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WWE NXT live results: Halloween Havoc go-home show

Several main roster stars are set to appear on the final NXT before Halloween Havoc.

The final NXT before Halloween Havoc features a lineup full of main roster stars.

Kevin Owens will be in attendance on NXT tonight to moderate an in-ring segment with Bron Breakker, Ilja Dragunov, and JD McDonagh. A triple threat NXT Championship match between Breakker, Dragunov, and McDonagh is scheduled to headline Saturday's Halloween Havoc event.

Alba Fyre is challenging for Mandy Rose's NXT Women's Championship at Halloween Havoc. Tonight, Fyre will go one-on-one with Rose's best friend Sonya Deville.

Before Roxanne Perez and Cora Jade's Weapons Wild match at Halloween Havoc, Perez and Jade are set to take part in "Pick Your Poison" matches tonight. Jade has chosen Rhea Ripley as Perez's opponent. Perez has selected Raquel Rodriguez to face Jade.

Cameron Grimes has enlisted the help The OC for his ongoing feud with Schism. Grimes, Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson are facing Joe Gacy & The Dyad in a six-man tag match tonight.

Plus, Channing "Stacks" Lorenzo will face an opponent of Tony D'Angelo's choosing, Wes Lee & Oro Mensah team up against Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams, and more.

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


NXT is live from the Performance Center soundstage in Orlando.

The show opens with the entrance of the Judgment Day faction. Rhea Ripley is accompanied to the ring by Dominik Mysterio, Finn Balor and Damian Priest. Ripley is set for action in the opening match on the show.

Rhea Ripley (with Judgment Day) defeats Roxanne Perez 

Ripley pins Perez, thanks in part to a distraction by Dominik. Good opener. 

Ripley is in control before the match goes through a split-screen commercial break. Perez gets a small package for a near fall during the break, but Ripley snuffs out the hope spot.

As the show returns from the break, Ripley is bullying Perez. A moment later, and the momentum shifts. Perez starts a rally. Ripley attempts to cut her off, until Ripley collides shoulder first into a ring post. 

Perez continues her comeback. She dives through the bottom and middle rope onto the floor with a tope on Ripley. Perez climbs the turnbuckles, only to be cut off by Ripley. They tease a superplex before Perez executes a Super Frankensteiner on Ripley.

Ripley plants Perez face first on the mat for a near fall. Perez kicks out, and seconds later Perez also counters the Riptide finisher on Ripley's first attempt. Perez goes for her Pop Rocks finisher, and Ripley counters her. Dom Mysterio at ringside distracts Perez, allowing Ripley to ambush Perez. Ripley delivers the Riptide, and she covers Perez for a pinfall.

Cameron Grimes and The OC (Good Brothers) are in the locker room talking about their six-man tag match tonight. 

Tony D'Angelo, who is walking with a crutch, is joined by his sidekick Stacks. D'Angelo teases introducing Stacks opponent for tonight, but he heels on everyone by saying he would reveal who after a commercial break.

A cameo with Chucky comes after the break. Chucky interrupts an interviewvwith Grayson Waller. In a video message, Chucky reveals that Waller's match against Apollo Crews at Halloween Havoc is now "Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal." 

In a surprise return to NXT, Shinsuke Nakamura enters the soundstage as the mystery opponent of Stacks. Huge pop from the live studio audience, and they are hot for Shinsuke. The crowd buzzes with energy and chants. In unison and acapella, they sing the melody of Nakamura's theme song.

Shinsuke Nakamura defeats Channing "Stacks" Lorenzo (with Tony D'Angelo)

Nakamura pins Stacks after hitting the Kinshasa. In the unofficial tally, NXT is 0-2 tonight against the main roster.

The story here is this match is tough love for Stacks from D'Angelo, as D'Angelo is trying to toughen up Stacks.

Stacks got in offense, despite Nakamura looking mostly dominate. Stacks puts up a good fight, and motions for Nakamura to "bring it" just before the finish. Nakamura hits the Kinshasa, and then comes a three count.

D'Angelo tells Stacks he is proud of him after the match.

Axiom and Nathan Frazier are chatting in the lounge area when they are confronted by Von Wagner and Mr. Stone, and an argument ensues.

Alba Fyre defeats Sonya Deville

Fyre pins Deville with a roll up, despite interference by Toxic Attraction. Jacy Jayne and Gigi Dolan interfered at will, which somehow was not a DQ. Regardless, Fyre fought them off the win with a schoolgirl.

The NXT brand actually gets a win over a main roster talent.

Jayne, Dolan and Deville attack Fyre after the match for a post-match beatdown. That brings out NXT Women's Champion Mandy Rose in a revealing catsuit.

Rose cuts a promo on Fyre. Meanwhile, Fyre fights off Toxica Attraction and Deville. Fyre hits them with her baseball bat, and she threatens Rose with the bat. Not a bad go-home segment ahead of their title match, aside from the blatant interference during the match.

Wes Lee & Oro Mensah are in the locker room getting ready for their upcoming match when they are ambushed by Carmelo Hays & Trick Williams. This leads to a tag team match that is joined in progress after a commercial break.

Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams defeat Wes Lee & Oro Mensah

Hayes pins Lee after a guillotine legdrop off the top rope. This was an action packed match that was joined in progress.

Hayes & Williams again jump Lee & Mensah in a post-match attack. A parade of dives follows. In between, Von Wagner runs in to boot Hayes. Nathan Frazier also runs in, or more like a fly in as he leaps off the top with flying crossbody on the floor. This is all done to built interest in the ladder match at Halloween Havoc.

NXT Champion Bron Breakker in a interview with McKenzie Mitchell hypes Halloween Havoc on Sunday, and Breakker also talks about Kevin Owens. Breakker is set to join his challengers for the KO Show later tonight.

