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WWE NXT live results: Two championship matches

Mandy Rose and Bron Breakker are both set to defend their titles.

The top two championships in NXT will both be on the line tonight.

Mandy Rose, who reached one year as champion last month, will defend her NXT Women's Championship against Alba Fyre in a Last Woman Standing match. Their title bout is a rematch from Halloween Havoc. That previous meeting started as a cinematic match and ended with Rose retaining her title, only after getting help from Toxic Attraction.

Bron Breakker will look to remain NXT Champion as he faces Von Wagner tonight. The title match was set up a few weeks ago when Wagner ambushed Breakker.

Appearances by Shawn Michaels and Booker T are set for tonight as well. Michaels will be on the show to make a "huge announcement" regarding NXT's Deadline event, which will stream live on Saturday, December 10.

Besides his commentary duty, Booker T is also hosting a contract signing for next week's North American Championship match between Wes Lee and Carmelo Hayes.

Plus, Apollo Crews faces JD McDonagh, Indi Hartwell takes on Tatum Paxley, and Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen team up against The Dyad.

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


The show is opening with a title match for the top men's championship of the NXT brand.

NXT Champion Bron Breakker defeats Von Wagner (with Mr. Stone) to retain his title

Breakker pins Wagner after a spear, and the champ retains his title. 

On commentary before the match begins, Vic Joseph claims Breakker is the underdog "according to whispers." Upon hearing that, Booker T erupts in laughter. 

Mr. Stone's run as Wagner's manager may be coming to an end based on how Wagner treats Stone in this match.

Just before the bells sounds to start the match, Wagner flings Mr. Stone into Breakker. That distracts the champ, and he eats a big boot from Wagner at the outset of this title bout.

Breakker comes back quickly, leading to a Frankensteiner by Breakker. The live studio audience shows their approval by barking at Breakker. However, he is soon cut off.

Wagner targets Breakker's shoulder, and Wagner works the arm. Not for long, as Breakker fights back. He defiantly barks at Wagner as the show cuts to its first commercial break.

They wrestle through the break in a split-screen. The fight spills outside when the show returns from the break. Breakker is sent crashing to the ring steps, and Wagner chokeslams Breakker on the steps. 

Back in the ring, Wagner continues to target the shoulder. Wagner applies a Cobra Clutch, but Breakker will not go down. 

The momentum shifts as Breakker leaps off the ropes with a flying clothesline. A comeback begins, leading to a Rick Steiner powerslam. Breakker follows up with a flying bulldog, and he signals for his finisher.

Wagner counters Breakker to deliver an Attitude Adjustment out of nowhere. Wagner covers Breakker, but Breakker kicks out at two and a half. Wagner is livid, and Wagner bullies the referee. Wagner backs the ref into a corner and berates him.

Meanwhile, Breakker is pulling down the straps like a muscled up Jerry Lawler. Mr. Stone jumps on the apron to warn Wagner, only for Wagner to angrily shove Stone off the apron. Wagner turns around, and Breakker is waiting for him.

They are heading home as Wagner counters an attempted military press. Breakker with a counter of his own when Wagner goes for another AA. Breakker then bounces off the ropes to deliver a spear, and he covers Wagner for a three count.

A few minutes later, Breakker is backstage trying to catch him breath when JD McDonagh confronts him with a warning that he will never be done with McDonagh.

A vignette featuring Alba Fyer hypes the women's title match coming up later on.

Why Stark Why

Zoey Stark is heading to the ring for a monologue. Stark explains why last week she turned on Nikkita Lyons. She begins by talking about her return after being injured for nine months.

Stark says she earned an opportunity for a title match against Mandy Rose, but plans changed on her. She is called into a meeting, "and everything changed." 

Stark is teamed up with Lyons for a main roster tag title tournament, but Stark gets injured before they get there. Stark proceeds to cut a promo on Lyons, saying she put Lyons on her back while carrying her as a tag partner.

Stark makes some valid points during her explanation, even as she heels on the audience. Starks says "screw you" to the fans. 

