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WWE NXT live results: Nathan Frazer vs. Axiom best-of-three finale

It's the second-to-last episode of NXT before Halloween Havoc.

Tonight's NXT is the second-to-last episode of the show before Halloween Havoc.

The field for the North American Championship ladder match at Halloween Havoc will be finalized as Nathan Frazer and Axiom compete in a qualifier tonight. It's the final match in Frazer and Axiom's best-of-three series.

Carmelo Hayes, Oro Mensah, Wes Lee, and Von Wagner have already qualified for the ladder match for the vacant North American title. Lee will be in action against Channing "Stacks" Lorenzo tonight.

The next challengers for Pretty Deadly's NXT Tag Team titles will be determined by a triple threat match on tonight's show. The match will feature Malik Blade & Edris Enofe, Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen, and The Dyad.

The feud between Alba Fyre and Toxic Attraction will continue as Fyre takes on Jacy Jayne.

Plus, a non-title match between NXT Champion Bron Breakker and Javier Bernal will open the episode. Breakker is set to defend his title against JD McDonagh and Ilja Dragunov at Halloween Havoc.

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


Vic Joseph welcomed the fans to the show and introduced his new broadcast partner Booker T. 

Non-title: NXT Champion Bron Breakker defeated Javier Bernal (3:20)

Breakker and Bernal had a surprisingly fun match considering it was basically a squash. It was more about making Breakker look strong heading into Halloween Havoc. 

Breakker was firmly in control, but Bernal tried to fight back. Breakker took down Bernal with a hard clothesline. After a whip into the corner, Breakker hit a belly-to-belly suplex.

Breakker made the mistake of putting his head down, and Bernal caught him with a kick to the face. Breakker caught Bernal with a bulldog, but Bernal kicked him in the face again. Breakker shook it off and threw Bernal off the top rope. Breakker finished him off with the press slam for the win.

After the match, J.D. McDonagh jumped in the ring, but Ilja Dragunov's music hit. All three faced off in the ring when McDonagh rocked Dragunov with a headbutt sending him out of the ring. As Breakker and McDonagh brawled, Dragunov rocked Breakker a headbutt, and McDonagh jumped out of the ring. Dragunov posed with the title over a fallen Breakker. The commentators pushed that Dragunov hit Breakker on purpose. 


Alba Fyre narrated a recap of her feud with Toxic Attraction. 

A video package recapped the Best of three series between Axiom and Nathan Frazer. 

Nathan Frazer defeated Axiom (12:52)

Frazer and Axiom had an awesome fast-paced, hard-hitting, and high-flying match. They both worked hard and took some insane bumps. 

They started slowly, with Axiom working over Frazer's arm. Frazer avoided Axiom with a back flip off the top rope. Frazer then hit a sweet-looking moonsault off the middle rope into a reverse DDT. Axiom slipped out, and they faced off. 

They reset with a test of strength. Frazer dumped Axiom over the top rope, but Axiom fought him off. He slowly climbed to the top rope when Frazer ran up to meet him. Axiom knocked him off, but he recovered. He attempted a hurricanrana, but Axiom caught him in a powerbomb position and just dropped on the top turnbuckle.

During the break, Frazer regained control and slowed the pace with a chin lock. Axiom escaped, but Frazer caught him in a Boston crab instead. Axiom broke free and gave Frazer a German suplex off the middle rope. He followed up with a flying crossbody for a two-count. 

They fought around ringside, with Axiom barely beating the ten count. Frazer attempted a Phoenix splash, but Axiom caught him in an armbar. Axiom switched into another submission, but Frazer escaped. Axiom sent Frazer to the floor and hit a moonsault.

Later, Frazer gave Axiom a superplex and rolled through, but Axiom reversed into submission. 

They traded shots on their knees in the middle of the ring. After a near double-pin, Frazer rocked Axiom with a superkick, but Axiom bounced back with one of his own. Axiom rocked Frazer with a stiff knee. The finish came when they traded pin attempts, and Frazer held on for the win. 

Frazer advances to the NXT North American title ladder match at Halloween Havoc.


In the parking lot, McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Ilja Dragunov. She wondered if Dragunov meant to headbutt Breakker earlier. Grayson Waller approached and annoyed Dragunov so much that he decided to stay and have a much with Waller. 


In the locker room, Valentina Feroz was happy Sanga would be in her corner for her match with Indie Hartwell. He promised to be in her corner. Indie Hartwell approached and was excited about their match too. 

