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WWE NXT live results: Tommaso Ciampa vs. Dolph Ziggler

The winner of Ciampa vs. Ziggler will become the number one contender to the NXT title.

Raw's Dolph Ziggler comes to NXT tonight with a shot at the NXT Championship on the line.

In the main event of tonight's show, Ziggler and Tommaso Ciampa will meet in a number one contender's match. The winner will get a future shot at Bron Breakker's title.

Ziggler and Ciampa have been feuding since Ziggler crashed a championship summit between Breakker and Santos Escobar two weeks ago. Last night, Ciampa teamed with Finn Balor to defeat Ziggler & Robert Roode on Raw.

Plus, tonight's show will also feature a grudge match between LA Knight and Grayson Waller, the start of the 2022 women's Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, and the NXT debut of Nikkita Lyons.

Io Shirai & Kay Lee Ray vs. Lash Legend & Amari Miller and Ivy Nile & Tatum Paxley vs. Kayden Carter & Kacy Catanzaro are tonight's two women's Dusty Cup matches.

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


The show opens with NXT Champion Bron Breakker entering the soundstage a week after his first successful title defense. Dressed in blue jeans and a jean vest, Breakker enters the ring for a promo.

Breakker begins by talking about his win over Santos Escobar last Tuesday. Breakker then shifts his monologue to towards the near future.

Plugging the next NXT supercard, Breakker says the brand is finally going "back on the road" over WrestleMania weekend. NXT Stand & Deliver takes place April 2 on a Saturday afternoon.

Dolph Ziggler interrupts Breakker's speech. Ziggler cuts a promo on Breakker. They banter back-and-forth. 

Somehow, Ziggler is now an authority figure. He says Breakker has the night off. Ziggler goes on to say that Breakker is barred from ringside during Ziggler's match later tonight. 

This comes after Ziggler interfered in the title match last week. Ziggler does not retaliation for his own interference. Good thing he somehow an authority figure. The reason remains unclear. Go figure.

Grayson Waller (with Sanga) defeated LA Knight 

Waller pins Knight after outside interference from Sanga. Knight lays out both Waller and Sanga after the match. 

Knight got to shine before a commercial break. Waller was crotched on the top rope, and Knight made the rope buck as Waller was forced to ride out the storm. Not sure I've seen that spot in this century, but it was staple of old school wrestling.

Waller turned the tide during the break, and he was working over Knight when the show returns from commercials. Waller gets a near fall after a flying elbow drop. 'Getting a few more two counts, Waller looks to punish Knight.

Sit-out slam of some sort gets Waller another two count. Waller gets a running start going for a move. He springs into the ring, and Knight catches him in mid-air. 

Knight makes a comeback, and he is fired up. Stomping mud holes and walking 'em dry, and whatnot. Knight goes her his finisher, but Sanga from ringside reaches into the ring to grab the arm of Waller. 

With Sanga holding Waller, Knight misses on his attempted finisher. Waller then cradles Knight, grabs a handful of tights, and Waller steals a pinfall on Knight.

Waller wins the match, but the fighting continues. Sanga tries to run in, but Knight sidesteps him. Knight delivers his BFT finisher to both Sanga and Waller. Knight is the last man standing, as he leaves them laying.

Dakota Kai wakes up Wendy Choo. Kai was upset that her and Choo were in entered into the Dusty Cup tournament. This was wacky. 

Cora Jade and Raquel Gonzalez in another team building skit went to an adventure park. Last week Gonzalez was in her element making Jade work out at the gym. This week Jade was in charge, and they did spots at the adventure park. They zip-lined, and Jade helped Gonzalez conquer her fear of heights. They look to be a great team as they enter the tournament.

 Toxic Attraction are sitting on a set on the soundstage that looks similar to Shawn Michaels' Heartbreak Hotel. They are there to watch the next match, which kicks off the Women's Dusty Cup tournament.

Io Shirai & Kay Lee Ray defeat Lash Legend & Amari Miller to advance in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic

Shirai pins Legend to win this quarterfinal match. Shiari & Kay Lee Ray advance to the semifinals.

Legend & Miller did not even an entrance, foreshadowing their fate. They still got some offense, but not for long. Short match, which was probably for the better.

