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WWE NXT live results: Mandy Rose celebrates one year as champion

Plus, Bron Breakker returns to NXT for the first time since Halloween Havoc.

Mandy Rose marks one year as Women's Champion with a celebration tonight on NXT.

Toxic Attraction will hold a celebration for Rose on tonight's show. Rose became NXT Women's Champion by defeating Raquel Gonzalez at Halloween Havoc 2021.

In her most recent title defense, Rose retained against Alba Fyre at this year's Halloween Havoc.

NXT Champion Bron Breakker returns tonight for the first time since defending his title against JD McDonagh and Ilja Dragunov at Halloween Havoc. McDonagh will likely be looking for another title shot after defeating Dragunov in last Tuesday's main event. Dragunov left on a stretcher after being choked out by McDonagh.

R-Truth comes to NXT for a match against Grayson Waller. Last week, Truth showed up on NXT thinking it was Halloween Havoc. Waller tried to attack Truth but got laid out by Truth and Wes Lee.

There will also be a sit-down interview with Schism tonight, Odyssey Jones makes his in-ring return, and Thea Hail takes on Kiana James.

Our live coverage starts at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


Sirens open the show, signaling the entrance of Bron Breakker. The NXT Champion is wearing street clothes with his title belt hanging over his shoulder. He barks back and forth with the live studio audience.

NXT Tag Team Champions Pretty Deadly interrupt Breakker, and they begin to mock him and his accent. Breakker in turn mocks their accents, asking what the "wankers" want. That elicits a chant from the audience.

The tag champs are upset they did not get a celebration for their recent win, while the singles champ does. Pretty Deadly wants recognition of their own. They want the spotlight.

Out comes another singles champion of the brand to join the segment. NXT North American Champion Wes Lee enters the ring to side with Breakker. Lee stands with Breakker, after Breakker had name dropped him earlier before being interrupted by the heels.

They all continue to banter back and forth. There is admiration for Pretty Deadly's hair. Possibly impressed by the hair, Breakker tells Pretty Deadly he will step away so they can have the spotlight. Lee then says he will give them an introduction, and he introduces them with the help of Breakker. This is all basically tongue-in-cheek, and cringe.

Following their introduction, Elton Prince and Kit Wilson turn their backs to Lee and Breakker. The tag champs face the hard camera as Lee and Breakker form a plan in the background. Pretty Deadly cuts a promo and gyrate. 

Lee and Breakker stop the dance party to tell the champs in a roundabout way that they want a title shot. Breakker challenges them to a tag title match tonight. Looks like a main event for a later on. The studio audience seems mild on the news, as they might have seen it coming a mile away like the viewers at home.

R-Truth enters the soundstage, and he raps his theme song. Truth high fives Lee and Breakker, but he leaves Pretty Deadly hanging out to dry on a high five. Truth is set for a match after a commercial break.

Grayson Waller defeats R-Truth

R-Truth suffers an injury doing a dive, and Waller wins via referee stoppage. 

Just before going into a commercial break, R-Truth hits the ropes and runs across the ring for a flip dive to the outside. Truth then lands awkwardly and immediately grabs his leg upon hitting the floor. 

Waller stalls in the ring during the break, and when the show returns medical staff is helping carry Truth away from ringside. Due to the injury, the referee stops the bout and awards the match to Waller.

Waller cuts an impromptu promo in the ring where he brags on himself.  

An interview with Schism

Vic Joseph sits down with The Schism for an interview from "last night." Joseph asks Ava Raine why she joined the group. Raine says she has been around WWE her entire life (without mentioning her family), and says nobody took the time to get to really get to know her until she met The Schism.

Raine goes on to talk about her recovery from an injury, and one of the only people to check on her was Joe Gacy. Raine chastises Vic Joseph for not listening to her. Gacy adds that Joseph is missing the point. Gacy says Raine joined the Schism because they accept her for who she is.

The Dyad also speak, and they offer Joseph one of their smiley face pins. Joseph a moment later asks how they could brainwash Raine. She again chastises Joseph for another question.

Gacy ends the interview saying "The Schism is strong together because "we are four roots," and group in unison joins in to all say, "on tree." 

Raine also announced that Gacy will face Cameron Grimes on last time in a match next week on NXT.

Kiaina James defeats Thea Hail (with Andre Chase)

James pins Hail. While the match was not particularly good, it was more about the story playing out at ringside. Duke Hudson breaks the Chase U Code of Conduct.

Chase and Hudson were at ringside in Hail's corner. Hudson cheats for Hail, putting her foot on the bottom rope to break a count. Chase yells at Hudson for cheating, and Chase ejects Hudson from ringside. Hudson orders him to leave..

Meanwhile, Hail is losing the match. Hail takes a modified flatliner of sorts from James, and James pins her.

Charlie Dempsey runs in after the match, and Dempsey blindsides Chase with an attack. Dempsey applies a chokehold on Chase. Hudson runs back down to ringside to make a save. Dempsey flees as Hudson checks on Chase.

Fallon Henley is given an envelope with papers inside she is instructed to read. My guess is this likely relates to Elektra Lopez.

Mr. Stone confronts Bron Breakker in a locker room. This looks to eventually set up a match where Von Wagner challenges Breakker for the NXT title, or that is at least a direction they are hinting at going in.

Odyssey Jones defeats Javier Bernal

Jones pins Bernal after delivering a spinning Bossman slam.

