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WWE NXT live results: Women's Breakout Tournament finals

The episode will also feature the fallout from In Your House.

The winner of the inaugural Women's Breakout Tournament will be crowned on NXT tonight.

Roxanne Perez and Tiffany Stratton will meet in the Women's Breakout Tournament finals on tonight's NXT episode. Perez defeated Kiana James in the first round of the tournament and Lash Legend in the semifinals, while Stratton was a replacement for the injured Nikkita Lyons. Stratton replaced Lyons in the semifinals and defeated Fallon Henley.

The winner of the Breakout Tournament will receive a contract for an NXT Women's title shot.

Tonight's NXT is the In Your House fallout edition of the show. We'll see if a new challenger for Bron Breakker emerges following his win against Joe Gacy in the main event of the special.

We'll also see The Creed Brothers and Carmelo Hayes' first appearances as champions. The Creed Brothers won the NXT Tag Team titles from Pretty Deadly at In Your House, and Hayes regained the North American Championship by defeating Cameron Grimes.

Plus, Alba Fyre vs. Tatum Paxley and Josh Briggs vs. Von Wagner are set for tonight. Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


The opening video highlighted this past weekend's In Your House PLE featuring Toxic Attraction and Bron Breakker retaining their titles while we saw new champions crowned with Carmelo Hayes and The Creed Brothers capturing gold.


-The show opened with new North American champion Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams headed to the ring. Williams praised Hayes and stated that things were back how they belonged. Hayes then ripped on the fans in attendance stating how they never were able to shoot their shot properly. Before he could continue, Hayes was interrupted by Solo Sikoa.

Sikoa entered the ring and stated he was next in line for a chance at the title. Williams grabbed the mic and stated that was a deal made with the previous champion. Grayson Waller's music hit and he ran down Sikoa stating that he had no friends. Sikoa responded by stating that the NXT Universe were his friends before attacking Williams. Unfortunately, the numbers game was too much for Sikoa as Hayes, Williams and Waller laid a beatdown on Sikoa before heading up the ramp with confidence.

We're potentially headed to a six-man tag team match sometime soon but who are we going to see side with Sikoa?

-A promo package aired for the upcoming Josh Briggs vs. Von Wagner match.

-Outside of the Capitol Wrestling Center, Legado Del Fantasma greeted The Don. After Tony D'Angelo exited his vehicle, he informed Santos Escobar that he needed to change out of his suit as he had a match tonight.

Josh Briggs (w/Brooks Jensen & Fallon Henley) defeated Von Wagner (w/Mr. Stone & Sofia Cromwell)

Before the bell could even ring, Wagner attacked Briggs but Josh was able to stand his ground. The referee officially rang the bell and it was back and forth brutality within the first moment of the match. Briggs managed the upper hand but it wasn't for long as Stone could be heard jaw-jacking as Wagner turned the tables.

The action headed to the outside and after Wagner did some more damage to Briggs, he switched his focus to Jensen, pounding his injured right hand off of the ring apron. Jensen, potentially playing possum all along, slid his cast into the ring allowing Briggs to blast Wagner over the head with it. Briggs then hit the ropes and nailed Wagner with massive clothesline for the victory.

As Wagner, Stone and Cromwell collected themselves in the ring, Briggs, Jensen and Henley celebrated on the entrance ramp with Jensen smiling and removing his cast once again.

I was honestly surprised at the outcome of this match and I'm curious to see where they go next with this. I can easily see a six-person tag team match on the horizon.

-McKenzie Mitchell was backstage with Solo Sikoa being tended to by medical staff with an ice pack on his shoulder. Sikoa stated that by the end of the night, he was going to get his revenge.

-Backstage we saw Andre Chase and Chase U members present the 2022-23 scholarship to Thea Hail. Before Hail could properly accept and get her picture taken, they were interrupted by Pretty Deadly. As Elton Prince and Kit Wilson were making fun of Chase U, it didn't last long as they reminded they were no longer tag team champions.

Nathan Frazer defeated Santos Escobar (w/The D'Angelo Family)

As the bell rang, Tony D'Angelo joined commentary. We heard from early chants for Santos as he capitalized in the beginning but we could definitely see the frustration from Escobar knowing he was now being fully controlled by D'Angelo after losing this past Saturday at In Your House.

After some more offence by Escobar, Frazer with the quick attack but he couldn't gain momentum as Santos was simply toying with him at this point, even putting his offense on hold to the dismay of D'Angelo. Tony scolded Santos and Escobar went back on the attack including nailing Frazer on the outside with a tope suicida which brought D'Angelo to protest once more stating that nobody wanted to see that anymore.

Both men were back in the ring and Escobar was schooling Frazer locking in a surfboard and a one-legged crab. Frazer was able to escape but the main story of this match was definitely the feud between Escobar and D'Angelo.