Apollo Crews was writing in his journal and had flashes of Chucky the Doll. Crews takes on Grayson Waller at Halloween Havoc. 

Indie Hartwell defeated Valentina Feroz (w/Sanga) (3:33)

Hartwell and Feroz had a weak match, with them seeming on different pages. They tried to tell the story that Feroz lost in part because she needed Sanga's support but he walked out. That part of the story didn't come across clearly. On the other hand, Hartwell's superplex looked impressive. 

Hartwell had the early advantage with a chin lock. Feroz caught Hartwell with a back elbow and locked on a submission. Hartwell escaped, but Feroz caught her in another submission. Hartwell made it the ropes to break the hold. Feroz jumped to her feet and rocked Hartwell with a running knee for a two-count.

During the match, Veer Mahan showed up and whispered at Sanga. Sanga looked at the ring and left with Mahan. It took Feroz a while before she noticed he had left. 

Feroz charged at Hartwell, but she dumped her over the top rope. Hartwell then hit a superplex for the win. 


After the match, Pretty Deadly showed up and mocked Hartwell. They turned their attention to the tag team match. They're excited to watch the three teams destroy each other next.

McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Cora Jade about the pick your poison matches coming up. Jade's talked to a few people about taking on Roxxane Perez. Jade was surprised to find out that Perez spoke with a few people on Raw and SmackDown. Perez is even going to SmackDown on Friday. Jade needs to make a few calls. She asked for Ronda's number. Mitchell claimed not to have it but admitted she does when Jade left.

Triple Threat Number One Contender's match: Malik Blade & Edris Enofe defeated Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen (w/Fallon Henley) and The Dyad (w/Joe Gacy) (12:30)

They packed a lot into 12 minutes and gave everyone a chance to shine. They also played to everyone's strengths. Blade and Enofe did a lot of fast-paced and high-flying moves, while Briggs and Jensen hit all the power moves. The Dyad was great at everything they did. 

The Dyad ran wild early and had the early advantage. As they looked up at Pretty Deadly, Jagger Reid, Rip Fowler, and Joe Gacy hugged at ringside. The Dyad isolated Blade on their side of the ring and cut him off from his corner. 

Blade escaped and tagged in Enofe. They ran wild on The Dyad, but Briggs made the blind tag. He cleared the ring and tossed Reid over the top rope onto the pile. He then assisted Jensen in hitting a dive to the floor. 

Back from the break, The Dyad was back in control. They attempted a double superplex, but Jensen gave them a double powerbomb at the same time. 

Briggs got the hot tag and ran wild. At ringside, he tossed Blade into the ropes and destroyed him with a clothesline as he bounced back. Briggs and Jensen hit a series of running splashes on Reid and Enofe. Briggs rocked Enofe with a kick to the face for a near fall. Blade hit a flying crossbody onto Reid and Jensen.

Everyone took turns hitting a big move in the ring. Blade and Enofe ran wild and cleared the ring. Blade and Enofe then hit huge dives, wiping out the heels. 

Joe Gacy was furious at ringside and attacked Blade. Suddenly, Cameron Grimes jumped Gacy and beat him down. The Dyad went for their finisher when Grimes pulled out Fowler, and Enofe rolled up Reid for the win. 

Blade and Enofe are the number one contenders for the tag team titles. 


McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Jacy Jayne and Gigi Dolin. Jayne promised to send Alba Fyre to Middle Earth. She teased a surprise for Fyre. 

Kiana James was on the phone, busy at work. She's got a match later with one of Chase U's students.

Alba Fyre defeated Jacy Jayne (w/Gigi Dolin) (3:35)

Jayne and Fyre had a slow-paced match that dragged and drained the crowd. The highlight was after the match when SmackDown's Sonya Deville showed up to attack Fyre. They seemed on different pages at times. 

Fyre and Jayne traded forearm shots in the middle of the ring. Fyre tripped up Jayne, but Dolin caused a distraction. Jayne took advantage and rocked Fyre with a cannonball in the corner. Dolin slowed the pace down with a chin lock, but Fyre escaped. Jayne briefly ran wild and hit a neck breaker for a two-count. 

Fyre recovered and hit a sit-out powerbomb for a near fall. Fyre hit a suicide dive wiping out Jayne and Dolin. She then finished off Jayne with the Gory Bomb for the win. 

Fyre celebrated after the win and slowly walked up the ramp, slapping hands. Suddenly, a fan grabbed Fyre by the hair and slammed her head into the railing. The fan took off her hood to reveal Sonya Deville.