Starks declares herself "undeniable" and "the hunter." The rest of the women's roster is "the prey" for her.

Duke Hudson is in a classroom with Andre Chase, and Hudson explains why he threw in the towel last week during Chase's match. 

Breakker is in the locker room when Apollo Crews cautions Breakker that his is a prospective challenger.

Indus Sher (Veer Mahaan & Sanga) defeat George Cannon & Ariel Dominguez

Complete squash match where Indus Sher dominates with tandem offense and sheer brutality. Veer pins Dominguez to win the match.

In a post-match promo, Veer & Sanga name drop The Creed Brothers. Indus Sher challenge the Creeds to a match.

Meanwhile in the Diamond Mine dojo, Brutus & Julius Creed are sure they can take Indus Sher. Ivy Nile walks in to tell them they should focus on regaining the tag titles, but the Creeds seem set for a match with Indus Sher before a return match with NXT Tag Team Champions Pretty Deadly.

Wendy Choo vows to give Cora Jade two black eyes after Jade bullied her last week.

Apollo Crews defeats JD McDonagh

Crews pins McDonagh in a really good match, and Crews wins in a battle of perspective number one contenders.

The match goes through a commercial break. Just before the show goes into the break, McDonagh takes a bump on the announce desk. Crews is in control as the show cuts away.

McDonagh turns the tide after the break, as he applies a sleeper. Despite a Nestea Plunge, McDonagh still manages to clamp on the sleeper hold. McDonagh goes on to work over Crews. 

Crews soon comes back with a flurry of offense. Stinger splash by Crews, and he follows up with two powerbombs for a near fall. McDonagh cuts off Crews.

Asai moonsault by McDonagh, even after he messes up on a Ray Stevens corner flip. McDonagh climbs the turnbuckles, only for Crews to give him an avalanche fallaway slam.

Double down and they trade strikes. McDonagh counters a suplex with a small package. Several near falls as they trade cradles. McDonagh executes a running Spanish Fly. 

Trading more strikes, and then they a trade sunset flips and near falls. The studio audience chants "this is awesome." 

McDonagh rolls through after an attempted moonsault press, and Crews counters him with a pop-up choke bomb. Crews then covers McDonagh for a pinfall to win the match. 

Bron Breakker strolls down the ramp after the match with the NXT Championship belt hanging over his shoulder. Breakker has a stare down with Crews, so that looks like a future title match.

McKenzie Mitchell interviews NXT Women's Champion Mandy Rose, and Rose cuts a good promo ahead of her title match later on.

Javiar Bernal in an interview challenges a bunch of people who are either out with an injury or are serving a suspension. McKenzie Mitchell keeps pointing out those people are out, so Bernal heels on her.

North American Championship Contract Signing

Booker T hosts a segment where NXT North American Champion Wes Lee sits down with Carmelo Hayes for a contract signing. 

They all sit at a table, except Trick Williams. He is standing behind a seated Hayes.

There is banter back-and-forth. Champion and challenger cut promos on each other. Williams chimes in to answer some questions Booker asks Hayes.

Booker gets in his "shucky ducky" catchphrase, and then the contract is signed. Williams insults Lee, and an angry Lee jumps to his feet to tell Williams to shut up. Hayes gets up to threaten Lee. 

They get face to face, and a fight looks ready to break out. Booker T stops them from fighting like he is Mr. Belding. Booker then drops his "can you dig out" catchphrase, and the segment comes to a close.

A vignette warns that "hard justice is on its way."

Odyssey Jones is backstage with Edris Enofe and Malik Blade. Jones asks Blade about his sweater vest, which Blade says he wears to honor his late father.

The Dyad (Jagger Reid & Rip Fowler with Joe Gacy & Ava Raine) defeats Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen (with Fallon Henley) 

Reids pins Briggs to win the match, after a distraction caused by Kaina James at ringside.

