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WWE NXT live results: Toxic Attraction vs. Fyre, Lyons & Stark

Andre Chase will also take on Von Wagner in a Halloween Havoc qualifying match.

Cold open, meaning no introductory video package aside from the Together montage that opens every WWE show.

Fresh look from the start with a new commentary combination for the night. Wade Barrett introduces Byron Saxton and Sudu Shah. 

Barrett says Vic Joseph is not there tonight, because he is "stuck in immigration." Joseph recently got married to McKenzie Mitchell in Italy, but that was not mentioned on the show. Joseph will be back soon on commentary. 

New white and gold graphics as part of the new color scheme. Same for the soundstage, as the set is upgraded with the updated color scheme on the ring skirt and posts. The set design is otherwise essentially the same.

The British are coming ... and so are The Brawling Brutes

NXT Tag Team Champions Pretty Deadly come out dressed like Redcoats of British Colonial times. It is time for the "State of the Commonwealth Address" from Pretty Deadly.

This is rather silly. They crack jokes and such. Everything is tongue and cheek, and seemingly played for laughs. Lord Steven Regal and Sir Robert Eaton did this gimmick far better as The Blue Bloods.

Pretty Deadly cuts a promo on the NXT tag division. To me this was dying a death, until they are interrupted by a surprise appearance.

The Brawling Brutes from Smackdown interrupt Pretty Deadly's promo. Ridge Holland and Butch are here to confront the NXT tag champs after Pretty Deadly tweeted jokes about Sheamus.

Pretty Deadly claim they were hacked, but the Brutes are not buying that. They attack Pretty Deadly, and the Brutes are apparently looking for a title shot. Pretty Deadly powder and flee. This sets up a tag title match as tonight's main event.

Just as the angle is over, out comes Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams. Hayes is set for action in the opening match on tonight's card. But first, another angle.

Alba Fyre attacks Toxic Attraction

A skit from earlier today is set in what is referred to on commentary "the most dangerous place in NXT," meaning the parking lot. A lot of angles and attacks do take place there.

The skit spoofs the infamous angle from Jim Crockett Promotions, where the Horsemen ambush Dusty Rhodes with a baseball bat in a parking lot.

Toxic Attraction arrives in a SUV, and they are attacked with a baseball bat by Alba Fyre. She hits Jacy Jayne and Gigi Dolan with the bat. Fyre then gets into the SUV and speeds away. This changes the advertised six-woman tag match.

Carmelo Hayes (with Trick Williams) defeats Oro Mensah

Hayes pins Mensah in a good match.

Mensah is getting to shine when Williams jumps on the apron to interfere. Mensah knocks Williams off the apron with a kick, but the distraction allows Hayes to deliver a codebreaker. 

Hayes then climbs the turnbuckles, and he leaps off the top rope with a guillotine legdrop. A three count later, and Hayes wins the match.

Hayes grabs a headset after the match, as he is joining commentary for the next match. He is going to see who else is joining him for the ladder match at Halloween Havoc.

Andre Chase (with Bodhi Hayward & Thea Hail) defeats Von Wagner (with Mr. Stone) in a North American Championship Qualifying Match

Wagner pins Chase. Thus, Wagner qualifies for the five-way ladder match at Halloween Havoc for the NXT North American Championship

During the match, Mr. Stone as an altercation with Chase U. Stone takes the Chase U flage from Hayward, and Stone hurls the flag onto the floor. Thea Heal in retaliation, bodyslams Stone on the floor at ringside.

Chase beams with pride at his students, but he takes his attention off Wagner. False finish as they play off the ending of the first match on the show. This time around, there is a counter after the distraction. Chase counters for  two count. From there they head home.

Although Chase gets a near fall, he then turns around and eats a big boot from Wagner. Chase is dropped by the high kick, and Wagner covers him for a pinfall.

Wagner is added to the ladder match at Halloween Havoc.

Hayes is talking trash on commentary when he is attacked by Wes Lee. Referee separate Lee and Hayes in a pull-apart brawl.

Veer Mahaan joins Sanga backstage during a pre-taped skit. They both are wearing very nice suits.

In another skit from "earlier today" (even though it was filmed at night), Grayson Waller arrives at the building driving a Hummer, and he meets with his security detail.

Wendy Choo defeats Lash Legend

Choo pins Legend in a return match from a previous episode. Choo gets the win this time around.

For the finish, Legend misses a pump kick. Choo counters with kicks of her own. Choo climbs to the top turnbuckle and she leaps into a super Vader splash. Choo then wins via pinfall.

Kelly Kincaid is interviewing Wes Lee backstage when Lee is confronted by Channing "Stacks" Tatum. Stacks looks to avenge Tony D'Angelo, who was injured in a match with Lee on a previous episode of NXT. The confrontation her tonight sets up a match next Tuesday with Lee against Stacks.

Gallus in a video package warns they will soon return to NXT. They are suspended in storyline.

NXT Women's Tag Team Champions Kayden Carter & Katana Chance are featured in a vignette.

Zoey Stark & Nikkita Lyons defeats Toxic Attraction (Gigi Dolan & Jacy Jayne) in a number one contenders match

Lyons pins Dolan. In winning, Lyons & Stark become the next challengers for the NXT Women's Tag Team Championship.

