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WWE NXT Stand & Deliver live results: Dolph Ziggler vs. Bron Breakker

The show is the first NXT event to be held outside of Florida since early 2020.

NXT joins in on WWE's WrestleMania weekend festivities in Dallas with this afternoon's Stand & Deliver event.

Stand & Deliver will be the first NXT show to be held outside of Florida since the NXT 2.0 rebrand. In the main event, Dolph Ziggler will put his NXT Championship on the line against Bron Breakker.

NXT Women's Champion Mandy Rose, NXT North American Champion Carmelo Hayes, and NXT Tag Team Champions Imperium are all set to defend their titles against multiple challengers today.

Rose defends against Cora Jade, Io Shirai, and Kay Lee Ray in a four-way match. Hayes' title will be up for grabs in a ladder match against Santos Escobar, Solo Sikoa, Grayson Waller, and Cameron Grimes. And Imperium defend their titles against The Creed Brothers and MSK in a triple threat match.

LA Knight vs. Gunther and Tommaso Ciampa vs. Tony D'Angelo round out the main card for Stand & Deliver. On the pre-show, the reunited Raquel Gonzalez & Dakota Kai challenge Toxic Attraction's Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne for the NXT Women's Tag Team titles.

The Stand & Deliver main card streams live on Peacock/WWE Network at 1 p.m. Eastern. The pre-show begins at noon.


The card is opening with a women's tag team title match on the pre-show.

Raquel Gonzalez & Dakota Kai defeated NXT Women's Tag Team Champions Toxic Attraction (Gigi Dolan & Jacy Jayne) to win the titles

Gonzalez pins Jayne to capture the tag titles. Wendy Choo appeared at ringside to distract Toxic Attraction. Choo threw her drink in Dolan's face, and Gonzalez booted Dolan with a high kick. Gonzalez then gave Jayne the Chingona Bomb, and she covered her for the pinfall.

I was surprised by the finish, especially with it being a title change on the pre-show, and the crowd also seemed surprise. The recently reunited duo are the new tag champs.

The main card kicks off at high noon in Dallas with a ladder match.

Cameron Grimes defeats NXT North American Champion Carmelo Hayes (with Trick Williams) and Santos Escobar (with Legado del Fantasma) and Solo Sikoa and Grayson Waller (with Sanga) in a ladder match to win the title

Grimes wins the title in a stunt show that is as good as most Money in the Bank matches these days. Grimes not only won, but he got a superstar entrance with a rocket ship theme (going TO THE MOON of course).

Trick Williams interferes at will during the match. So do others. Early on the ring would clear, and they took turns going one-on-one. Soon a melee develops, and the ladders come into play.

At first the spots with the ladders were fairly tame and safe like baseball slide dropkicks and such. The spots got progressively dangerous. A parade of dives gives way to more stunts with ladders.

Notable high spots include Waller delivering a cutter on Escobar off a ladder. Hayes springboards into a flying clothesline on Waller. Sikoa cut down Hayes in mid-air when he attempted a second springboard. Escobar leaps over a ladder for a sunset bomb that sends Sikoa crashing down onto a ladder. 

Williams jumped in the ring to interfere, and Sanga jumps in to cut him off. Sanga dismantles a ladder in a rage, tearing it apart. Elektra Lopez gets in the ring to confront Sanga, which distracted the monster long enough for Raul Mendoza and Joaquin Wilde to fly into the ring with missile dropkicks. They send Sanga out of the ring, and Lopez leaps off the top rope for a flying body press to the outside on Sanga. Sikoa went to give both Mendoza & Wilde a dual Samoan Drop, but it didn't quite work.

Williams interferes again, and this time he climbs the ladder trying to get the title. Grimes dumps him over the ropes, and Williams goes sailing out of the ring. 

Waller was fingertips away, and Escobar thwarts him with a Super Frankensteiner off a ladder. Sikoa then spears Escobar. Grimes gives Sikoa a Cave In on a ladder bridge. Waller with a Jeff Hardy dive off a ladder through the ladder bridge. 

Escobar gives Hayes a Phantom Driver. Grimes out of nowhere leaps off the top rope with a Cave In on Escobar. Grimes then climbs a ladder to grab the title, winning the match and the championship.

Tony D'Angelo (with AJ Galante) defeats Tommaso Ciampa

D'Angelo pins Ciampa in what is arguably D'Angelo's best match in NXT. Far from Ciampa's best match in NXT, but good enough nonetheless. 

