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WWE NXT New Year's Evil live results: Breakker vs. Waller

An NXT Championship match headlines the 2023 edition of New Year's Evil.

The show begins with a skit of an Andre Chase lecture at Chase U. Homework for the class is to watch New Year's Evil. Chase then goes on to preview the card for tonight. 

Chase curses at a student, and he kicks him out of class. Chase yells at him, "We don't need that kind of stupidity around Thea Hail. Tonight is the biggest match of her career." Hail is nervous and anxious about the women's number one contender battle royal. Chase assures Hail none of the others have her heart. That pumps up Hail, and she screams, "LET'S F****** GO!"

Opening the show live from the soundstage at the Performaance Center is a fight for justice, or something like that. Out comes Tony D'Angelo and his henchman, followed by the entrance of Dijak. 

Dijak is apparently a new age Big Boss Man, or maybe his version of vigilante justice is wrestling's version of The Punisher. His look reminds me more of when Alex Wright became Berlyn in WCW, but Dijak's newer gimmick is at least an improvement from his last persona.  

Dijak defeated Tony D'Angelo (with Channing "Stacks" Lorenzo) 

Dijak pinned D'Angelo after D'Angelo sacrificed himself to save Stacks. That followed a sacrifice by Stacks earlier in the match. It was a good enough bout, and did well in trying to get both Dijak and D'Angelo over. Stacks also has a new layer as a character.

The match went through a split-screen commercial break. The fight spills outside just before the show cuts to its first commercial. Stacks takes a bullet for D'Angelo, allowing D'Angelo to take down Dijak. However, Dijak soon turns the tables. 

With a form of justice, Dijak handcuffs Stacks to a turnbuckle for his interference. The chain on th handcuffs was long enough to walk a dog, which would allow for a storyline spot later in the match. When the show returns from the break, Dijak is working over D'Angelo. Best spot in the match was a near fall after Dijak delivers a sit-out choke bomb. 

As they went home, Stacks gets into the ring. He tries to stand in front of D'Angelo. Stacks was looking to take another bullet for his boss. D'Angelo tells Stacks he is not his boss, he is his family. The Don kisses Stacks on the forehead and, and he shoves him out of harm's way. D'Angelo then walks into a superkick from Dijak, and D'Angelo falls like timber. Dijak covers him for the pinfall. 

NXT North American Champion Wes Lee watched the match from ringside, as the winner is likely his next challenger. Dijak glares at Lee after the match. He must want justice. It certainly was a buzzword during this match.

The duo of Toxic Attraction in a backstage interview vow revenge on Roxanne Perez at Vengeance Day. Talk turns to the battle royal later on. McKenzie Mitchell asks them what happens if the duo is the last two left in the battle royal. Toxic Attraction insists they will apparently be declared co-winners. 

Jinder Mahal's surprise run in and sneak attack

The Creed Brothers enter the ring for their match with Indus Sher, which is many weeks in the making. Sanga enters the soundstage alone, and he addresses the Creeds. Sanga says Veer is not here tonight, but Sanga says he will honor the match by wrestling the Creed in a two-on-one match.

Julius and Brutus Creed begin to respond when they are blindsided by an attack from Jinder Mahal.  He jumps the Creeds. Mahal and Veer administer a beatdown. They lay out the Creeds. Brutus Creed takes a chokeslam from Sanga on the ring steps, which writes him out of the show for tonight. Mahal gives Julius a Khallas. 

Mahal is given a microphone. "Veer and Sanga fight with respect, but I don't," Mahal said before a mic drop. The angle would set up a singles match later tonight with Mahal against Julius Creed.

Number One Contender's Tag Team Gauntlet Match

Pretty Deadly enters first. They had they hair curled in a comedy skit that aired earlier with NXT Tag Team Champions The New Day. 

Pretty Deadly cut a promo saying they picked "three of the toughest teams" in NXT to face in a gauntlet match. Aiming to prove they deserve a tag title shot against The New Day. Comedy ensues.

The Rockers theme song blares inside the soundstage. Pretty Deadly mark out at the entrance of a team spoofing The Rockers. 

Pretty Deadly (Kit Wilson & Elton Prince) defeat "The Rockers" (Flyin' Bryan Williams & Slammin' Jammin' Jimmy Jackson)

Pretty Deadly easily defeat the spoof team in a squash match. Spilt Milk and a quick pinfall is scored to end it in a hurry.

New Days interrupts things. They figured Pretty Deadly would do something this silly, so they had a plan. New Day has chosen two other teams for Pretty Deadly to beat to earn a tag title match.

Pretty Deadly defeated Malik Blade & Edris Enofe

Enofe and Blade fare far better than The Rockers spoof. They wrestle through a commercial break, but Enofe and Blade ultimately lose after the show returns from the break.

Enofe and Blade gets some near falls, but Prince catches Enofe in a small package for a three count. Enofe and Blade are eliminated from the gauntlet.

Next up is in the gauntlet is supposed to be Brooks Jensen and Josh Briggs, but they are jumped backstage by Gallus. The faction returns from a storyline suspension, and they a wrecking shop.

Gallus (Mark Coffey & Wolfgang) defeated Pretty Deadly 

Wolfgang pinned Wilson, after Gallus ran roughshod over Pretty Deadly. Gallus win easily as Georgia beat TCU. 

Gallus confront New Day on their way out. Looks like Gallus is New Day's next challenger, and this is much more serious than the recent tag team gaga. 

Next up is "countdown to the new year." That is odd considering today is the 10th day of January. This was of course a gimmick. It led to a return of Tiffany Stratton. She saunters to the ring and cuts a promo. The ess said about the better.

Video packages hype the men's singles championship match.

