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WWE NXT Spring Breakin' live results: Bron Breakker vs. Joe Gacy

Two titles will be on the line on a special edition of NXT.

Two titles will be on the line on tonight's special Spring Breakin' edition of NXT.

In the main event of the show, Bron Breakker will defend his NXT Championship against Joe Gacy. The personal rivalry between the two has seen Gacy torment both Breakker and his father Rick Steiner in recent weeks.

The NXT North American Championship will also be up for grabs as Cameron Grimes defends against Carmelo Hayes and Solo Sikoa in a triple threat match.

Main roster stars Natalya and The Viking Raiders will be in action in tag team matches tonight. Natalya will team with Lash Legend against Cora Jade & Nikkita Lyons, while The Viking Raiders will take on The Creed Brothers.

Nathan Frazer makes his NXT 2.0 in-ring debut as he takes on Grayson Waller. Plus, Santos Escobar and Tony D'Angelo will attempt to settle their issues during a sit-down meeting.

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


The show opens with NXT Tag Team Champions Pretty Deadly in a campy pre-taped skit from poolside. They quickly run down the card, and then they jump into the swimming pool. 

Inside the soundstage at the Performance Center, a triple threat championship match kicks off the show.

NXT North American Champion Cameron Grimes defeats Solo Sikoa and Carmelo Hayes (with Trick Williams) to retain his title in a triple threat match

Grimes pins Sikoa with a flying Cave In off the top rope. Great opener.

Loud "Solo" chant as the bell rings to start the match. Hayes is reeling in the beginning, as he is teamed up on. Hayes bails out of the ring, leaving Grimes and Sikoa to square up. 

Hayes is knocked off the apron several times trying to get back into the ring. Eventually, the Hayes recovers. He runs wild with a rally, including a wickedly cool springboard guillotine legdrop. 

They all three take turns running through some sequences. A near fall for Grimes is broken up by Sikoa, which leads into a split screen commercial break. 

The return from the break, and Sikoa is looking strong. They do a Tower of Doom spot where Grimes uses a hurricanrana on Sikoa while Grimes also gives Hayes a superplex. "Holy s***" chant from the live studio audience after that spot, followed by an obligatory "this is awesome." 

Triple down. They rise and trade strikes. Sikoa fires up with a flurry of action. Sikoa with a uranage that takes Hayes into the heavens and back down to the mat. Sikoa goes for a cover, but Hayes breaks it up for a close near fall.

Grimes directing traffic in the ring, and he gets another two count after a poison rana. Hayes cuts off Grimes, and Hayes gets a two count. Superkick out of mid-air by Sikoa cuts off Hayes. Another great near fall after Sikoa leaps off the top rope with a Superfly splash. The pinning attempt is broken up by Hayes.

Sikoa is about to give Hayes a Samoan Drop when Grimes leaps off the top with a Cave In double stomp. Grimes then covers Grimes for the pinfall. The champ retains.

NXT Women's Champion Mandy Rose in a skit taped earlier in the day goes to the tanning bed. Wendy Choo sneaks into adjust the timer, leaving Rose in the tanning bed too long. Rose is burned, and she is red as a beet. 

Nathan Frazier is backstage freaking out over his debut match tonight. 

Roderick Strong is in the dojo training with Diamond Mine. He gives the team a pep talk while also proclaiming himself the leader. The Creed Brothers collectively roll their eyes at him.

Indi Hartwell and Duke Hudson tease sexual tension. No mention of their lovers that were recently released from WWE.

Nathan Frazier defeats Grayson Waller

Frazier pins Waller in his NXT 2.0 in-ring debut, with an assist from Andre Chase and an airhorn. Frazier is really good, and he shines here in this match. 

A reality television "star" Mark Long from MTV is in the crowd to cheer on Grayson Waller. 

On commentary, the announcers talk about Frazier being trained by Seth freaking Rollins. Frazier looks really good in his debut match on this brand. The guy is skilled, as he works circles around Waller.

Waller grabs a beach ball, and he deflates it in front of the crowd before the show cuts to a commercial break. The show returns with Waller cutting off Frazier. 

Waller mocks Seth Rollins. When the heel mocks his trainer, Frazier hulks up. He goes flying through the ropes with a dive. The studio audience is solidly behind him.

Frazier goes for a pin, but Waller gets a hand on the rope to break the count. Waller soon cuts off Frazier as they trade near falls. 

They fight on the turnbuckles, and Frazier is shoved off the ropes. He takes a bump out of the ring. Waller is perched on the top rope looking to strike. A loud airhorn goes off. It was Andre Chase doing the Blacktop Bully airhorn spot from '94. The difference is Chase is a teacher instead of truck driver. He and his students were in the crowd watching the match when Chase interfered.

The sound of airhorn causing an alarmed Waller to fall off the rope, and he bounces off of it. Frazier then connects with a Phoenix Splash, and he covers Waller for a pinfall.

A vignette profiles Fallon Henley. She is a country girl at heart that loves her horse Luna. 

Sit-down meeting between Santos Escobar and Tony D'Angelo

Escobar and D'Angelo, and their respective crews, meet in a pre-tape skit filmed in an restaurant. This skit is a spoof on a mafia movie. The production itself was good as a soap opera, but the acting not so much. 

