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Santos Escobar out of NXT following Heatwave loss to Tony D'Angelo


Santos Escobar is out of NXT.

Escobar lost his match against Tony D’Angelo on Tuesday’s NXT Heatwave. As a result, Escobar now must leave NXT.

The finish of the match saw D’Angelo’s crowbar and Escobar’s brass knuckles both in the ring. Both D’Angelo and Escobar saw their weapons and rushed to use them. D’Angelo was first, striking Escboar and pinning him to win the match. The segment ended with the rest of Legado Del Fantasma consoling Escobar over the loss.

Two weeks ago on NXT, Escobar made his return after being injured and cost D’Angelo a chance to win the NXT North American championship. The following week, the two met in a park where they agreed to one final match. The stipulations were that Legado Del Fantasma would be freed from the Tony D’Angelo family if Escobar won, but if Escobar lost, he would leave NXT.

In his time during NXT, Escobar held the NXT Cruiserweight title on one occasion.