Is this Ciampa's swan song in NXT? Regardless, Ciampa gets a standing ovation after the match. He kisses the mat before leaving the ring. 

On the premium version of Peacock, Triple H comes out after the match to acknowledge Ciampa for what looks like a sendoff for Ciampa. 

D'Angelo and Galante arrived to the building a limo, giving them a unique entrance. Ciampa also got a special entrance with a video package tailored to this match.

Ciampa was very much a ring general in this bout as he puts over D'Angelo. He fires up to pummel D'Angelo with a series of knee strikes. Ciampa then pulls up the mat at ringside to reveal the unprotected arena floor. D'Angelo cuts off Ciampa, yet a portion of the the floor remains uncovered as the match continues.

Comeback by Ciampa, and he runs wild with a volley of lariats. D'Angelo counters, and they go back-and-forth trading near falls. D'Angelo taunts Ciampa, causing Ciampa to fire back with Wahoo McDaniel-esque chops.

A slugfest develops as they trade strikes. D'Angelo retrieves a crowbar he apparently hid in the ring frame, but Ciampa blocks the foreign object. However, Ciampa is hit with a low blow, and D'Angelo executes his fisherman suplex finisher. Ciampa kicks out at two and half.

D'Angelo gets the crowbar again, but Ciampa again counters. Willow's Bell by Ciampa, and a Fairy Tale Endind. D'Angelo kicks out again. So they both have kicked out of the other's finisher.

Ciampa applys a cross-face, but D'Angelo gets a rope broke. The fight then spills outside, near the exposed arena floor. D'Angelo gives Ciampa a DDT on the concrete floor. 

D'Angelo rolls a limp Ciampa into the ring. D'Angelo stands over Ciampa, boots him in the side of the head, and D'Angelo covers Ciampa for a pinfall.

Standing ovation for Ciampa after the match. He soaks it in, and he kisses the match. As Ciampa is leaving, Triple H makes his return to WWE television as he joins Ciampa on the stage for an embrace. Triple H raises Ciampa's hand. This sure looks like a sendoff for Ciampa. He waves to the crowd.

MSK (Nash Carter & Wes Lee) defeats NXT Tag Team Champions Imperium (Marcel Barthel & Fabian Aichner) and The Creed Brothers (Julius & Brutus Creed with Diamond Mine) in a triple threat match to win the titles

MSK win the titles after Carter pins Barthel in a fast-paced match.

Lots of action in this match, and they popped the crowd early on often. Similar in some ways to the ladder match in terms of bedlam, but without all the ladders. Just bedlam at times. Controlled chaos too, such as a Tower of Doom spot.

Several dives throughout, but Brutus Creed pops the crowd with a cannonball off the top rope to the floor. A moment later, Julius Creed is sent crashing into the ring steps. Doomsday uppercut off the apron by Imperium takes out Brutus.

Barthel climbs on the ropes, but he is cut off. MSK with a Frankensteiner into a sit-out powerbomb on Barthel. Carter then covers Barthel to win the titles.

Cameron Grimes is emotional in a backstage interview after winning the NXT North American Championship earlier in the show. 

Joe Gacy and Harland are in Dealey Plaza for a pre-tape segment from earlier today. Gacy cuts a cryptic promo, which in a way fit the setting. 

NXT Women's Champion Mandy Rose defeats Cora Jade and Io Shirai and Kay Lee Ray in a fatal four way to retain her title

Rose pins Shirai to steal a win. The match was clunky at times, but it was good in the closing moments.

Cora Jade gets a special entrance with a bunch of skateboarders on the stage.

The match turned into a melee a minute into the bout. Not out of the ordinary as practically every match so far on the card has included a melee at some point.

The melee soon settles. The focus of the match shifts to Rose against Jade. Kay Lee Ray almost wipes out on a dive off the top to the floor. Shirai is next to fly as she moonsaults to the outside. 

KLR and Shirai square off in the ring, which immediately improves the match. Missile dropkick by Shirai on KLR, but Rose breaks up a pinning attempt. KLR catches Rose in a submission hold, while Shirai applies a Texas cloverleaf on Jade at the same time. 

