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WWE NXT live results: Worlds Collide go-home show

Diamond Mine will take on Gallus in a six-man tag team match.

Tonight's NXT is the final stop before Worlds Collide.

Two title unification matches have been made official for Sunday's Worlds Collide special. NXT Champion Bron Breakker and NXT United Kingdom Champion Tyler Bate will face off at Worlds Collide, while Mandy Rose, Meiko Satomura, and Blair Davenport will meet in a triple threat match. Rose's NXT Women's Championship and Satomura's NXT UK Women's Championship are both on the line on Sunday.

We'll see the final build to those matches tonight, along with more additions to the Worlds Collide card.

NXT Tag Team Champions The Creed Brothers will team with their Diamond Mine stablemate Damon Kemp against Gallus tonight. Another six-person tag match has also been announced for the episode, with NXT UK Tag Team Champions Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen teaming with Fallon Henley against Pretty Deadly & Lash Legend.

Plus, Apollo Crews vs. Grayson Waller and Katana Chance & Kayden Carter vs. Ivy Nile & Tatum Paxley are both also set for tonight.

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


The show opens with the entrance of Grayson Waller. He grabs the house microphone, but before Waller can speak, he is interrupted by the entrance of Apollo Crews.

Waller and Crews have exchanged some verbal jabs in recent week. Their war of words intensified last week during the debut of Waller's talk show segment -- The Waller Effect.

Grayson Waller defeats Apollo Crews 

Waller pins Crews, after Crews suffers both an inadvertent eye poke during the match and a deliberate eye poke at the finish. 

Waller tries some flashy moves, and he seems very proud of himself based on his taunting. Some old school rasslin' from Crews as he rams Waller's head into the turnbuckles several times, before giving Waller a high backdrop. Crews then speeds things for a pretty dropkick. Chants of "Apollo" from the crowd.

Creed mocks Waller's earlier taunts, and then a delayed vertical suplex by Crews. On another exchange, Creeds sells like suffers an inadvertent eye poke. Cut to a split-screen commercial break while Creeds sells his eye.

Mostly all Waller during the break, and Waller is in control when the show returns. Crews fights back, and he goes for a slingshot senton. Waller counters the senton, and Waller catches Crews in a sleeper. 

Crews is down as Waller begins to taunt him again. Waller pays for it again. Crews boots Waller with a kick, and Crews begins a comeback. Waller feeds into a series of lariats. Crews fires up into a Stinger Splash, and he leaps off the middle rope with a blockbuster for a near fall.

Waller escapes a military press, and he snaps Crews on the top rope. Waller then jumps into the ring to set up his finisher. Roll through into a pop-up cutter, and Cres tries to counter. Waller pokes Crews in the eye, and Waller comes down with the cutter. Waller then covers Crews for a pinfall.

A tremendous video package hypes NXT UK Women's Champion Meiko Satomura. She narrates her life's journey in pro wrestling. Included is clips of her on WCW Monday Nitro in the late '90s. Addressing the triple threat match, Satomura warns her opponents will not defeat "the final boss."

More implosion in Diamond Mine during a skit at the dojo. Strong tries to argue his case, but the Creeds are not hearing it. After Strong storms off, Damon Kemp says he doesn't trust Roddy anymore either. 

Ivy Nile enters the scene, and she chides the Creeds for pickering. She tells them to get it together. Tatum Paxley is with Nile, and Paxley is wearing a face guard. She says Nile injured her, but they still get along. The two then head to the ring for their match that is up next. But first, a cameo from the main roster... 

Finn Balor is face-to-face with NXT Champion Bron Breakker in the locker room. Balor has advice for Breakker. Balor says he has beaten guys twice his size. Balor cautions Breakker to not underestimate NXT UK Champion Tyler Bate.

NXT Women's Tag Team Champions Katana Chance & Kayden Carter defeats Ivy Nile & Tatum Paxley in a non-title match

Chance pins Paxley, after a distraction by Toxic Attraction.

During the match, NXT Champion Mandy Rose is seen watching the match from their couch on a perch inside the soundstage. Her Toxic Attraction pals, Gigi Dolan & Jacy Jayne, cause a distraction that gets the attention of Nile.

Paxley is left on her own against the champs, and they execute their tandem finisher on Paxley. Chance then hooks a leg and covers Paxley for a three count.