NXT Champion Bron Breakker defeated Grayson Waller via countout to retain his title 

Waller is counted out of the ring after a stunt where the middle rope breaks. They set up the finish with a broken turnbuckle stunt about halfway through the match. The finish sets up a return match that is announced at the end of the show.

Waller slapped Breakker across the face early on in the match, which angers Breakker. Cat-and-mouse game ensues, but this time Tom catches Jerry. Breakker dominates Waller for a little bit, but Waller is able to cut off the champ. Waller tries to choke out Breakker, and Waller gets a near fall.

Breakker comes back with a series of suplexes and a Steiner tilt-a-whirl. Breakker is again seemingly in control, until Waller reserves an Irish whip. Waller then tackles Breakker into a corner, and the middle turnbuckle snaps. The second rope goes limp upon impact. Production crew and referees pour in to fix the rope, as the show cuts to a commercial break.

Waller has Breakker in a Boston crab as the show returns from the break. Waller is working the back, but Breakker counters into an armbar. They stand and trade strikes. Waller drops Breakker with a lariat from behind. Waller applies a camel clutch, but Breakker hulks up. 

Comeback by Breakker, leading to a Rick Steiner powerslam. Breakker follows with a flying bulldog, and he pulls down the straps on his singlet. Breakker lets out a primal scream, and he measures for a spear. Waller powders, and he flees the ring. Waller tucks and flips back into the ring to deliver a flying knee strike for a great near fall.

Waller goes to spring off the middle rope when it breaks again. This was an obvious stunt, and Waller tumbles outside the ring and lands on the floor in a heap. Waller stumbles to his feet, but he unable to break the ten count. Breakker retains via countout.  

McKenzie Mitchell interviews NXT Women's Champion Roxanne Perez. They joke about Cora Jade possibly winning the battle royal, since that is Perez's rival. Perez goes on to give a babyface interview, and they briefly discuss Toxic Attraction.

Apollo Crews and Axiom are in the locker room, and they decide they want to team up against Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams. 

Charlie Dempsey defeated Hank Walker (with Drew Gulak)

Dempsey submitted Walker after a competitive match. Walker got some offense, but he is eventually stretched by the shooter. Dempsey has a crossface and a leg grapevined, and Walker fights valiantly to escape. Dempsey cranks on the submission hold, and Walker has little choice but to tap out. 

During the match, a tweet from Shawn Michael is shown. HBK has something planned for later on, which apparently relates the finish of the NXT Championship match.

Alba Fyre and Solo Ruca set up a match against each other in a backstage skit. Fyre sells like something is off with her, presumably related to her feud with Isla Dawn.

Tyler Bate returns to NXT next Tuesday.

Scrypts left a note in Oro Mensah's bags in the locker room. 

Jinder Mahal (with Sanga) defeated Julius Creed

Mahal pinned Creed after The Khallas. Hard hitting match, and Mahal looks to be a new monster heel on NXT. Julius bled from the mouth during the match. 

Creed charged in to attack Mahal just as the bell sounds to start the match. They brawl, fight, and wrestle their way through a commercial break, and the show returns from the break with Creed giving Mahal a superplex.

The match looked snug and stiff at times, and Creed bled from the mouth after eating a dropkick. Mahal works over Creed, but Creed fights back. A suplex by Creed begins a comeback.

For the finish, Creed goes for a shooting star. He misses, but rolls through. However, Creeds eats a high kick. Mahal then delivers The Khallas, and he covers Creed for a pinfall.

Stevie Turner in a vignette reveals herself as the "new data collector" in NXT.

Gigi Dolan and Jacy Jayne are co-winners of the number one contender 20-woman battle royal

The duo of Toxic Attraction both win the battle royal, in what was a takeoff of Lex Luger and Bret Hart in 1994 at the Royal Rumble. 

Cora Jade was the first eliminated, even after getting a full entrance. Lyra Valkyria eliminated Jade, which would later play into the finish. The eliminations continued as the match goes through a commercial break. 

Wendy Choo does a spoof of the Kofi Kingston gimmick, where she kept her feet from touching the floor by landing on a pillow. Elektra Lopez pulls the pillow out from underneath Choo, and Choo hits the floor for an elimination. 

With seven remaining in the ring, Zoey Stark eliminates rival Nikkia Lyons. Before Stark can celebrate, she is immediately thrown out by Sol Ruca. A few moments later, and Alba Fyre throws out Ruca. That plays into them having a match next Tuesday.

Final four are Dolan, Jayne, Ruca, and Valkyria. Fyre and Valkyria end up fighting on the apron, where Valkyria eliminates Fyre with a headscissors that sends Fyre to the floor. 

Cora Jade runs in from the crowd and she hops the barricade. Jade goes sweep Valkyria's feet, but Valkyria avoids it. Toxic Attraction then team up to shove Valkyria off the apron for the final elimination. Jade jumps Valkyria at ringside. Meanwhile, Dolan and Jayne are in the ring.

Dolan and Jayne raise each other's hand. Jayne acts like she is going to eliminate herself. Dolan pleads with her to stop. Jayne stops, and then she superkicks Dolan. Jayne tries to toss Dolan out of the ring, but Dolan saves herself by landing on the apron. 

They both end up on the apron, and they fight on the turnbuckles. They tease a superplex, and they soon butt heads. Both take a Nestea Plunge off the turnbuckles, and they crash to the floor at the same time. Referees on either side of the ring separately declare Dolan and Jayne the winners. The referees huddle, and the official ruling is Dolan and Jayne are co-winners.

Main event set for NXT Vengeance Day

Shawn Michaels is backstage between Bron Breakker and Grayson Waller. The NXT champ and his most recent challenger are face-to-face ready to continue their fight. They are about to brawl when Michaels gets between them. HBK then books a cage match for the NXT title at Vengeance Day.