Deville, Dolin, and Jayne beat down Fyre around ringside. They finished her off with a triple powerbomb through the commentary table. 


Joe Gacy and The Dyad was looking for Cameron Grimes in the back. They knocked down a cameraman. Gacy threatened Grimes that he'd have to face the Schism alone since he doesn't trust anyone in NXT.


In the back, Hank Walker and Quincy Elliot were hanging out with security. Security loves the idea of them teaming up next week. 

Wes Lee defeated Channing "Stacks" Lorenzo (3:55)

Lee and Stacks have a fun four-minute. They told the story that Stacks was out for revenge and tried to injure Lee's knee. Still, Lee managed to hit some impressive high flying moves. 

They recapped Tony D'Angelo injuring his knee the last time he took on Lee. 

Stacks targeted Lee's leg and gave him a chop block. Stacks slowed the pace down with a submission, but Lee broke free. Lee backed Stacks in the corner and hit a running uppercut. Lee was in control, but his leg gave out. Stacks took advantage and hit a torture rack into a neck breaker for a near fall. Lee then hit his finisher for the quick win. 

After the match, Camelo Hayes and Trick Williams jumped Lee from behind and beat him down. Oro Mensah ran out for the save and cleared the ring. Lee hit a dive taking out the heels. 


McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Sonya Deville, Gigi Dolin, and Jacy Jayne. Deville noted she had problems with Mandy Rose, but they're still best friends. She added that nobody gets away with kidnapping Mandy Rose. She challenged Alba Fyre to a match next week. 


Diamond Mine Segment 

Roderick Strong was in a wheelchair with a neck brace, talking to The Creed Brothers and Ivy Nile. He apologized for bringing Damon Kemp into the group. Strong just needs Julius Creed to win at Halloween Havoc. 


Kiana James defeated Thea Hail (w/Chase U) (1:18)

Hail and James didn't have a match, and instead, it turned into a lame segment with Robert Stone taking a back drop from Hail. 

Robert Stone ran out and jumped in the ring before Hail and James could touch. He was furious that Thea Hail slammed him and promised to ruin her night. Instead, Hail backdropped Stone out of the ring. James took advantage and hit the 401 K for the win. 


In the back, Tony D'Angelo approached Stacks. He was unhappy that Stacks lost tonight and found a mystery opponent for him next week. 

Van Wanger approached Robert Stone. He needs Stone to focus on the ladder match at Halloween Havoc for the NXT North American title. 

McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Cameron Grimes. Grimes admitted that Joe Gacy's right. He doesn't trust anyone in NXT, but that doesn't apply to all of WWE. He promised to have two partners to face Schism next week. 

Cora Jade barged in and started yelling at Micthell. She claimed that she just got off the phone with Rhea Ripley and she's heading to Raw next week. 


Ilja Dragunov defeated Grayson Waller (11:06)

Dragunov and Waller had another surprisingly good hard-hitting match, which seemed like a theme tonight. It was a fun ten-minute NXT main event, but the finish was weak and silly. The spin the wheel started spinning on its own at ringside, which distracted Waller leading to the finish. They never explained why the wheel was suddenly spinning. 

Dragunov gained the early advantage with hard chops. He took Waller down to the mat, but Waller got to the ropes. Waller took advantage and caught Dragunov with a cheap shot. He then hit a sidekick and posed like Booker T to loud boos. 

Back from the break, Waller was firmly in control. Dragunov recovered and caught Waller with an inside cradle for a near fall. Dragunov fired up and destroyed Waller with chops and a kick to the head. Dragunov went for a back suplex, but Waller caught him with another cheap shot. 

Waller took over and beat down Dragunov with forearms. Waller hit an elbow drop off the middle rope for a near fall. He followed up with a sleeper, but Dragunov backed him into the corner. Dragunov then destroyed Waller with a vicious clothesline. 

Waller regained control and hung Dragunov on the top rope. Waller ended up out of the ring in front of the "spin the wheel make the deal" wheel. It started spinning on its own, which freaked out Waller. He jumped back in the ring, but Dragunov hit a German suplex. He followed up with the torpedo for the win. 

As Dragunov celebrated his win, Bron Breakker jumped into the ring and destroyed Dragunov with a spear. Breakker posed as the camera zoomed in over his shoulder to J.D. McDonagh clapping in the crowd. 


Next Week: The Schism vs. Cameron Grimes and two mystery partners. Sonya Deville goes one-on-one with Alba Fyre. Plus, Stacks takes on Tony D'Angelo's mystery opponent.