Kay Lee Ray executes a Gory Bomb on Legend, and KLR follows with a springboard moonsault. Tag to Shirai, and she follows with a moonsault press on Legend. Shirai then covers Legend for a pinfall. 

McKenzie Mitchell interviews Dante Chen, and Chen vows revenge on Duke Hudson after an attack on a previous episode.

Duke Hudson defeats Dante Chen

Hudson pins Chen clean. 

Chen jumps Hudson before the bell, attacking Hudson during his entrance. Chen targets a leg, and he wraps the leg around a ring post. That backfires, as Chen is himself posted. 

Chen fights back, and he gets a two count on Hudson. Soon thereafter, Hudson cuts off Chen. Hudson boots Chen with a high kick, and Hudson then gives Chen a Splash Mountain slam, and Hudson covers Chen for a three count.

NXT North American Champion Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams are out for the next segment, which is a celebration of Hayes victorious title defense last week. 

Hayes put over himself for having the best match on Vengeance Day. Williams adds more praise, and they begin to talk about NXT in Dallas when there is an interruption.

Pete Dunne interrupts them, and he enters the ring to confront Hayes and Williams. Dunne challenges Hayes to a match next Tuesday on NXT. Williams tells him no, but Hayes says he does not back down. The match is on next week.

Williams gets in a dig at Cameron Grimes, which cues Grimes to run in. Grimes storms the ring, and he cleans house. Grimes clears the ring, and he clotheslines Williams over the top rope to the floor. Grimes stands tall as the show cuts to a commercial. 

In a match made "official" during the commercial break, Grimes against Williams is joined in progress after the show returns from break.

Cameron Grimes defeats Trick Williams (with Carmelo Hayes)

Grimes pins Williams after a Cave In, and Grimes seemingly has sights set on a rematch with Hayes.

Grimes was getting to shine as the match is joined in progress. Williams soon cuts off Grimes, and Williams begins to pummel Grimes.

A grounded Grimes fights to his feet, leading to a comeback for Grimes. Missing a high spot off the top rope, Grimes is rocked with a boot. 

Grimes and Williams trade strikes, and Grimes plants Williams hard onto the mat with a side slam. Near fall led into Grimes signaling for his finisher, but Williams rolls outside.

Grimes leapt off the apron, but he misses a double stomp. Nonetheless, Grimes hits Williams with a superkick. Grimes follows up with a flying crossbody off the top rope.

Cave In by Grimes, and Grimes scores a pinfall on Williams. Hayes at ringside cannot bare to watch the referee count three.

Briggs & Jensen in a skit were trying to make a video for a dating app. It was to help Jensen, or was it Briggs? I'm not sure. They even did a joke where they mixed up their own names. Personally, I keep calling them Brooks & Dunn by mistake. 

NXT Champion Bron Breakker tells Tommaso Ciampa he will be out there watching the match later, which goes against of Ziggler's orders. Anyway, Ciampa was giving him the silent treatment, so Breakker goes to leave. Ciampa stops him to say he wants a rubber match, and Breakker agrees.

Class is in session at Chase University for a lame skit. Andre Chase cut a promo on Von Wagner, while also verbally abusing a student. 

Nikkita Lyons defeats Kayla Inlay

Lyons pins Inlay in a showcase match for Lyons. 

Lyons is described as a singer, model, dancer, and fighter. This was the character's in-ring debut on NXT.

The match was mostly a squash, but Inlay briefly got some offense after cutting off Lyons. That was to no avail, as Lyons comes back with a fury.

Lyons delivers a jumping spin kick, and then she drops a leg into the splits over a prone Inlay. Three count, and Lyons wins.

Persia Pirotta was making out with Duke Hudson backstage when Indi Hartwell walks in. Hartwell is grossed out, and Hudson chides her by saying she used to like it. 

Hartwell says that was a long time ago, and Hudson responds by saying it does not have to be. Dexter Lumis overhears this, and he looks sad. He leaves with his head down. Hartwell chases after him yelling it is not what it seems.

Robert Stone and Von Wagner cut a promo on Andre Chase.

Imperium confronts Diamond Mine

The Creed Brothers, along with Malcolm Bivens, enter the ring to accept the Dusty Cup trophy after winning the tag team tounrament. They are here to celebrate their win. As usual, Bivens delivers a great promo.

