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WWE NXT live results: Halloween Havoc fallout, Tag Team Title Tuesday

The newest member of Schism will also be revealed.

The fallout from Halloween Havoc takes place on NXT tonight.

NXT Champion Bron Breakker and NXT Women's Champion Mandy Rose kept their titles at Halloween Havoc, while Wes Lee was crowned the new NXT North American Champion. We'll see if new challengers emerge tonight.

Tonight's show is also Tag Team Title Tuesday. The women's and men's Tag Team titles will both be on the line. Zoey Stark & Nikkita Lyons are challenging NXT Women's Tag Team Champions Katana Chance & Kayden Carter. NXT Tag Team Champions Pretty Deadly are defending their titles against Malik Blade & Edris Enofe.

After hosting Halloween Havoc, Shotzi will be in action against Lash Legend. Legend tried to interrupt Shotzi and Quincy Elliott at Saturday's event, but Shotzi put a stop to that by laying her out with a DDT.

The newest member of Schism will also be unmasked tonight. Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


After a highlight recap of Halloween Havoc, the show is opening with a tag team title match. The participants are already in the ring for the pre-match introductions.

NXT Women's Tag Team Champions Kayden Carter & Katana Chance defeat Nikkita Lyons & Zoey Stark to retain their titles

Chance pins Lyons for the champs to retain. A Dusty finish teased a title change, but the match is restarted. The champs then go on to retain the belts.

The defending champions continue to adopt what on commentary is called a "more aggressive" style. They still do flashy moves, but they are subtle heels in this bout between two babyface teams. Shades of grey, or something like that.

The challengers look strong as the show cuts to a commercial break. The champs regain control during the break, but Lyons comes back when the show returns. She is soon cut off, but not before she give Chance a hard slam.

Hot tag to Stark, and she is a house of fire. Starks gets a few near falls before she clotheslines Carter over the ropes. They seemingly were both supposed to go over the ropes like a Cactus Jack clothesline, because Stark jumps over the ropes after not initially going over. This was so she could skin the cat back into the ring, where Stark rolls up Chance with a schoolgirl. Stark scores a pinfall, but it would count.

Stark & Lyons celebrate in the ring, as a second referee comes into the ring to overturn the call. The second ref, who is apparently the "head referee," informs Taylor of the Dusty finish. Taylor announces the match must continue because of an unseen tag. 

The match restarts with a slugfest, and the fight is on again. Lyons gets a near fall that is broken up, and Lyons then takes Carter & Chance's tandem finisher. Chance covers Lyons for a deciding pinfall, and the champs retain their titles.

Ilja Dragunov cuts a promo on JD McDonagh in a vignette. This builds to Dragunov against McDonagh in a bout tonight, which comes off both failing to win the NXT title at Halloween Havoc in a triple threat match.

T-Bar is getting a new gimmick, as a clip shows him burning his mask. Formerly in NXT under the Dominik Dijakovic moniker, he is set to return to the developmental brand.

R-Truth cameo appearance sets up match for next week

New NXT North American Champion Wes Lee heads to the ring for his first appearance since winning the title last Saturday.

The live studio audience chants that he deserves it. Lee thanks the fans for their support, and he talks about some of his struggles in his journey to the championship.

Lee talks about being grateful, and he thanks the fans. Lee goes on to talk about his plans, but he is interrupted by Grayson Waller.

Waller gets into the ring to confront Lee, but there is another interruption. R-Truth enters the soundstage to a big pop. He does the "what's up" call and response with the studio audience.

Truth welcomes everyone to Halloween Havoc, which is a joke since that took place on Saturday. Waller interrupts Truth, and Truth compliments his British accent. That is another joke, as Waller is Australian. 

Waller informs Truth that Havoc happened three days ago. Truth busts out laughing, but Lee assures Truth the card was days ago. Truth clowns on Waller for losing in casket match on Saturday.

Waller challenges Truth to a match next Tuesday, and R-Truth accepts the challenge. Waller tries a cheap shot on Truth, but Waller is thwarted by Truth and Lee. Truth tosses Waller out of the ring, and Truth tells Waller he will see him next week.

Edris Enofe tries to hype up of Malik Blade with lyrics from an Eminem song. It works, as they are hyped to get a tag title match later on tonight.

McKenzie Mitchell interviews Apollo Crews, and Crews is putting Grayson Waller behind him (after Crews beat Waller on Saturday in a casket match). Crews says NXT Champion Bron Breakker returns to the show next week, and Crews is interested in what Breakker has to say. Previously, there was a tease of Crews challenging Breakker. That looks like a possible direction.

Shotzi Blackheart defeats Lash Legend 

Blackheart pins Legend in a short match. 

Quincy Elliott is at ringside, after being involved in an angle that set up this match. He briefly gets involved with a staredown with Legend when teh fight spills outside the ring

Balckheart delivers her DDT finisher called "Never Wake Up," and she covers Legend for a pinfall. Elliott celebrates with Blackheart after the match.

Julius & Brutus Creed are heading to the ring, as Brutus is supposed to get five minutes against Damon Kemp (based on a stipulation from a match on Saturday).

