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WWE NXT live results: The fallout from Stand & Deliver

The show will feature a Women's Tag Team title rematch.

The fallout from Stand & Deliver takes place on tonight's episode of NXT.

Dolph Ziggler retained the NXT Championship against Bron Breakker in the main event of Stand & Deliver on Saturday, but Breakker defeated Ziggler on the Raw after WrestleMania to begin his second reign as NXT Champion. Breakker should appear on tonight's show.

Three new champions were crowned at Stand & Deliver. Raquel Gonzalez & Dakota Kai won the NXT Women's Tag Team titles from Toxic Attraction, Cameron Grimes won a ladder match to become the new NXT North American Champion, and MSK defeated Imperium and The Creed Brothers in a triple threat match to win the NXT Tag Team titles.

Tonight's show will feature a Women's Tag Team title rematch between Gonzalez & Kai and Toxic Attraction's Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne.

We'll also hear from Grimes tonight.

Mandy Rose retained her NXT Women's Championship in a fatal four-way at Stand & Deliver, defeating Cora Jade, Io Shirai, and Kay Lee Ray. We'll see if the next challenger for Rose emerges tonight.

Plus, Nikkita Lyons faces Lash Legend. Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


With the NXT Championship changing hands twice since the last Tuesday edition of NXT on USA, among other titles changes over the weekend, things are in bloom this spring. 

Not everything is new. The setting is returning to normal. NXT is back tonight to its current home on a soundstage at the Performance Center. 

The show kicks off with NXT Champion Bron Breakker in his first appearance since becoming a two-time champion. Breakker failed to regain the title last Saturday, but Breakker was successful last night on Monday Night Raw. Breakker is once again the NXT Champion.

Gunther challenges the champion

Breakker is the ring addressing the audience with a shiny new championship belt slung over his shoulder.

Breakker talks about the events of last weekend, and his win last night. Breakker even says he will one day headline WrestleMania. He is soon interrupted by Imperium.

Gunther leads Imperium to the ring, where Gunther confronts Breakker. Gunther does not care what happened last weekend. All he cares about is the NXT title, which he says stands for being the best in NXT.

Gunther tells Breakker he cannot call himself the best until he faces the "ring general." Breakker is quick to respond.

"I've had a helluva weekend," Breakker says, "But if you want it. you got it!" 

Breakker not only accepts the challenge, but says the match is on for tonight.

Marcel Barthel & Fanian Aichner were a ringside flanking Gunther. The were being approached from behind by The Creed Brothers as the show cuts to a commercial break.

The Creeds attack Barthel & Aichner during the break, leading to tag match being joined progress when the show resumes after commercials. No split screen.

The Creed Brothers (Julius & Brutus Creed with Malcolm Bivens) defeats Imperium (Marcel Barthel & Fabian Aichner) 

Julius pins Barthel after Aichner bails on the match, leaving Barthel to the wolves. The Creeds are then attacked after the match by the debuting Pretty Deadly.

According to the announce team of Vic Joseph and Wade Barrett, this tag bout was made official during the break. The announcers also explain that the Creeds blame Imperium for not winning in the tag title match at Stand & Deliver.

Not only was this match joined in progress after a commercial break, it also went through another break. Imperium turns the tide as the show cuts to a split screen commercial break. 

Imperium targets a knee, and they work over Brutus during the break. Hot tag to Julius when the show returns. Julius displays his strength with an impressive suplex. 

An notably irritated Aichner breaks up a pinning attempt, and he tries to rally Barthel into making a tag. After a miscommunication of some sort, Aichner leaves the match. He strolls up the ramp, and leaves the scene.

Bleeding from the side of his head, Barthel is dumbfounded at his partner abandoning him. Barthel is left alone to face the Creeds, and they manhandle him.

Barthel is pummeled as he takes some stiff shots from the Creeds. A bloody Barthel eats a sliding lariat from Julius, and Julius pins him for a three count. Julius with his hand wipes some blood off Barthel's face in a menacing manner. 

Two masked assailants jump the Creeds after the match, after they sneak into the ring. They hit the Creeds with folding chairs, and they pulled down their face masks. Revealing themselves as the tag team from the United Kingdom known as Pretty Deadly, they look to be new foes for the Creeds.

Toxic Attraction is backstage with McKenzie Mitchell for an interview. The former NXT Women's Tag Team Champions vow to regain their titles tonight. 

Cameron Grimes heads to the ring for a promo after winning the NXT North American Championship last Saturday afternoon at Stand & Deliver.