Frazer attempted some comeback offense but it wasn't long before Escobar nailed him with a running knee before missing the Phantom Driver. Frazer wasn't able to capitalize as Escobar nailed a superkick sending him to thee outside. As Frazer was recovering, a crowbar was slid into the ring for Escobar. Santos refused to use it and was caught with a kick to the face by Frazer. Nathan headed to the top rope, landed a huge twisting 450 to get the upset win, disgruntling Tony D'Angelo even more.

-McKenzie Mitchell was with Xyon Quinn. Quinn stated that while he was recently defeated by Wes Lee, he's far from done with him as next week, he's going to leave him unconscious.

-A promo aired for NXT Great American Bash 2022 airing live on July 5th.

-Bron Breakker headed to the ring, still NXT champion after his battle with Joe Gacy this past Saturday at In Your House. Breakker gave his thoughts on his match and feud with Gacy before asking who was next. Enter Apollo Crews.

Crews headed to the ring, without an accent, to huge chants from the crowd including "Apollo" and "We Miss You". Crews stated he missed the NXT Universe and wanted to make history. Crews then shook hands in the middle of the ring with Breakker potentially setting up a match for the NXT Championship in the near future.

A curveball thrown during baseball season and as a fan, I'm definitely curious as to where they're headed with this. 

-We saw a highlight video featuring Roxanne Perez battling Tiffany Stratton in the finals of the NXT Women's Breakout tournament coming up next. 

-A promo is aired featuring Joe Gacy and his Dyad.

Roxanne Perez defeated Tiffany Stratton in the finals of the Women's Breakout Tournament

Back and forth action took place in the beginning before Stratton started showboating early on. Perez would have nothing off it before locking in a tilt-a-whirl head-scissors followed up by an armbar. Stratton managed to escape and locked in an wristlock for the next next several moments before Perez was able to escape.

It didn't last long as Stratton continued to focus on the arm of Perez. On top of the submission game of Stratton, she realized what was on the line, nailing Perez in the corner with some backflip offense. Perez managed a comeback but it didn't last long as Perez was able to avoid a top-rope moonsault.

After the miss by Stratton, Perez capitalized and nailed Tiffany with Pop Rocks to gain the victory, winning the Women's Breakout Tournament and earning her right to challenge for the NXT Women's Championship.

-After Perez won the match, Cora Jade came down to the ring to celebrate with Roxanne before Toxic Attraction came out on the entrance ramp to putdown Perez. After a brawl ensued, Indi Hartwell hit the ring to even the odds and potentially setup a future match between all six NXT superstars.

-Backstage, Bodhi Hayward has been attacked by Pretty Deadly. Andre Chase was furious and was now on the hunt.

-McKenzie Mitchell was backstage with Wendy Choo but before she could say too much, Tiffany Stratton interrupted the interview, complaining about her loss to Perez. Choo took exception and threw her drink at Stratton. 

Pretty Deadly (Elton Prince & Kit Wilson) defeated Chase U (Andre Chase & Bodhi Hayward)

With Bodhi Hayward taken out backstage, Chase came out fighting but was no match for Prince and Wilson. After taking a beating, Hayward was seen crawling to the ring backed by Thea Hail. Hail took her place on the apron, potentially waiting for the tag-in but it wasn't meant to be as they hit Chase with Spilled Milk for the victory in this pretty quick match.

-Backstage we saw Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams mixing words with The D'Angelo Family. Tony D'Angelo sent Hayes a warning with regards to his North American title.

Alba Fyre defeated Tatum Paxley 

It was the early beginning and while Paxley seemed ready for a fight, she was no match for Fyre. Fyre dominated the match and consider it a squash and Fyre nailed Paxley in the end with the Swanton Bomb for the victory.

-After the match, as Alba Fyre celebrated her victory on the entrance ramp, she was attacked by Lash Legend.

-Backstage, The Creed Brothers are being celebrated by The Diamond Mine as the new NXT Tag Tag champions before being interrupted by Edris Enofe and Malik Blade. Enofe and Blade challenged for the titles and The Creed Brothers accepted. Roderick Strong took exception to the challenge being accepted the brothers stating that mistakes are being made.

-A promo is aired for Giovanni Vinci.

Solo Sikoa & Apollo Crews defeated Carmelo Hayes & Grayson Waller (w/Trick Williams)

It was a lot of ground game in the early beginning before Sikoa was beaten down by Waller. Submission attempted by Waller but no-go. Waller attempted a tag but it was missed and the fresh Crews was tagged in.

Crews was in complete control and while Waller attempted a diving comeback, he was caught by Apollo, power-bombed and given a "L" in the loss column for a competitor looking to seek gold in NXT.

Short and solid main event and it'll be interesting to see how Apollo Crews fares this round in NXT.