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WWE NXT live results: Six-woman tag team match

Toxic Attraction faces Kay Lee Ray, Indi Hartwell, and Persia Pirotta on this week's NXT.

A six-woman tag team match featuring Toxic Attraction will take place on this week’s NXT.

Mandy Rose, Jacey Jayne, and Gigi Dolan will face Indi Hartwell, Persia Pirotta, and Kay Lee Ray. This is follow-up from an angle last week where Toxic Attraction jumped Ray after a match against Ivy Nile. Pirotta and Hartwell ran in to even the odds, setting up tonight's match.

Solo Sikoa and Boa will face off in a no disqualification, falls count anywhere match. The two had a match two weeks ago where Boa, with his new powers, threw a fireball into Sikoa’s face, causing a double count out.

Cameron Grimes will square off against Tony D’Angelo, with the winner getting a future North American Championship match. D’Angelo held a memorial service for Pete Dunne on last week’s NXT, but Grimes interrupted, with both making claims to the championship held by Carmelo Hayes.

The 2022 Dusty Rhodes Classic will also continue, with MSK facing Jacket Time. Andre Chase and Bodhi Hayward, meanwhile, will face the Grizzled Young Veterans. There will also be a live performance from OllieJayy.

Live coverage begins at 8 p.m. ET.


Cold open, meaning no video package intro. MSK cuts a promo ahead of their match in the Dusty Cup.

MSK talk about wining the Dusty Cup last year, and thanks to Matt Riddle, they know what it takes. They cut their promo standing in front of the tournament trophy, before they head to the ring for the opening match.

MSK (Wes Lee & Nash Carter) defeat Jacket Time (Ikemen Jiro & Kushida) to advance in the Dusty Classic 

Wes Lee pins Kushida, and MSK move on to the next round of the tournament where they face Malik Blade & Edris Enofe in the semifinals.

With two babyface teams facing off, the match seems more about action and than a story. Really good action, but action simply for the sake of action.

The action went through a commercial break, and the intensity increases greatly as the show returns from the break. 

The two teams trade near falls, and the crowd inside the soundstage grows louder. They build to a hot tag.

MSK attempt a signature move with an assisted standing moonsault, but Kushida counters to apply a Hoverboard Lock on Nash Carter. 

Wes Lee makes a bling tag while Kushida has the submission hold locked in on Lee. Lee leaps off the middle rope, and Lee delivers a blockbuster on Kushida. Lee then covers Kushida for a pinfall.

Remaining babyfaces, the two teams shake hands and embrace each other in a sign of sportsmanship.

Io Shirai and Zoey Stark are backstage talking about the Dusty Cup. They bicker, but not much as before. Shirai is warming up to Stark. Tiffany Stratton interrupts the conversation to say she will beat Shirai in a match tonight. Stratton scoffs at the notion.

Legado del Fantasma make their entrance to the arena, and they pass MSK, who are on their way out. Glares are exchanged, and tension is in the air. Now cut to commercial.

Cameron Grimes in a vignette cut a promo on Tony D'Angelo ahead of their match tonight. 

"Moments ago" an SUV arrives to the building. Out steps NXT North American Champion Carmelo Hays. He opens the back door to the SUV for OllieJay, who is performing a song tonight on NXT.

The NXT Champ confronts Legado del Fantasma

Santos Escobar is the ring flanked by Legado del Fantasma. Escobar cuts a promo on Bron Breakker, including making a math joke at the expense of the Steiner family.

Escobar mentions he and Breakker come from similar backgrounds, alluding to both having fathers who were famous wrestlers. That is why Escobar is not intimidated by Breakker and his family.

"The truth is I don't like you. Actually I despise you."

Escobar despises how fast Breakker got to NXT. He despises how much of a break that Breakker is being given in NXT. Escobar despises Breakker because he won the NXT title before Escobar.

NXT Champion Bron Breakker interrupts the monologue, and Breakker confronts Escobar.

Breakker puts over Escobar, but he says Escobar is insecure. Breakker tells Escobar to shut up in Spanish when Escobar snaps at Breakker. Breakker tells Escobar to issue a challenge, which ironically is a itself a challenge.

Escobar says things are done on his time. He tells Breakker when the time is right, he will know.

Legado del Fantasma as a group exit the ring. Raul Mendoza and Joaquin Wilde then try to jump Breakker, but Breakker easily fights them off. The heels flee the scene.

Solo Sikoa defeats Boa in a no DQ falls count anywhere match

Sikoa pins Boa in a weapons-filled grudge match. Sikoa gains a measure of revenge.

Boa attacks Sikoa during Sikoa's entrance. Boa repeatedly hits Sikoa with a kendo stick. Boa then throws chairs and other plunder into the ring.

They fight over a folding chair, and Boa punishes Sikoa with chairshots. Boa went to set up a table at ringside, allowing time for Sikoa to recover.

The fight spilled out of the soundstage, throughout the building, and around the backstage area.

They fought by a rollup door, smashing dents into it in the process. Sikoa missed a Rikishi hip attack, and he smashes a large dent into the rollup door. 

Boa sends Sikoa out of a walk-through door. Boa attempts to follow but the door is locked. Boa tries to roll up the other door, but the dents make it very difficult. Boa heaves on the chain to roll up door, but he is instead shot in the face with a fire extinguisher. Silly.

They fight their way back into the ring, and the brawling continues as they fought on. 

Sikoa leaps off the top rope with a Superfly splash that puts Boa through a table. Sikoa then covers Boa for a three count on the floor.

Gunther (formerly WALTER) and Imperium were the subject of a vignette where they cut a promo. 

Duke Hudson defeats Guru Raaj

Huson pins Raaj in a squash match.

