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WWE NXT live results: Spring Breakin' go-home show

Tuesday's NXT will set the stage for next week's special episode of the show.

Tonight's NXT will set the stage for next week's special Spring Breakin' edition of the show.

We'll see the fallout of last week's show-closing angle where Bron Breakker was pushed off a platform by Joe Gacy and then surrounded by a group of druids. Before that, Breakker got his father's WWE Hall of Fame ring back in exchange for agreeing to give Gacy an NXT Championship shot at Spring Breakin'.

Cameron Grimes defending his NXT North American Championship against Carmelo Hayes and Solo Sikoa in a triple threat match has also been made official for Spring Breakin'. Tonight, Sikoa will face off with Trick Williams.

Nikkita Lyons vs. Lash Legend is also set for tonight, there will be a six-person tag match with Josh Briggs, Brooks Jensen & Fallon Henley facing Legado del Fantasma (Cruz Del Toro, Joaquin Wilde & Elektra Lopez), and Nathan Frazer will make his NXT 2.0 debut.

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


The show kicks off with an Elon Musk reference and the entrance of Nikkita Lyons.

Lash Legend means business, as she rushed to the ring. Legend attacks Lyons before the bell, and the their match opens with a slugfest.

Nikkia Lyons defeats Lash Legend 

Lyons pins Legend in this return match. Not particularly good. Natalya runs in after the match to attack Lyons, but even a ring general like her could not save this. Making a save in the post-match angle is Cora Jade.

This grudge match begins with them brawling. So they started just fine, but their momentum soon breaks down. There is confusion on a spot where they run the ropes. Lyons takes a spill outside the ring, where she fell head first on the floor. Thankfully, she was okay.

Lyons takes another bump off the apron. Much safer than the first. Legend sends Lyons crashing into the ring stops, and Legend is in control. Legend does her best to work over Lyons.

As they began to trade strikes, Wade Barrett on commentary calls the match a "banger." No, sir. That is incorrect. Barrett goes on to say he could watch this match all night. No, sir. Would not recommend.

For the finish, Legends attempts a powerbomb, but Lyons counters into a Frankensteiner of sorts. Lyons then measures for a big kick that hits Legend in the chest. Lyons then covers Legend for a three count.

Natalya runs in after the match, and she jumps Lyons. Legend holds Lyons so Nattie can pummel her. Cora Jade makes a save, after running down swinging a skateboard. She tangles with Nattie, but Legend joins in the brawl. Lyons comes back to run off the two heels, and she is left standing in the ring alongside Jade.

Tony D'Angelo was supposed to wrestle Xyon Quinn, but he is apparently out of the match with an injury. D'Angelo in a backstage promo mocks the injury. D'Angelo says he will now face Von Wagner instead. There is a reference to sleeping with the fishes, which also relates to an ongoing feud with Santos Escobar. D'Angelo against Wagner is up next on NXT.

More tension in Diamond Mine, as Roderick Strong steps up to be a leader for the group. He has handpicked opponents for The Creed  Brothers. In walk Viking Raider in full gear. That was intentionally hilarious. The two teams meet in a match next week at Spring Breakin'.

Von Wagner (with Robert Stone) defeated Tony D'Angelo 

Wagner pins D'Angelo after outside interference by Legado del Fantasma. They were paying back D'Angelo for his orchestrated attack on Escobar last week.

The theme tonight is apparently bad wrestling matches, as the trend continues with this bout. The match went through a commercial break with a split screen, prolonging the agony.

Taking an ugly spill to the outside seems to be another trend for the night, as D'Angelo falls back on the apron and splats on the floor. A moment later, Legado del Fantams runs in. 

The henchmen that attacked Escobar last week pull Legado del Fantasma off the apron, but that was merely a distraction. Escobar, with a receipt from last week, hits D'Angelo in the knee. 

An injured D'Angelo rolls back into the ring, only to walk into a lariat from Wagner. A three count later, and Wagner wins via pinfall.