The champs cut a post-match promo. Chance & Carter say they set out to be fighting champions, but they have not one left to fight in NXT. Cue the interruption.

Doudrop and Nikki A.S.H. interrupt the champs, and they challenge the champs to a title match on Sunday at Worlds Collide. Chance & Carter accept the challenge, and they shake hands with the challengers to seal the deal. The match is later made official for Worlds Collide.

Kiana James from her office desk cuts a promo on Zoey Stark ahead of their match tonight.

Joe Gacy in a pre-tape promo has words for Cameron Grimes, saying the time has come to for Grimes to make his decision on Gacy's offer to join Schism. My advice: Don't.

Cameron Grimes has an answers for The Schism 

After a commercial break, Gacy is in the ring flanked by The Dyad. Either there are edits that censor chants from the studio audience, or my feed is glitching. Then comes the "boring" chants.

Gacy has happy face pins, and he gives them to The Dyad, as this promo turns into some sort of weird awards ceremony. The Dyad speaks. The live studio audience cares about as much as when Gacy spoke. That is, not much. 

Thankfully, Cameron Grimes interrupts The Schism. Here to save the segment, Grimes gets into the ring to confront them. Grimes is not here for their celebration, but he needs to talk with Gacy.

Grimes has an answer for Gacy on joining Schism. 

"I don't need you," Grimes tells Gacy. Grimes does not need anyone for him to "go to the moon."

Gacy responds that Grimes is lonely. Gacy tells Grimes to tell him that he is lonely, and Gacy will leave him alone.

Grimes reiterates he does not need anyone. Grimes turns to leave, when Gacy basically says he has no one, not even his father. That angers Grimes, and he explodes on them. Gacy tells his charges to back off, and Grimes backs away. 

Roxanne Perez narrates a video package that recaps Cora Jade turning on her. Perez warns Jade to watch her back.

NXT UK Champion Tyler Bate is facetiming with Butch (Pete Dunne). Butch gives Bate some encouraging word ahead of the unification title match on Sunday.

Pretty Deadly (Elton Prince & Kit Wilson) & Lash Legend defeats Josh Briggs, Brooks Jensen & Fallon Henley in a six-person tag team match

Prince pins Jensen, after outside interference from Gallus.

The babyfaces shine in the first half of the match. They clean house and clear the ring. Jensen then toss Henley over the ropes into a dive on the outside. The show cuts to a commercial break with the babyfaces in control.

The heel trio turns the tide after the break, and they isolate Jensen. Pretty Deadly works him over. Despite being trapped in a sleeper, Jensen is able to fall towards his corner for a tag.

Hot tag, and Briggs is a house of fire. Running bulldog and a famouser from Briggs. With him wearing jeans and cowboy boots, that combo of moves gave me flashbacks of The Smoking Gunns.  

Double down after Prince and Briggs collide as both attempt a crossbody. Prince is booted out of the ring, and Briggs crawls over to tag out. Just before Briggs gets to his corner, out comes Gallus.

The arrival of Gallus distracts Jensen, and he jumps off the apron to confront them at ringside. Jensen dives onto them, and there is a pull-apart brawl. Meanwhile, Joe Coffey nails Jensen with a boot.

Dazed after being hit with the boot, Jensen is rolled up by Prince for a three count. 

Gallus rushes into the ring for post-match brawl. Huge pull-apart as bedlam ensues.

Shayna Baszler confronts NXT Women's Champion Mandy Rose. Baszler warns Rose she better win on Saturday. Do it for the brand, or all of Rose's talk over the last year is "garbage" in hindsight.

JD McDonagh cuts a promo that portrays himself as creepy. The promo seems to indicate McDonagh's next program is with Wes Lee.

Andre Chase (with Bodhi Wayward & Thea Hail) defeats Charlie Dempsey

Chase pins Dempsey, despite Dempsey looking strong with his Snake Pit style. 

Lots of grappling, playing to the strengths of Dempsey. He puts Chase through a clinic, stretching him. Chase fights back with punches. Atomic drop leads into a leg sweep by Chase for a Bret Hart comeback.

Chase does a Garvin Stomp where chants from the studio audience spell out Chase U. However, Dempsey counters to apply a series of submission hold. The last being a crossface, and Chase struggles to make the ropes. Hayward at ringside tries to rally Chase. Dempsey kicks at Hayward, and Dempsey breaks the hold so he can leave the ring to attack Hayward.