Jade gets to shine as she runs wild on Rose. KLR takes a Canadian Destroyer from Jade on the apron. Shirai takes out Jade with a modified Tiger Feint Kick. Shirai then hits Rose with a missile dropkick, followed by German suplex for a near fall.

Spanish Fly by Shirai plants Rose. Jade off the top with a senton to break up a pinning attempt. Jade with sliced bread and a double-arm DDT, but KLR jumps in to break up a pinning attempt. Gory Bomb by KLR on Jade, and KLR climbs to the top rope. 

Shirai shoves KLR off the rope, and Shirai with a moonsault press on Jade. Shirai went for a cover, yet Rose rushed in to boot Shirai. Rose then cradles Shirai to score a pinfall, and Rose retains the title.

A video package shows Indi Hartwell and Dexter Lumis shopping in a Western wear store. Persia Pirotta and Duke Hudson also shopped in a store to put together an outfit. They all dressed like what city slickers think cowboys dress. They looked silly, but I guess that was the idea.

In a fan vote, In-Dex won the hottest couple poll with 89% of the vote over 11%. Hudson was mad about the result, and he got into a shoving match with Lumis. Hartwell and Pirotta also pushed and shoves each other. There was a mild pull-apart. This segment was a dud.

Gunther defeats LA Knight 

Gunther pins Knight clean in the middle of the ring. 

When the fight spills outside the ring early in the bout, Gunther powerbombs Knight on the ring apron. Gunther begins to punish Knight, and Gunther targets the back. 

Knight fights back, but Gunther continues to pummel him as he dashes hope spots. Gunther applies a Boston crab, further punishing Knight's back.

Knight keeps fighting back, yet Gunther chops him down. Eventually, Knight begins a comeback. Knight sells his back during his rally. 

Superplex by Knight. Back on their feet, they trade strikes. Gunther locks in a sleeper hold. Knight counters to lift Gunther into a torture rack. Knight with in modified DVD. 

Gunther is throwing haymaker chops, and he clotheslines Knight off the turnbuckles. Gunther leaps off the top rope with a splash on Knight's injured back. Gunther then powerbombs Knight in the middle of the ring. One ... two ... three.

Bron Breakker is backstage making his way to the ring. He stops to grab a colorfully painted chainsaw. During his entrance, Breakker uses the chainsaw to cut throw a large "X" on the stage.

NXT Champion Dolph Ziggler (with Robert Roode) defeats Bron Breakker to retain his championship

Ziggler pins Breakker after using an exposed turnbuckle and outside interference by Rodert Roode. That is despite Roode having been ejected earlier in match.

Really good match with a lame finish.

Ziggler tosses the title belt in Breakker's face right after the ring introductions, which throws Breakker into a rage.

Breakker explodes at the start, and he is a house of fire. They both play on their amateur wrestling backgrounds. 

Ziggler counters, but Breakker is a beast. Robert Roode is soon ejected by the referee. Roode interferes by grabbing Breakker's foot, and the ref ejects Roode.

Tide turns when Breakker is crotched on the top turnbuckle. Ziggler follows up with a draping neckbreaker, and Ziggler begins to target Breakker's neck. Breakker tries to rally, but he is tripped up again.

Chinlock city. Ziggler with a Rick Rude taunt allows Breakker a second to counter. Comeback by Breakker with a tilt-a-whirl slam for a two count.

Super Frakensteiner from Breakker for a near fall, and Breakker with a beautuiful spear for another near fall. Ziggler answers back with a near fall of his own. 

Breakker blocks a superkick, and Breakker hits a second spear on Ziggler. Breakker is fired up. Gorilla press slam into a jackhammer. Breakker covers Ziggler, and Roode runs down to ringside to break up the count. 

Of course, Roode was ejected earlier in the match, but is back out here with no recourse. The ref lets the match continue. Breakker dives over the ropes to wipe out Roode. However, Breakker's attention was diverted. 

Back in the ring, Ziggler strikes with a famouser and a zig zag. Breakker kicks out for the best near fall of the match. Ziggler off the top with flying elbow drop. Breakker kicks out again.

Ziggler cuing up a band for sweet chin music, but Breakker hulks up. Breakker lands another spear. Military press, but Ziggler rakes the eyes. Ziggler shoves Breakker into an exposed turnbuckle. 

Ziggler hits a superkick on a stunned Breakker, and Ziggler covers him for a pinfall. Ziggler retains. Dirty Dawgs celebrate.