The Toxic Attraction trio is backstage bullying Roxanne Perez. She challenges NXT Women's Champion Mandy Rose to a match tonight. Rose accepts the challenge.

Fallon Henley is with Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen, and they are getting hyped for the match later on. An attractive woman walks by, immediately capturing Jensen's attention. 

Announced for Spring Breakin' next Tuesday is a tag match with Lash Legend & Natalya against Nikkita Lyons & Cora Jade. This stems from the angle after tonight's opening match.

Grayson Waller interrupts Nathan Frazier's debut match

Nathan Frazier was set for his in-ring debut on NXT 2.0 when Grayson Waller suddenly attacks Frazier's opponent. Waller lays him out, and he storms into the ring with a microphone. 

Waller starts cutting a promo, and he turns his attention to Andre Chase and his Chase University students sitting with the live studio audience.

Chase and Bodhi Hayward head for the ring as Waller continues to insult them. They tease getting into the ring, and Waller begins to beg off. Suddenly out of nowhere comes Frazier with a missile dropkick on Waller.

Waller bumps and feeds for Frazier, leading to Frazier doing a tope through the ropes. Chase says this a "teachable moment," and Frazier shakes hands with Chase and company. 

The NXT Women's Breakout Tournament begins in two weeks time. A vignette reveals the first entrant as Arianna Grace. She is a beauty queen that has trained in boxing and MMA.

Grayson Waller and Tiffany Stratton bond in a backstage segment. 

Katana Chance & Kayden Carter defeat Yulisa Leon & Valentina Feroz

Chance (Kacy Catanzaro) pins Feroz after a double team finisher where Chance does a 450 while Carter executes a neckbreaker. 

Showcase match for Chance & Carter, and this bout is much better than the other two matches so far on this show. Thanks in large part to tandem offense from Chance & Carter. Leon also shows a lot of promise.

Alba Fyre (formerly Kay Lee Ray) explains her name change in a vignette that involves fire.

Legado del Fantasma (Elektra Lopez, Joaquin Wilde & Cruz Del Toro) defeats Fallon Henley, Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen in a six-person mixed tag team match

Cruz pins Briggs to win the match. An attack by the rudos before the bell leaves Jensen laid out for the entire match. 

Henley shows a ton of fire after a hot tag. She and Lopez brawl their way away from ringside and off the soundstage. That leaves Briggs alone in the ring with Legado del Fantasma. He fights valiantly, but he is outnumbered.  

Tandem finisher by Legado del Fantasma on Briggs. Cruz then covers Briggs for a pinfall.

Nataly and Lash Legends in a backstage promo hype their tag match for next week.

Kiana James in another entrant in the Breakout Tournament. In a vignette she explains her gimmick. The character reminds me of a modern take on Alexandria York in WCW, but less campy. Still some camp, though.

Solo Sikoa defeats Trick Williams (with Carmelo Hayes)

Sikoa pins Williams after a Superfly splash. Mediocre match, but it serves it purpose in building up a title match next week. 

NXT North American Champion Cameron Grimes is ringside at the announce desk for guest commentary. He defends his title next week in a triple threat match against Hayes and Sikoa. 

Grimes is having a face off in the ring after the match with Sikoa, and Hayes shoves Sikoa away so Hayes can have a face off with Grimes. Sikoa goes to superkick Hayes. He ducks, and Sikoa nails Grimes with the kick. 

Malik Blade has anxiety ahead of his match, and Edris Enofe gives him a pep talk in a comedy skit before their match.

The Viking Raiders (Erik & Ivor) defeat Edris Enofe & Malik Blade 

Ivor pins Blade, as The Raiders handily win the match.

Enofe & Blade manage to get some offense, but this is mostly a glorified squash match. Yet, they took their time in doing so. 

Hot tag to Blade, and he briefly runs wild. He is eventually cut off, but Enofe leaps in with an assist for a near fall.

The Raiders soon cut off the underdogs for good. Tandem powerbomb by The Raiders, and Ivor covers Blade for an easy three count.  