The makeover of Hudson continues as he beats Raaj handily in this match. Dropping the gambler gimmick, Hudson is now just a badass. Hudson picked up Raaj for a Razor's Edge, and then Hudson transitions into a powerbomb.

Dante Chen comes out to cut a promo that should not be on national television because it was bad, and then Chen rushes the ring. 

Chen and Hudson have a pull-apart brawl. Chen was seeking revenge after Hudson attacked him last week. Hudson tonight chop blocks Chen, and Chen sells big. 

Legado del Fantasma in a backstage interview vow to seek revenge on Bron Breakker

Kay Lee Ray, Indi Hartwell & Persia Pirotta defeats Toxic Attraction (Mandy Rose, Gigi Dolan & Jacy Jayne) in six-woman tag team match

Pirotta pins Dolan to win a match that was far too long. Regardless, this appears to build towards upcoming title matches.

Back and forth action for awhile that builds to a dive to the outside by Kay Lee Ray. Toxic Attraction work over Hartwell as the show cuts to a commercial break.

Hot tag after the show returns from the break, and Pirotta cleans house. KLR squares off with Rose. KLR retrieves her baseball bat, and she stalks Rose with the bat. 

Rose begs off and flees the scene. KLR chases Rose, and the two are effectively out of the match. So it is now a basic tag match.

Meanwhile, Pirotta delivers a sit-out cutter to Dolan. Pirotta then pins Dolan to win the match. 

The outcomes looks to set up a title match for Toxic Attraction's NXT Tag Team Championship. KLR also looks to be the next challenger to Rose, who holds the NXT Women's Championship.

A great vignette highlights the team of Edris Enofe and Malik Blade. 

Raquel Gonzalez was working out in the gym when Cora Jade comes in to annoy Gonzalez. Jade is still trying to convince Gonzalez that she will make a good tag partner for the Dusty Classic. 

Gonzalez does not want to hear any of it. She is apparently thinking of teaming with Dakota Kai. The same person she was just feuding with in storyline. Whatever. 

Grizzled Young Veterans (James Drake & Zack Gibson) defeat Chase University (Andre Chase & Bodhi Hayward) to advance in the Dusty Classic

Drake pins Hayward, and GYV advance in the tournament to the semifinals where they face The Creed Brothers.

Grizzled Young Veterans work over Chase, as they target an arm. Chase eventually makes a hot tag.

Hayward runs wild on the heels. However, a double team distraction allows Grizzled Young Veterans to cut off Hayward. Tandem offense by the heels with a stereo codebreaker, and  pins Hayward to win the match.

Von Wagner runs in after the match to attack already beaten team. Wagner pummels them until Robert Stone climbs into the ring, and he gives Wagner a dress coat. Wagner puts on the coat, and Stone declares that Wagner is under new management.

Grayson Waller during a vignette introduces the audience to his new muscle. Waller's new bodyguard was a star in Bollywood as the story goes, but now he is basically Diesel to Waller's Shawn Michaels. Well, that certainly worked out well for Kevin Nash.

Odyssey Jpnes is out of action with a knee injury that will require surgery, according to an update on this show.

Io Shirai defeats Tiffany Stratton

Shirai pins Stratton after a moonsault press.

Better than her debut match, Stratton shows a lot of promise. Probably should not be on national television yet, but it is what it is. She executes her own version of the Great Muta handstand back elbow, and she was success in this match. That itself was much improved from her debut match.

Shirai fires up after a comeback, and Shirai climbs the turnbuckles. Moonsault press by Shirai, and she covers Stratton for a three count.

Malcolm Bivens is the Diamond Mine dojo. Diamond Mine trains behind him as Bivens cuts a great promo where he challenges Imperium to next week face Diamond Mine in a six-mam tag team match.

Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams introduce OllieJayy. She performs her song "Make 'Em Fall" in the ring. This did not convince me to buy the song. 

Cameron Grimes defeats Tony D'Angelo 

Grimes pins D'Aneglo after interference by Pete Dunne. Grimes in winning earns a title shot against North American Champion Carmelo Hayes at NXT Vengeance Day. 

Grimes outwrestles D'Angelo at the outset, leading to D'Angelo to use dirty tactics when trying to gain an advantage. 

Grimes takes a Harley Race bump out of the ring just before the final commercial break on tonight's show. We are now in the home stretch.

D'Angelo remains in control on offense as the show returns from the final break. Grimes eventually fights, yet Grimes is cut off again. D'Angelo gets several near falls on Grimes.

They trade strikes, which leads to Grimes executing his running Spanish Fly press. Grimes begins a comeback. Cut off yet again, Grimes takes an exploder suplex. Grimes kicks out again.

Grimes goes to springboard off the middle rope, but he slips. Time stands still for a moment as D'Angelo just looks at him. Grimes then connects with a second attempt at doing a moonsault. 

Grimes leaps off the top rope with a flying crossbody for what was the best near fall on the show. D'Angelo rolls outside the ring.

D'Angelo is leaning on the announce desk when Pete Dunne appears at ringside. Dunne whacks D'Angelo in the arm with a cricket bat. 

Grimes delivers the Cave In, and he covers D'Angelo for a three count. Grimes in winning earns a title shot at NXT Vengeance Day for the North American Championship against Carmelo Hayes.

Breakker gets backup

Bron Breakker is being interviewed outside of the building when Legado del Fantasma rolls up. They confront Breakker. He balls his fist, puts up his dukes, and he takes a fighting stance. He was outnumbered three-to-one.

Tommaso Ciampa walks up beside Breakker, so Breakker now has a partner for what will apparently be a three-on-two handicap tag team match next week on NXT.