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Rick Steiner captured by Harland and Joe Gacy on WWE NXT

The new WWE Hall of Famer and father of Bron Breakker was shown tied up and caged in the closing segment of this week's episode.

New WWE Hall of Famer Rick Steiner was tied up and caged by Joe Gacy and Harland in the closing scene of this week's episode of NXT 2.0.

Following his son Bron Breakker's successful NXT title defense against Gunther in the show's main event, Steiner was shown on the arena's video wall. He congratulated Breakker on his victory, and told his son that he was proud of him. 

The camera zoomed out to reveal that Steiner was tied to a chair and locked in a cage. The camera zoomed out further to show Gacy and Harland were responsible for Steiner's capture. 

Gacy said that he and Harland would "see if they could teach this old dog [Steiner] some new tricks" as Harland menacingly banged on the bars of the cage with a wrench. 

Gacy had cut a series of promos throughout the show aimed at Breakker, and Harland and/or Gacy vs. Breakker for the NXT title looks to be the direction going forward. 

Breakker lost an NXT title match to Dolph Ziggler at last Saturday's Stand & Deliver event, then won the title from Ziggler in a rematch on Monday's Raw, kicking off his second reign as NXT Champion.

Rick and brother Scott were inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame last Friday as part of the class of 2022.