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Reggie revealed as Scrypts on WWE NXT


Scrypts made his in-ring debut on Tuesday’s NXT.

The masked man, who is the former Reggie from the main roster, faced Guru Raaj in his debut match. He picked up the win with a molly-go-round. After the match, he took out a card with his name on it and placed it on Raaj’s chest.

Reggie hasn’t been seen on WWE television since the September 5 edition of Main Event, where he lost to Shelton Benjamin. A former WWE 24/7 Champion, he had not been used on television much once Triple H became head of creative upon Vince McMahon’s resignation from the company in July.

In recent weeks, promos have been airing on NXT featuring a character with a disguised voice, telling the WWE Performance Center via answering machine that he was coming. Last week, a promo aired saying he had made it past security and would be arriving next week to “play a little game”.