The Dyad look to work over Jensen after he takes a tope suicida. Before they can get any heat, Briggs tags in. Briggs cleans house, and Briggs leaps into a few flying lariats. He bounces Fowler off the ropes into a lariat, in a wickedly cool highspot. 

Kaina James suddenly appears at ringside, and she gets into argument with Fallon Henley. Henley decks James. Meanwhile, The Dyad make a blind tag, unbeknownst to Briggs. He takes stereo codebreaker, and Reid covers Briggs for a pinfall.

Despite being pushed in a featured role in recent weeks, Ava Raine is mainly in a supporting role this week. 

Shawn Michaels announces the Iron Survivor Challenge

Set for the Deadline supercard on December 10, there will be a men's and women's Iron Survivor Challenge match. 

Five wrestlers meet in a  25 minute match. Two wrestlers start the match, and the other three enter at five minute intervals. Whoever scores the most falls in the 25 minute time limit is declared the winner. 

Falls can be won at any time via pinfall, submission, or disqualification. One fall equals one point. The wrestler who loses a fall must enter a "penalty box" for 90 seconds, and then they can re-enter the match. So, basically an iron man gauntlet match, or something like that. 

Indi Hartwell defeats Tatum Paxley (with Ivy Nile)

Hartwell pins Paxley to win the match.

The lights in the soundstage flicker as the match begins. My guess is it relates to Scyrpts. That is basically the highlight of the match. Much of the studio audience seems to be sitting on their hands, though some clap in unison for a few seconds at a time.

Hartwell is more aggressive, playing on her recent change in attitude. She takes off Paxley's face guard, and Hartwell tosses it to Nile at ringside. Hartwell then delivers a Hidden Blade, and Hartwell covers Paxley for a pinfall. 

Later on, Roxanne Perez chides Hartwell for the Hidden Blade. Perez says Paxley's nose could have been broken again. Hartwell has no sympathy and shows no remorse.

Scrypts in a cryptic voice message says, "Next week you will see that you and I aren't the same. So tell me ... who is first to play a little game?"

NXT Women's Champion Mandy Rose defeats Alba Fyre to retain her title in a Last Women Standing match

Rose retains her title after interference by Isla Dawn. 

Cat and mouse game at the outset of the match, as Fyre chases Rose. Fyre launches herself through the ropes like a missile into a tope. Fyre is a house of fire. Pun intended.

Rose blocks an attempted Gory Bomb on the announce desk. Teasing a spot on the desk would foreshadow the finish.

Weapons become involved, as Fyre grabs metal folding chairs, a hammer, and wrenches from underneath the ring. Rose's knee hits chair, and Fyre follows up by barring the knee with a piece or rebar.

The match goes through a commercial break. Rose hits Fyre with a trash can during the split-screen break. Fyre fights back as the show returns from the break.  

Fyre leaps off the top rope into a somersault senton on the floor. Fyre then drags a ladder out from under the ring. Rose cuts off Fyre, and Rose uses the ladder as a weapon.

Back in the ring, Rose goes for a fireman's carry. Selling the injury from earlier in the match, Rose's knee buckles. Fyre then slams Rose on a trash can. Nevertheless, Rose fights back by backdropping Fyre out of the ring. 

They tease a superplex off the barricade, but Fyre is instead shoved off. Rose leaps off the barricade, and Fyre catches her with a superkick. Fyre gives Rose a Gory Bomb on the ring apron. 

Fyre grabs her trusty baseball bat, and Rose is hit in the gut with the bat. Fyre sets up a ladder a ringside, and Fyre lays Rose on the announce desk. Fyre then climbs the ladder. 

Fyre is perched on the ladder when Isla Dawn suddenly appears out of nowhere. Dawn is on top of the ladder with Fyre, and Dawn spits in her face. Dawn then shoves Fyre backwards off the ladder. Fyre takes a back bump on the desk, and it implodes into pieces. 

Fyre is unable to answer the ten count, and Rose is declared the last women standing. Rose retains her title, thanks to an assist by Isla Dawn.

Dawn poses on top of the ladder as the show closes.