Solo Sikoa challenges NXT North American Champion Cameron Grimes

Grimes is emotional and serious as he talks about winning the title for his father. When he vows to take the title "TO THE MOON," Grimes is interrupted by Solo Sikoa.

Sikoa addresses Grimes as he gets into the ring. Sikoa calmly challenges Grimes for a shot at the title. This was like one of those respectful challenges seen in New Japan, until the every end.

They shake hands, sealing the deal. The handshake turns tense in an instance, and they both get face-to-face for some trash talk.

Joe Gacy is cutting a promo with Harland. He says a lot without really saying anything at all. Cut to the locker room, where there is someone recently linked to Gacy -- Draco Anthony.

Anthony snaps at Xyon Quinn, causing Quinn to get in his face. Quinn tells Anthony he needs a lesson in respect. This sets up a match for next week, which is made official later in the show.

Tiffany Stratton cuts a promo on Sarray. Stratton does not like to be called a loser.

Dexter Lumis (with Indi Hartwell) vs. Duke Hudson (with Persia Pirotta) went to a double countout

Lumis and Hudson are both counted out after their girlfriends interfere.

Hudson with a cheap shot hits Lumis before the bell. Lumis quickly fights back, but he is soon planted by Hudson with a uranage.

Working over Lumis, Hudson is in control within chinlock city. Out of nowhere, Lumis with a kip up leaps to his feet, and he springs into a legdrop. He is suddenly on fire. Hudson bumps and feeds into the comeback.

The fight spills outside the ring. A human tug-o-war ensues as both try ramming the other into the ring post. Their girlfriends at ringside come to their aid, and they each pull on their man trying to win the tug-o-war. Meanwhile, the referee is counts to ten.

Hudson and Lumis are counted out of the ring, ending the match. 

Imperium, or what is left of the stable, is backstage in their locker room. Barthel is yelling at Gunther, who tells him to get his head straight. Same goes for Fabian. 

Gunther vows to restore honor to "this great sport by winning the NXT title tonight." Gunther insists there can be no distractions tonight. 

Toxic Attraction (Jacy Jayne & Gigi Dolan) defeats NXT Women's Tag Team Champions Raquel Gonzalez & Dakota Kai to regain the titles

Jayne pins Gonzalez, following the Toxic Shock finisher and a distraction by Mandy Rose. Wendy Choo also had a brief cameo, but she played little part in the finish itself aside from getting beaten up.

Solid teamwork from Gonzalez & Kai at the start, despite them in storyline being former rivals. They recently not only reunited, but they also won the tag titles during the pre-show before Stand & Deliver.

This bout was much better than their match on Saturday, and they were given more time. Not sure why the titles were flip-flopped so soon, but whatever.

In this match, the champs were doing well until Kai is in peril. A tag to Gonzalez, and she cleans house. She attempts to climb the ropes, but Gonzalez tripped up. She becomes tied in the tree-of-woe as the show cuts to a commercial break.

Toxic Attraction is working over Gonzalex after the break, and they are targeting a leg. Hot tag to Kai, and she runs wild with a series of face wash kicks.

Double stomp off the top by Kai, and Gonzalez follows with a senton on Dolan. Jayne jumps in to break up a subsequent pinning attempt.

Blind tag by Toxic Attraction, and Kai is unaware. She is soon cut off. Double down and the match stalls for a moment. Counter by Dolan, as she finally cuts off the champs' rally.

Wendy Choo rushes to ringside, seemingly to distract or maybe interfere. NXT Women's Champion Mandy Rose appears at ringside to thwart Choo. Rose sends Choo crashing into the ring steps. 

Dolan turns around and walks into clutches of Gonzalez, who goes for her finisher. However, Rose distracts the referee. Jayne rushes into the ring for a chop block to Gonzalez's injured leg. Gonzalez goes down selling the leg.

Double team by Toxic Attraction, and they execute their Toxic Shock finisher on Gonzalez. Jayne then hooks a leg and covers Gonzalez. One ... two ... three. New champs. The titles changes hands again. Toxic Attraction regains their crowns.  

Another Joe Gacy promo. More nonsense. Something about family. Spare me.

Tony D'Angelo becomes a "made man"

AJ Galante introduces D'Angelo for a "made man ceremony." There is card on the table with D'Aneglo's blood dribbled onto it. 

In an unintentionally funny moment, Galante seems to flub some of his lines as fans in the crowd heckle him. He tells them to shut up.