Cameron Grimes & The OC (Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows) defeat The Schism (Joe Gacy, Jagger Reid & Rip Fowler)

Gallows pins Reid to win the six-man tag.

The match goes through a split-screen commercial break. During the match, Booker T on commentary goes a on brief rant where he politics for The Nasty Boys to be inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame.

Grimes and The OC stand tall before the break, but Schism is getting heat on Grimes as the show returns from the break. That leads to a hot tag, and Gallows clean house.

The Dyad bump and feed for The OC. Grimes takes out Gacy with a running soccer kick on the outside. The OC then execute the Magic Killer, and Gallows covers Reid for a pinfall.

Veer Mahaan is being interviewed by McKenzie Mitchell when Sanga interrupts them. Sanga tells Veer is is "ready to listen." With that, Sanga and Veer leave together. 

In a pre-taped skit, there is a contract signing for the NXT Women's Championship match for next week. The champions, Katana Chance & Kayden Carter, are set to face Nikkita Lyons & Zoey Stark next Tuesday on NXT.

Julius Creed and Damon Kemp cut promos on each other in a take off of the old school Face-to-Face segments on a retro episode of Superstars.

They argue back and forth, and Kemp continues to show a lot of charisma as he facing off with Creed in a split-screen segment. This all build to an ambulance match on Saturday. 

Ring announcer Alicia Taylor introduces the host of Halloween Havoc, and it is Shotzi Blackheart. She returns to NXT to once again host a Havoc show, after previously hosting the show in 2020. 

Blackhearts drives to the ring in her tank, and she gets in the ring for a promo. Blackhearts says we have to go "balls to the walls" for Havoc, and Blackheart plugs her tag team title match on Smackdown this Friday.

Xyon Quinn, of all people, interrupts Blackheart. It makes sense soon enough. Quinn proposes being Blackheart's co-host for Havoc. Quinn's pitch is interrupted by the entrance of Quincy Elliott, who says the "Super Diva" should instead be the co-host.

Quinn and Elliott are already booked in a match against each other up next, so Blackheart adds a stipulation that the winner becomes her co-host.

Quincy Elliott defeats Xyon Quinn

Elliott pins Quinn to become the co-host for Halloween Havoc. Elliott delivers a Bonsai Drop for the finish.

Hank Walker appears at ringside to block Quinn from using a foreign object. The brief distraction also leads to Quinn's downfall in the match.

Blackheart is ringside at the announce desk for guest commentary during the match. She celebrates with Elliott after the match.

Andre Chase in a class at Chase U runs down some history from Halloween Havoc. Chase informs the class their homework is to watch Halloween Havoc. 

Chucky suddenly appears for another video message. Bodhi Haywards cuts a promo on Chucky, and Chucky responds by cursing him out. Chucky then says that is a "teachable moment." Thea Hail is so shocked she shouts an expletive. This was funny, yet the Chucky cameos so far are a letdown since it is Chucky on tape instead of in person.

Cora Jade defeats Raquel Rodriguez via disqualification

Jade wins via DQ, after Rodriguez uses Jade's kendo stick. Jade brings the kendo stick into the ring, but Rodriguez takes it from her. Rodriguez hits Jade with the stick, and the ref calls for a DQ. 

Jade powders, and she is glaring at Rodriguez from ringside when Roxanne Perez sprints to the ring to attack Jade. Rodriguez gives Perez the kendo stick, and Perez swings it at Jade. However, Jade powders again, and she flees. 

Up next is the main event segment, which is a talk show this week. But first comes a wacky skit at a party. Briggs & Jensen are drinking with Fallon Henley. Ikemen Jiro is there partying as well, and a woman is walking on her hands. 

The KO Show hosted by Kevin Owens

KO's guests are JD McDonagh, Ilja Dragunov and NXT Champion Bron Breakker. They are the three participants in a triple threat title match that is the main event of Halloween Havoc.

Owens begins the segment with jokes, and he is a funny guy so it works. This is a talking segment, so of course there is a lot of talking. Also lots of tough guy talk, with each of the three vowing to win on Saturday.

The seating arrangement by design has Dragunov and Breakker on one side, and McDonagh seated opposite them. Owens seats between the two sides. Owens realizes what is going on, and he calls out McDonagh for trying to get Dragunov and Breakker to focus on each other instead of McDonagh.

Owens says nobody wants McDonagh to be NXT Champion, not even McDonagh's own mother.

McDonagh responds by saying he does not need anyone's help. He then cuts a promo where he threatens both Breakker and Dragunov. Owens interjects with a well-timed joke, even it takes away from the seriousness of the promo.

More bickering between the three, and Dragunov turns his attention to Breakker. Dragunov looks to goad Breakker into an impromptu fight. Breakker and Dragunov square off, as McDonagh smirks in the background.

McDonagh backs in the corner. Owens leaves the ring before telling them to carry on. A slugfest erupts between Dragunov and Breakker, leading to a pull-apart brawl as security rushes into the ring. 

Breakker peels off the security team, and he spears one of them. Breakker turns around, and Dragunov drops him with a flying uppercut. Playing into the earlier narrative, McDonagh strikes when the other two are preoccupied with each other, but McDonagh is hit with a headbutt from Dragunov. McDonagh is then dropped by a flying uppercut from Dragunov.

Dragunov stands talls as he holds up the NXT Championship belt. Suddenly, Austin Theory enters the scene. Theory comes down the ramp holding up his Money in the Bank briefcase, apparently teasing a cash in at Halloween Havoc. 

The show closes with Dragunov posing with the title, while Theory poses with the briefcase. Fitting ending for this show, as the main roster talent seemed to steal the show from the NXT roster throughout the night.