This match was set up earlier in the show during a brief skit where Bernal interrupts an interview with Jones.

Jones is returning to action after recovering from a knee injury, so Bernal targets the knee as part of the story in the match.

Jones powers back, and he slams Bernal to the mat, then pins Bernal for a three count.

Celebration for Mandy Rose

The ring is adorned with a couch and decorations. Pictures of Rose are around the ring, making it a shrine to the NXT Women's Champion.

Rose enters the soundstage with Toxic Attraction. Gigi Dolan and Jacy Jaybe flank Rose, and they introduce a video package that highlights Rose's reign as women's champ.

Rose remarks sarcastically, "Not bad for a piece of eye candy." Rose goes on to scold the audience for seeing her as such for four years. Rose says that two years ago she decided to join the NXT roster and rebuild herself. She calls it the greatest decision she ever made in her entire life.

Rose does not say "put some respect on my name" just as a catchphrase. She says it because that is "the damn truth." Rose talks about about defeating all challengers, and it feels good to sit on her throne.

Rose says "nobody" is dethroning her as champ. She basically dares anyway to say otherwise. That is a cue. Suddenly, smokes starts shooting up at ringside. For a brief moment, I had flashbacks to bad angles with Ultimate Warrior in WCW. Instead, it was Alba Fyre.

Fyre waylays Dolan and Jayne. Fyre even superkicks a hapless attendant. Fyre gives Dolan a Gory Bomb. Fyre says tonight she takes out Dolan, next week she takes out Jayne, and in two weeks she takes the title from Rose.

Apollo Crews in a backstage interview again brings up NXT Champion Bron Breakker. Crews wants a title shot. Von Wagner confronts Crews, with Wagner basically saying he is the future champ.

Scrypts left another cryptic voicemail. This week Scrypts sounds a lot less like The Black Scorpion. That is probably a good thing.

Indi Hartwell defeats Zoey Stark (with Nikkita Lyons)

Hartwell pins Stark to win the match. Seeds of dissension are planted during the bout, as advice from Lyons inadvertently costs Stark the match. Stark also displays a temper.

This match was set up earlier in the show when Hartwell and Stark got into an argument during a backstage skit. Stark plays subtle heel in the skit and later in the match as well, letting her temper get the better of her. 

The match goes through a commercial break, as they are being given plenty of time. Stark begins to rage at one point, showing a far more aggressive side of herself.

Hartwell is thrown outside by Stark. Lyons at ringside pleads with Stark to get back into the ring, urging Stark to beat Hartwell inside the ring. Stark shows a ton of fire, and she teases putting Hartwell through the announce desk.

Starks even rips off the cover on the announce desk, but Lyons convinces Stark to get back into the ring. After rolling Hartwell back into the ring, Stark is met by a boot from Hartwell. Stark eats a high kick, and Hartwell then hits her with a shot to the back of the head. Hartwell hooks both legs, and she covers Stark for a pinfall.

A vignette hypes the debut of a mysterious figure seeking justice.

Valentina Feroz is backstage asking Veer if he is going to be in her corner tonight. Sanaga walks in and glares at Veer. Feroz is sad when Veer tells her he will not be in her corner tonight. Wendy Choo is seen in the background listening to the conversation, foreshadowing a later run-in.

Cora Jade defeats Valentina Feroz

Jade pins Feroz after a double arm DDT. This is Jade's first match back since Halloween Havoc, and she is put over strong. Wendy Choo runs in after the match, which clearly sets up a grudge match between the two.

Jade threatens to attack Feroz after the match with a kendo stick. Choo runs to make a save, and Jade hits Choo with the kendo stick. Choo fires back with strikes. Choo takes the kendo stick away from Jade, and Choo swings it around. Jade flees the ring. 

Tony D'Angelo and Stacks are backstage for a skit designed to get Elektra Lopez over.

NXT Tag Team Champions Pretty Deadly (Elton Prince & Kit Wilson) defeat NXT Champion Bron Breakker & NXT North American Champion Wes Lee to retain their tag team titles

Wilson pins Lee after Carmelo Hayes interferes in the match. The tag champs retain because of the outside interference.

The match goes through a commercial break. Just before going to the break, Lee and Breakker execute stereo Frankensteiners on Pretty Deadly. The singles champs are looking strong against the tag champs as the show heads into its final break.

Lee does not see a blind tag, and he is then blindsided by Pretty Deadly. The champs work over Lee, while they also keep Lee on their side of the ring. Lee is eventually able to scramble for a hot tag.

Breakker cleans house and runs wild after the hot tag. A double suplex by Breakker, as he suplexed both Wilson and Prince at the same time. Pretty Deadly bump and feed. 

Lee looks to leap off the top rope when Carmelo Hayes runs down to ringside. Hayes jumps on the apron, and Hayes shoves Lee off the top rope. Lee turns a flip and lands in the ring. Wilson catches Lee in a crucifix for a three count. The champs retain thanks to Carmelo Hayes.

Lee brawls with Hayes after the match. As they fight their way out of the soundstage, Von Wagner ambushes Breakker with a sneak attack in the ring. Wagner then menacingly stands over Breakker. Watching on a monitor backstage is Apollo Crews. He is then confronted by JD McDonagh, who gives a warning to Crews. 

"See you around," McDonagh says as the show closes.