Bivens insults Imperium, prompting Imperium to interrupt the celebration.

Gunther leads the NXT Tag Team Champions, Marcel Barthel & Fabian Aichner, to the ring. Good promo by Gunther. 

Creed Brother and the tag champs start to brawl, and Gunther grabs Bivens. Solo Sikoa runs down to save Bivens. Sikoa lays out Gunther with a kick, and Sikoa stands over Gunther.

Back to the skit with Brigss & Jensen. Turns out Briggs was ribbing Jensen the whole time, and there was no need for a video. They just needed a picture. Whatever, bros.

Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter defeat Ivy Nile & Tatum Paxley to advance in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic

Catanaro pins Paxley to win this quarterfinal match. Catanzaro & Carter advance to the semifinals where they will meet Io Shirai & Kay Lee Ray.

Toxic Attraction again watch the tournament match from afar.

Catanzaro & Carter had new matching gear, and a new entrance routine where they shoot blasters into the air. 

Nile & Paxley work over Catanzaro, building to a hot tag. Carters runs wild after tagging in. 

Cater & Catanzaro go on to execute their tandem finisher where Catanzaro does a 450 splash. Catanzaro then covers Paxley for a pinfall.

Upset with Paxley, Nile attacks Paxley after the match. Roderick Strongs calls her off, and Nile spares Paxley for now.

Solo Sikoa is being interviewed backstage when Malcolm Bivens tries to bond. Sikoa is having none of it.

LA Knight cuts a promo on Grayson Waller.

Dolph Ziggler defeats Tommaso Ciampa 

Ziggler pins Ciampa after outside interference by Robert Roode in disguise. Bron Breakker makes a save after the match, setting up a tag match for next week.

Best match on the show by far. Nothing else even remotely came close to being this great.

Ciampa is wearing long tights, or "long boys" as they are sometimes called on a competing sports entertainment television show.

This bout began with grappling at the start. They wrestled to a stalemate. Thumb in the eye by Ziggler, and the dirty tactic allows Ziggler to ground Ciampa.

More dirty tactics by Ziggler, as Ziggler continues to punish Ciampa. Eventually, Ciampa fights back as Ziggler bumps and feeds into Ciampa's flurry of offense.

Ziggler is laid out at ringside as the show cuts to a split screen commercial break. Ziggler turns to tide during the commercials, and Ziggler is again punishing Ciampa as the show returns from the break.

They trade strikes before Ziggler is catapulted into a corner buckle. Ciampa follows with a lariat, but Ziggler kicks out for a near fall.

Ziggler answers back with a dropkick out of nowhere, and Ciampa is on rubber legs. Ziggler lands a famouser for a close two count, leading to a double down.

Ziggler signals for Sweet Chin Music, stomping his foot on the mat. Ciampa cuts him off with a superkick of his own. Falling backbreaker by Ciampa for two and half.

Ciampa hits a running knee strike, and Ciampa goes for another cover. Foot on the ropes by Ziggler to break the count. The fighting soon spills outside the ring.

Ciampa is sent crashing into the ring post, and Ziggler gives Ciampa a Zig-Zag on the floor at ringside. They tease a double count-out, but both make it safely back into the ring to break the count.

Ciampa is selling his left arm being numb, and he cannot pick up Ziggler for the Fairy Tale Ending. Ziggler counters Ciampa, and Ziggler applies a sleeper on Ciampa.

Ciampa is fading fast, but Ciampa makes a final gallant stand. Ciampa breaks the sleeper, and he gets another close near fall on Ziggler. 

Slugfest on the apron, and Ciampa gives Ziggler an Air Raid Crash on the apron. Ciampa rolls Ziggler into the ring. When Ciampa goes to roll back into the ring, he is attacked from behind by a camera operator. 

The cameraman hits Ciampa in the back with a camera. Ciampa wobbles around, and he walks into a superkick. Ziggler then gets a tainted three count on Ciampa.

The cameraman takes off his disguise, revealing himself as Bobby Roode. Bron Breakker runs down to make a save, and the heels flee. 

Breakker challenges Roode and Ziggler to a tag team match next week on NXT. Breakker then dares them to fight tonight. The heels rush the ring, and ends with a wild brawl as a cliffhanger.