal calls his "Adam Judge."

Referring to himself in the third person, Bernal pitches a pillow and cologne. Mitchell chokes on the smell of the cologne, saying it smells like rotten eggs. She goes of camera in disgust. In walks Axiom to set up a match with Bernal. Mitchell comes back holding her nose, and seems to indicate the match is official. Mitchell carries this skit on her back. She is great in her role.

Kiana James defeats Fallon Henley 

James pins Henley after the 401k finisher.

The match starts just before the show cuts to commercial. They wrestle through the break, with James getting heat on Henley. James goes on to work an arm.

Henley eventually makes a comeback, but she is selling her arm. Cat-and-mouse with Henley chasing James around the ring. James grabs her purse, and she tosses it to Henley. Although Henley throws the purse aside, it cause a distraction.

A distracted Henley is soon given a flatliner called "The 401k." James then covers Henley for a pinfall.

Malik Blade is backstage clutching his late father's sweater. Von Wagner tore it off Blade last week. Blade clutches the tattered sweater as Odyssey Jones and Edris Enofe cover advice and a pep talk. Blade vows to fight this battle on his own. Blade meets Wagner in a match later tonight.

Back to the Hall of Fame panel discussing the Iron Survivor Challenge. Talks has shifted to the women's match.

Alundra Blayze first brings up Roxanne Perez. This is some jokes about when the panel was young. 

Road Dogg mentions Zoey Stark, and he puts her over strong by the panel.

Molly Holly brings up Indi Hartwell, but they question whether she is missing something.

Sean Waltman talks about Cora Jade. She is a heel, but the panel acknowledges her accomplishments.

Road Dogg says Fallon Henley is a dark horse in the match.

Also talked about is Fallon Henley and Alba Fyre.

Like earlier, Shawn tells the panel to write down their top five picks.

Cora Jade mocks Wendy Choo on TikTok.

A vignette teases the debut of Lyra Valkyria.

Kayden Carter, Katana Chance & Nikkita Lyons vs. Toxic Attraction (Mandy Rose, Jacy Jayne & Gigi Dolan) is to be continued

The match never starts due to an ambush. Zoey Stark in a sneak attack jumps Nikkita Lyons before the match. Lyons sells her knee, and she is helped to the backstage area as the show cuts to a commercial break.

The trios match takes place later in the show in the main event slot.

McKenzie Mitchell interviews Elektra Lopez, and Lopez vows to defeat Indi Hartwell in an upcoming match.

Axiom defeats Javier Bernal 

Axiom wins in his return match after an injury. Axiom pins Bernal after Sweet Chin Music.

This is the best match on the show so far, which is not saying much. The match itself is still pretty good. 

The match begins shortly before the show goes into a split-screen commercial break, much like during a women's match earlier in the show. That is kind of annoying. 

Nikkita Lyons is cleared to wrestle later tonight.

McKenzie Mitchell interviews NXT Tag Team Champions Pretty Deadly. They have a Christmas story to tell next week.

Apollo Crews is back at the diner writing in his journal. NXT Champion Bron Breakker suddenly joins him at a table and they banter back-and-forth. This seems like an odd way to build a title match, but they continue to banter at the diner while drinking coffee. They meet again in a title match at Deadline. 

Julius Creed defeats JD McDonagh via disqualification

This was a good hard-hitting match until it ends with a lame finish. McDonagh is DQ'd for using a chair, when he actually hits Sanga with a chair. Indus Sher had come to ringside to scout Creed, and Sanga takes a chair shot in place of Creed. 

The second half of this show has far better wrestling matches than the first half of the episode, despite the finish in this match.

They wrestle through a commercial break. Indus Sher walks to ringside after the show returns from the break.

The fighting spills outside the ring on the floor as McDonagh works a leg. McDonagh grabs a chair, and he goes to swing it at Creed. Sanga rushes in, and she shoves Creed out of the way. Sanga takes the chair shot, which enrages him.

As the referee calls for a disqualification, McDonagh begs off from Sanga. McDonagh bumps into Veer, and he begs off some more. 

Veer & Sanga yell at the Creeds that they want them at one hundred percent for their match.

Alba Fyre cuts a promo on Isla Dawn in a vignette. 

Dijak is met in the parking lot by Tony D'Angelo and Stacks. D'Angelo returns to the ring next week on NXT. Something is building between Dijak and D'Angelo, and it relates to NXT North American Champion Wes Lee.

Von Wagner (with Mr. Stone) defeats Malik Blade

Wagner pins Blade after Blade is given an Attitude Adjustment. Stone is back with Wagner, despite miscommunication between in a recent match.

Blade shows a lot of fire, and he gets a lot of offense. Wagner is still a monster. Blade goes for a splash, and Wagner gets his knees up. Wagner then executes his finisher, and he covers Blade for a pinfall.

Wagner attacks Blade after the match, and Edris Enofe runs down to make a save. Wagner is beating on him when Odyssey Jones runs in. Wagner flees when Jones runs down for a save. This looks to set up a match between Wagner and Jones.

Shawn Michaels announces the participants for Iron Survivor Challenge at Deadline. They are as follows:

The five men include Carmelo Hayes, JD McDonagh, Grayson Waller, Joe Gacy, and a fifth participant to be determined in a "wild card match" next week on NXT. The wild card match is really a triple threat bout with Von Wagner vs. Axiom vs. Andre Chase.

The five women are Zoey Stark, Cora Jade, Roxanne Perez, Kiana James, and a fifth participant to be determined in another "wild card" next Tuesday. The wild card match is a triple threat with Wendy Choo vs. Fallon Henley vs. Indi Hartwell.

Toxic Attraction (Mandy Rose, Jacy Jayne & Gigi Dolan) defeat Kayden Carter, Katana Chance & Nikkita Lyons 

Dolan pins Lyons to win the match. Lyons was on fire, but the injury angle from earlier cost Lyons the match.

Lyons has her knee taped up to sell the injury angle from earlier in the show.

The babyface trio run wild in the first part of the match, until Carter is cut off and worked over. Hot tag to Chance, and she begins to run wild. Chance is also cut off.

Everybody gets involved before a double down in the ring. After another double down, they build to Lyons tagging in. Lyons clean house despite her supposed knee injury.

In the closing moments, Lyons goes for a roundhouse kick, but Lyons knee buckles. Jayne and Dolan then deliver a high/low attack, and Dolan hooks a leg to cover Lyons for a pinfall.