The two teams shake hands after the match. Meanwhile, The Creed Brothers come down to ringside for a staredown with Viking Raiders. Those teams meet next week in a tag match at Spring Breakin'. 

A vignette on a beach with Wes Lee has him reflecting on losing the tag team titles without actually losing in a match. Looks like he is being repackaged as a singles wrestler.

Tony D'Angelo in a backstage interview introduces his henchman as Troy “Two Dimes” Donovan and Channing "Stacks" Lorenzo.

NXT Women's Champion Mandy Rose (with Toxic Attraction) defeats Roxanne Perez in a non-title match 

Rose pins Perez in what is a good match as judged on the sliding scale of matches from this show. 

Why beat Perez so soon after her debut? No good answer, so on with the recap.

Perez targets a hand in the match, and Perez smacks Rose's hand onto the ring steps. The show cuts to a split screen commercial break with Rose selling her hand.

The show returns from the break, and Rose is back in control. Rose with two counts, but Perez kicks out while fighting from underneath. Rose continues to work over Perez. 

Comeback by Perez, and she fires up on Rose. In many ways, Perez looks so far advanced in skill than most of the other newcomers. Perez arguably even looked better than Rose in this bout, although Rose more than carried her own in this bout.

Perez is running wild when Rose hits a jumping knee strike out of nowhere. Rose then covers Perez for a pinfall. 

I liked the finish itself in that it was very sudden and different than a usual WWE finish. Far less telegraphed than a normal finish on WWE television. However, did Perez really need to take a clean pin so soon after her debut? 

A campy show turns even more silly as Wendy Choo runs in to run off Toxic Attraction. The heel trio flees the ring thinking they have gotten away from a prank by Choo. Turns out they literally walk right into Choo's trap.

Choo pushes a button like a character on a cartoon, and a giant net falls from the ceiling. The net falls over Toxic Attraction. They easily remove the net, but it was a red herring. 

Choo and Perez jump in to spray Toxic Attraction with silly string. This was supposed to be comedy. It falls well below the high bar for silly string segments on a wrestling show, set by Jeff Jarrett dressed as Doink in 1994.

Sloan Jacobs is another entrant into the Breakout Tournament. She is portraying a young underdog.

Lineup for Spring Breakin' next Tuesday:

  • Nathan Frazier vs. Grayson Waller 
  • Natalya & Lash Legend vs. Cora Jade & Nikkita Lyons
  • The Viking Raiders vs. The Creed Brothers
  • NXT North American Champion Cameron Grimes defends his title in a triple threat match against challengers Solo Sikoa and Carmelo Hayes
  • Tony D'Angelo and Santos Escobar have a sit-down meeting
  • NXT Champion Bron Breakker defends against challenger Joe Gacy

Rick Steiner appears in go-home angle 

Gacy gets in the ring for a monologue. Oh joy. Spare me.

Gacy's druids saunter to the ring, and they surround him. Gacy continues his speech. He uses a lot of words, but he does not really say much at all.

Gacy claims NXT Champion Bron Breakker cannot defend the title because of an injury. Of course, that is ridiculous. Especially because Breakker only fell from a few feet above the ground. Still not the most ridiculous thing on this show.

Rick Steiner thankfully interrupts the speech. Steiner enters the ring to confront Gacy. Steiner says Gacy is wrong, and Steiner says his son will indeed defend the title at Spring Breakin'.

The druids that are surrounding the ring all jump on the apron, trapping Steiner in the ring.

Breakker appears, and he rushes to the ring. Breakker takes out some druids along the way. Breakker mows down druids like he is a Luke Skywalker running through Stormtroopers. 

Three druids hold Steiner down while Breakker is cleaning house. Gacy then blindsides Breakker with a Stan Hansen lariat. 

The druids create a fireman's brigade where they pass the NXT title down the line. Gacy is handed the title belt, and he poses with it while standing over a prone Breakker. 

With that sort of heavy-handed go-home angle, WWE logic would indicate there is no way Breakker is losing the title next week. But then again, we have also been conditioned that "anything can happen in WWE."