The Creed Brothers get in the ring for a promo. Julius talks about being in pain after his win on Saturday when he defeated Damon Kemp. Julius' hands are bruised and swollen from the match.

Brutus thanks his brother for what he did, as Brutus' career was on the line. Julius won, so his brother thanks him for it. Brutus then yells that it is now his turn, and Brutus calls out Kemp.

Kemp appears on a video screen. This is a swerve, as Kemp informs the Creeds he is not medically cleared to compete tonight. Suddenly, there is a sneak attack. 

Veer & Sanga ambush the Creeds with a blindside attack. Veer & Sanga beat them down. Sanga pauses briefly, as if he is second guessing the attack. Sanga then attacks again, and he delivers a chokeslam. 

Veer & Sanga leave the ring with the Creeds down selling the attack. Ivy Nile walks out to confront Veer & Sanga. Nile yells at them, "Why?" Nile then goes to check on the Creeds.

Toxic Attraction are facetiming each other. NXT Women's Champion Mandy Rose announces that next week they will celebrate the one year anniversary of her title reign.

NXT Tag Team Champions Pretty Deadly (Kit Wilson & Elton Prince) defeat Edris Enofe & Malik Blade 

Wilson pins Blade to win the match.

The challengers start off strong with a flurry of offense at the start. The champs cut them off, but the challengers soon fight back. The challengers are standing tall as the show goes to a commercial break.

Having turned the tide, the champs are working over Enofe when the show returns from the break. Hot tag to Blade, and he runs wild. Blade then does a huge dive over the ropes to the floor. 

Blade gets a near fall after flying crossbody. Blade is soon cut off following a bling tag by Pretty Deadly. The two teams continue to trade near falls.

"Boo/yay" chants during a slugfest, and the trading of near falls goes on. Pretty Deadly attempts their Spilt Milk finisher, but Blade counters for a good false finish.

For the finish, Enofe is neutralized. That left Blade alone in the ring, and he takes Spilt Milk. Wilson then cradles Blade for a pinfall, and the champs retain the titles.

JD McDonagh in a vignette cuts a promo on Ilja Dragunov ahead of their match tonight. 

McKenzie Mitchell interviews Zoey Stark in a locker room. Stark is upset over losing the title match earlier in the show. Nikkita Lyons rushed in to apologize for the loss, but Stark assures her it was not Lyons' fault. Stark vows to win the titles in a rematch.

Here comes The Schism. Oh joy. Anyway, they all get into the ring wearing drama masks. Joe Gacy takes off his mask, and he begins to cut a promo. He usually talks a lot, but he keeps it short tonight as The Dyad also say a few words before the unveiling of the newest member of their group. Their promos play on the words written on their respective mask.

This all leads to the newest member of Scism being revealed as Ava Raine (Simone Johnson). 

Sol Ruca is doing an interview backstage when she is interrupted by Indi Hartwell. This leads to a match up next.

A voice message left at the Performance Center has an ominous warning from someone named Scrypts, who threatens to rip NXT apart. The voice reminds me of the Black Scorpion in WCW.   

 Indi Hartwell defeats Sol Ruca

An aggressive Hartwell pins Ruca in a short match. Hartwell shows a lot of fire and viciousness. 

Elektra Lopez runs in after the match, and she attacks both Hartwell and Ruca. Lopez lays out Ruca, and Lopez says warns the roster she is back.

Chase University is the setting of a pre-taped skit. Bodhi Hayward is absent from a class, but Duke Hudson is there to take his seat, much to the chagrin of Thea Hail. Andre Chase is giving a lecture when Hail's pen stops working. Hudson gives her his pen. Chase yells at him for not having a pen to take notes. Hail tries to take up for Hudson, but he insists in taking the heat. Hudson then steals another student's pen. 

Roxanne Perez in a vignette reflects on her grudge match against Cora Jade, where Perez defeated Jade at Halloween Havoc. 

JD McDonagh defeats Ilja Dragunov 

McDonagh wins via referee stoppage in what is by far the best match on the show. An injured Dragunov is caught in a submission at the finish, but he refuses to tap. 

Dragunov jumps McDonagh before the bell sounds to start the match. This leads to them exchanging chops and strikes. Dragunov goes into the match with taped ribs, and McDonagh targets the injury during the bout.

Sent sailing off the apron, Dragunov crashes into the announce desk. He lands on his injured ribs, and medical staff rush in to check on him. Dragunov is pleading with them to let him continue the match as the show goes into its final commercial break.

McDonagh is working over Dragunov as the show returns from the break. Dragunov fights back, but he continues to sell his ribs. Dragunov fights through the injury, and he executes a superplex. 

Dragunov briefly falls to his knees selling his injury. He rises to his feet with a look of rage in his eyes. He charges towards McDonagh, only for McDonagh to counter him. McDonagh applies a crossface that also targets the injured ribs. Dragunov refuses to tap, but the referee stops the match. Despite Dragunov being bloody, he never quit.

Dragunov is carried from the ring on a stretcher as the show closes.