Their meeting gets heated for a moment, but they make a peace agreement. They toast to a truce. Although they seem to agree on peace, the music soundtrack hints at things being open-ended.

The Viking Raiders in a backstage interview talk about their match later on against The Creed Brothers. They are interrupted by Pretty Deadly, who are warned to not interrupt the Raiders again. The champs scamper away. 

Joe Gacy in a promo says we should fear what happens if does not win the NXT Championship tonight. Gacy vows he will "change the world" tonight. 

Nikkita Lyons & Cora Jade defeat Lash Legend & Natalya

Jade pins Legend after a miscue by Nattie costs her and Legend the match. 

The match goes through a commercial break after a Cactus Jack clothesline to the outside. When the show returns from the break, Natalya is working over Jade. 

Hot tag, and Lyons runs wild. Near fall for Lyons on Nattie. Lyons does not see Nattie tag out, and Legend cuts off Lyons. Legend has a mount when she is struck with a dropkick from her own partner. Nattie is then tossed out of the ring.

Lyons with her spot where she does the splits into a legdrop. Jade follows up with a flying senton off the top rope, and Jade covers Legend for a three count.

A vignette highlights Tatum Paxley ahead of the Breakout tournament. Paxley is a powerlifter that vows to win the first ever Women's Breakout tourney.

Jacy Jayne & Gigi Dolan go to the beach in a skit. They do steamy poses in a throwback to the Divas era. Wendy Choo & Roxanne Perez then prank Toxic Attraction by stealing their stuff. Choo & Perez steal their car and bark it down the street. Dolan & Jayne burn their feet on the hot pavement. This was supposed to be comedy I think.

The Creed Brothers (Julius & Brutus Creed) defeat The Viking Raiders (Ivar & Erik) 

Julius Creed pins Erik after outside interference by Roderick Strong. This was a tag team hoss fight, and it is arguably the Creeds' best match so far (or at least one of their best bouts). 

Viking Raiders control the first half of the match, before the show cuts to commercials. Ivar leaps off the apron with a splash as the show cuts away.

Creeds comeback after the break. Hot tag to Julius, and Creed explodes into the ring. The two teams go on to trade near falls.

Superplex spot where Julius suplexes Ivar pops the crowd. Viking Raiders with a signature finisher on Julius, but Brutus jumps in to break up a subsequent pinning attempt.

Roderick Strong, wearing a hoodie, runs in at ringside to hit Erik with a jumping knee strike. Sliding Ishii lariat by Julius, and he covers Erik for a pinfall. 

Despite winning, the Creeds are angry. They argue with Strong about him interfering in the match.

AJ Galante, who was with Tony D'Angelo earlier in the sit-down, is kidnapped by Santos Escobar and Legado del Fantasma. Kidnapping in NXT does not seem like big of a deal since it happens so often, sometimes with no consequences. Maybe this will lead somewhere, and my guess is something that spoofs a mafia movie.

Alba Fyre (Kay Lee Ray) re-debuts next week. Her baseball bat is also now a makeshift torch. 

Brooks Jensen and Josh Briggs are backstage with medical staff. Brooks has an injured wrist, so there is a masturbation joke because this show is apparently written for juveniles. 

Announced for next Tuesday is a tag team match with Gigi Dolan & Jacy Jayne against Roxanne Perez & Wendy Choo. The bout stems from skits that aired earlier in the show.

During Joe Gacy's entrance, the picture turns to black and white. Bron Breakker flips a switch backstage, and the color comes back to the screen. 

Breakker wore one of his father's singlets from the 1990s. It was the one with all of the random numbers on it, as referenced on a recent episode of the Bryan & Vinny Show. I recall seeing Rick Steiner wear it in WCW matches during the early '90s. 

Vic Joseph on commentary claims the singlet was worn by Rick Steiner on the first episode of Monday Night Raw. That is not true. Rick actually wore a different singlet in that match. Regardless, Breakker is wearing one of his father's singlet for tonight for a main event title defense.

NXT Champion Bron Breakker defeats Joe Gacy to retain his title

Breakker pins Gacy clean to retain the NXT Championship. Not the best match on the show, but also not the worst either. It was average. 

Breakker is a house of fire as usual, but Gacy trips him up. Gacy then knocks Breakker off the apron before the show cuts to its final commercial break.

Gacy is working over Breakker as the show returns. Breakker begins to fight back as the crowd barks their approval. Gacy dashes the hope spot, and Gacy sets up for a dive to no avail. 

Breakker breaks up the attempted dive by clubbing Gacy. Breakker then begins his comeback. Breakker pummels Gacy, and Breakker pulls down the straps on the singlet. 

Frankensteiner of sorts (that was more like a flying headscissors) by Breakker. Botched belly-to-belly leads to a weak near fall. Nobody in attendance seems to buy it.

Gacy is able to sidestep Breakker, and Gacy targets the back. Gacy gets a two count after a sit-out powerbomb. No heat for this.

Gacy goes for his handspring finisher, but Breakker counters for the actual finish of the match. Breakker mows down Gacy with a spear, and Breakker covers Gacy for the deciding pin. 

Breakker retains, and stands tall after the match posing with his title belt. Breakker is unaware two druids are standing behind him as the show closes.