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Santos Escobar returns to TV on WWE NXT


It’s not over between Santos Escobar and Tony D’Angelo.

Escobar returned to NXT TV on Tuesday night, interrupting an NXT Tag Team title match between The Creed Brothers and Tony D’Angelo and Stacks. The finish had Elektra Lopez give D’Angelo a crowbar. He grabbed it, but soon realized someone else was grabbing it. That person turned out to be Santos Escobar. Stunned, D’Angleo instead walked into the Creed Brothers, who soon got the victory and retained their titles.

Later in the show, Escobar called a fuming D'Angelo, taunting him over the loss. Both of them eventually agreed to one more meeting by themselves without their seconds.

Back at NXT In Your House on June 4, Legado del Fantasma lost to the D’Angelo family and as a result were forced to join D’Angleo’s family. A few weeks later, D’Angelo revealed that Escobar was hospitalized and would be out of action. In recent weeks, it seemed as if Legado del Fantasma had grown used to their new roles, helping Tony D’Angelo score wins. D’Angleo in particular had praised Lopez for her output in the group.