Dempsey gives Hayward a gutwrench suplex on the floor. Dempsey gets back into the ring, only for him to get cradled by Chase. Chase grapevines a leg, and uses the grapevine to roll Dempsey into a pinning combination. A three count later, and Chase scores the pinfall.

Alba Fyre, a former NXT UK Women's Champion, has encouraging words for current champ, Meiko Satomura.

WWE Intercontinental Champion Gunther gives current NXT UK Champion Tyler Bate a pep talk. Gunther tells Bate he must win the unification match, saying to Bate that "European wrestling depends on it."

Zoey Stark defeats Kiana James

Stark pins James to win clean. Nikkita Lyons runs in after the match to make a save when James attempts a post-match attack.

James attempts to get heat on Stark during the match. The live studio audience seems somewhat indifferent, although there is some half-hearted clapping and chants. 

Comeback by Stark, and she rocks James with strike combos. James grabs a top rope to escape Stark's finisher, and James briefly cuts her off. Moments later, Stark delivers her GTS finisher. Stark then scores a pinfall.

After the match, James attempts to hit Stark with a tote bag. Nikkita Lyons runs in for a save. Lyons jumps James and sends her fleeing away.

Blair Davenport is being interviewed by McKenzie Mitchell, when Rhea Ripley interrupts for a cameo appearance. Ripley tells Davenport she better win on Sunday, much like the other main roster talent did earlier in the show.

Nathan Frazer and Axiom are sitting next to each other reading comic books. There is an inside joke where Frazer chides the masked Axiom for not having the chance to wrestle on the NXT UK brand. The joke is Axiom wrestled for the brand as A-Kid. The skit sets up a best-of-three rounds match between the two.

Gallus (Joe Coffey, Mark Coffey & Wolfgang) defeats Diamond Mine (Julius Creed, Brutus Creed & Damon Kemp)

Joe Coffey pins Kemp, following a distraction by Roderick Strong.

Things get going in the match. Builds to Diamond Mine with a triple clubbering spot. Gallus powders before a split-screen commercial break.

Gallus is eventually able to isolite Julius Creed, and they work him over. Hot tag brings in Kemp, and he cleans house. 

Roderick Strong comes down to ringside holding a cellphone. He wants to show Kemp a video, which somehow proves Strong's larger point or something like that. This is all kind of silly. More so when Kemp stomps on Strong's phone, and Strongs oversells it.

Security tries to hold back Strong as he yells at Kemp to get back in the ring, which is more silliness.

Blind tag by Gallus, and Kemp is leveled by a lariat from Joe Coffey. Kemp is then pinned by Coffey, and Gallus is victorious. 

Pretty Deadly run in after the match, and they attack Diamond Mine. Security geeks pour in, and a pull-apart melee ensues. The locker room empties as the brawl grows larger. Then the director cuts to the back like this is an old episode of Impact.

The six-man match was billed as the main event, but there is still plenty of more time left on the show. Something else is closing tonight's episode.

Tommaso Ciampa is here for another main roster cameo. He has words for NXT Champion Bron Breakker. Cimapa with a pep talk for Breakker, telling him to win on Saturday.

Commentators Vic Joseph and Wade Barrett are about to run down the card for Worlds Collide, when there is an interruption. NXT North American Champion Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams are headed to the ring. Hayes is not booked for a match on Worlds Collide, so he and Williams are heading to ring to address that slight. WWDSD -- What would Dennis Stamp Do?

Quincy Elliott cuts a promo teasing the NXT debut of "The Super Diva." 

Ricochet confronts and challenges the North American Champion

Hayes and Williams storm the ring. Williams cuts a promo hyping up Hayes. The North American champ is upset why the "A champion" is not on the Worlds Collide card.

Hayes declares he WILL NOT be on the card, as if it is a proclamation of some sort. I thought he was not booked. So, because he is not booked he vows to not show up. I guess that is what Dennis Stamp would have done.

Ricochet interrupts the segment, and Ricochet gets a superstar welcome. He tells Hayes and Williams to shut up for the sake of everyone. Ricochet then goes on to say he is here on "official business."

Ricochet challenges Hayes to a title match on Saturday. The title bout is agreed upon. Williams and Hayes try to jump Ricochet, but he strikes both down. Ricochet grabs the title belt, and he stoops over Hayes. Ricochet then waves goodbye to Hayes as the show comes to a close.