The match goes through a commercial break, as they are given plenty of time. They build to a hot tag after the break. The heels work over Lyons, until she tags out. Stark runs wild on Toxic Attraction, and the babyface team is making a comeback.

Several near falls where the tag partner jumps in to make save by breaking the count. Toxic Attraction go for a tandem finisher, but Lyons trips Jayne. Stark & Lyons both then deliver their finishing moves. 

Stark with her version of a GTS, and Lyons does the splits into a legdrop. Lyons then covers Dolan for a pinfall.

Ilja Dragunov is featured in a great vignette building up the NXT Championship match at Halloween Havoc, where Dragunov and JD McDonagh challenge NXT Champion Bron Breakker in a triple threat match.

The Grayson Waller Effect with faceoff between Cora Jade and Roxanne Perez

Basically a modern day Piper's Pit, and the guests this week are bitter rivals. Cora Jade and Roxanne Perez meet in a face-to-face confrontation. They sit down opposite each other at a desk, with Waller seated between them.

There is lots of bickering, including from Grayson Waller. He announces a match a Halloween Havoc with Perez against Jade. Waller also adds a Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal stipulation. 

Waller goes on to declare he will spin the wheel right now to decide the stip at Halloween Havoc. Waller tells his security detail to stay with Jade and Perez, seemingly to keep the peace. 

Waller spins the gimmicked wheel, and it lands on a "Weapons Wild Match," whatever that means. Meanwhile, Perez and Jade get into a pull-apart melee. 

Apollo Crews suddenly appears at ringside, and Crews drags Waller underneath the ring. Waller crawls back out with his eye bleeding. 

Julius Creed defeats Duke Hudson

Creed pins Hudson in a short match. Julius looks dominate before landing a sliding lariat, and he then covers Hudson for a pinfall. 

This was set up earlier in the show when Hudson confronted Creed in a backstage skit. No other members of Diamond Mine are at ringside, per Julius' request. He wanted it win all on his own.

Brutus Creed runs out after the match, and he attacks Hudson. Ivy Nile and Julius have to pull Brutus off Hudson to end the beatdown.

Suddenly, Damon Kemp interrupts from a perch overlooking the ring. The Creeds and Kemp cut bad promos on each other, leading to Kemp saying Brutus is "my bitch." This of course angers Brutus greatly, and he is restrained by his brother and Ivy Nile.

Kemp proposes a stipulation for his upcoming match against Julius. Kemp agrees to give Brutus a rematch with him if Julius can beat Kemp, under one other condition. If Julius loses to Kemp, then Brutus must leave NXT. 

Julius adds another stip, making the match an ambulance match. Stips galore in this match at Halloween Havoc.

JD McDonagh is the focus of a vignette that hypes the triple threat title match at Halloween Havoc.

Hank Walker is getting a pep talk from his fellow security guards ahead of Walker's match tonight.

Axiom is featured in a video package that build up the third match in the best of three series with Nathan Frazier. The deciding match in the series takes place next week.

Xyon Quinn defeats Hank Walker

Walker in storyline was just signed a contract with the NXT brand, so he now has music and a full-fledged entrance.

Much like Jerry Lawler pulling down the straps on his singlet, Walker rips his shirt off before he fires up.

Walker makes a comeback on Quinn, but Walker is soon cut off. Quinn delivers a Tito Santana flying forearm smash, and he covers Walker for a three count.

Quinn goes to attack Walker again after the match, but Quincy Elliott makes a save as he confronts Quinn in the ring. Quinn backpedals and leaves the ring. This makes Walker and Elliott friends now in storyline.

Cameron Grimes is attacked by The Schism in a backstage assault. Grimes is beaten with a trash can, after being set up by a mystery person wearing a red hoodie. After the hooded person lures Grimes into a trap, Joe Gacy welcomes that person into his cult.

In yet another skit, NXT Champion Bron Breakker challenges Javier Bernal to match for next Tuesday on NXT. A cocky Bernal interrupts an interview with Breakker, so Breakker says he is requesting a match for next week.

NXT Tag Team Champions Pretty Deadly (Elton Prince & Kit Wilson) defeat The Brawling Brutes (Ridge Holland & Butch) to retain their titles

Pretty Deadly retain the titles after interference by Imperium. 

Decent enough match, although it was missing something. Maybe it was just overbooked, like much of the show. There were several great near falls.

Imperium interfere, which costs the Brutes the match. Pretty Deadly execute their Spilt Milk finisher, and Prince pins Holland to win the match.

The Brawling Brutes and Imperium brawl their way out of the soundstage. My guess is they fight all the way to Smackdown on Friday.

Edris Enofe & Malik Blade enter the soundstage after the match for a staredown with the tag champs. Pretty Deadly had mentioned Enofe & Blade in their promo earlier in the show. 

Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen also show up on a perch overlooking the ring. This seems to set up a triple threat tag match, but nothing is made official. The show closes with the three-way standoff. 

Overall, a very lackluster episode of NXT. A lot happened, but it was maybe too much at times.