Galante babbles on about the oath D'Aneglo is taking, and the crowd responds with "boring" chants. 

D'Angelo is given a ring, making him the "don of NXT." This segment is a dud.

NXT Tag Team Champions MSK cut celebratory promos taking about them winning the titles again last weekend. Grayson Waller, flanked by Sanga, interrupts MSK. Sanga speaks, telling them they will not be champs for long. Looks like Waller & Sanga will soon challenge for the tag titles.

Dakota Kai is backstage, and she unhinged again. She ransacks the backstage area, then she yells into the camera. Kai warns Mandy Rose she is not safe. Another new challenger emerges.

Nikkita Lyons defeats Lash Legend

Lyons pins Legend clean in the middle. 

This looks overly choreographed at times, but they work hard. Still not smooth. 

It is was structured more like a hoss fight than a typical WWE-style match. Although there were acrobatic moves, much of it was also a slugfest. Superplex spot for a near fall. Legend kicks out at two.

Lyons roars out loud, and she uses a roundhouse kick, but it misses. Legend still goes down selling the kick. Lyons does the splits into a legdrop, and she covers Legend for a pinfall.

Santos Escobar and his faction, Legado del Fantasma, happen to in passing meet up with Tony D'Angelo and AJ Galante. Escobar congratulates D'Angelo on becoming the "don of NXT." Escobar has experience being a boss, or jefe. So he has advice for D'Anthony. Keep his business out of Legado's business. This is turning into a bad parody of The Sopranos and Narcos.

Kushida cuts a promo on Von Wagner in a pre-tape vignette. Kushida is avenging an attack on Ikemen Jiro. 

Among the matches announced for next Tuesday are three title bouts:

  • Cameron Grimes defends the NXT North American Championship against Solo Sikoa
  • Mandy Rose defends the NXT Women's Championship against Dakota Kai
  • MSK defend the NXT Tag Team Championship against Grayson Waller & Sanga
  • Kushida vs. Von Wagner
  • Xyon Quinn vs. Draco Anthony

NXT Champion Bron Breakker defeats Gunther to retain his title

Breakker pins Gunther clean to retain the title. This is a banger, and a helluva battle. Hard-hitting and very realistic at times, this bout is right up there with Breakker's best matches so far. A cliffhanger angle after the match features Rick Steiner.

Not sure what Gunther losing clean with no build means for the future of Imperium, but it cannot be a positive for them as a faction in storyline.

Slow build at the start as they lock up. The grappling contest soon develops into a slobberknocker. The pace quickens, and Gunther boots Breakker in the face. 

Gunther is throwing chops when Breakker fires up. Breakker nails Gunther with a Rick Steiner slam. Spear by Breakker, and he pulls down the straps on his singlet. Business is apparently about to pick up ... or is it?

Breakker attempts a military press, but fails. Breakker sells his arm, like he hurt it attempting to lift Gunther. 

Breakker selling big as Gunther targets the arm. Gunther sends Breakker crashing into the ring steps. The champion is in peril as the show cuts to a split screen commercial break.

Breakker is trying to fight back as the show returns from the break. Gunther chops him down. Breakker continues rising to his feet, and Gunther chops him down. Eventually, Breakker lands a clothesline that takes Gunther off his feet. 

Double down leads to a hope spot. Breakker tries to rally, but Gunther cuts him him by targeting the injured arm. Breakker still fights back, launching Gunther with an overhead suplex.

Gunther counters a spear with a shotgun dropkick. Powerbomb by Gunther for a near fall. Gunther follows up with a flying body press off the top rope, yet Breakker kicks out again. Stiff short-arm clothesline, but Breakker gets a shoulder up. 

Breakker explodes into a spear, and Breakker looks to rally. Gunther chop him down. They trade strikes. Gunther locks in a sleeper hold. Breakker escapes, and he hits with a lariat. Then, right to the finish.

Military press by Breakker, and he drops Gunther into a powerslam. Breakker covers Gunther for a three count, and Breakker retains after pinning Gunther clean in the middle of the ring.

The face of Rick Steiner appears on the video screen in the arena. As a weary Rick offers congratulations to his son, the camera zooms out to reveal Rick is tied up. Rick is bound by ropes and in a cage. 

Joe Gacy and Harland are behind the kidnapping. Gacy's cryptic promos throughout the night foreshadow this sinister act. Gacy says maybe he can teach an old dog new trick as the show goes off the air.

The cliffhanger with an evil villain is fitting, as this show is a lead in to the WWE Evil docuseries on USA Network.