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Title shot gauntlet match, Dar vs. Frazer set for next week's NXT UK


WWE has announced when NXT UK's first-ever gauntlet match will be taking place.

On next Thursday's NXT UK episode, five women will face off in a gauntlet match. The winner will become the number one contender to Kay Lee Ray's NXT UK Women's Championship.

Isla Dawn, Jinny, Xia Brookside, Emilia McKenzie, and Dani Luna have been announced as the participants for the gauntlet match. There was an angle on this week's NXT UK episode where video was shown of Brookside being attacked backstage by Amale. It was questioned whether or not Brookside will be able to compete next week. Amale was furious that she wasn't included in the gauntlet match.

 The gauntlet match was announced last week but a date for it wasn't given at the time. KLR said none of the gauntlet participants are good enough to defeat her.

KLR calls herself the "Forever Champion." She's held the NXT UK Women's Championship since defeating Toni Storm for the title at NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff in August 2019. In her most recent title defense, KLR defeated Meiko Satomura this March.

Noam Dar vs. Nathan Frazer (formerly known as Ben Carter) in a Heritage Cup rules match is also set for next Thursday's episode of NXT UK. The match was set up during Frazer's appearance on Dar's Supernova Sessions talk show on this week's NXT UK.

During the Supernova Sessions segment, Frazer spoke about how he came to NXT UK to learn the traditional British style of wrestling. Frazer said he's blended that into his current style to become a more complete performer. Dar's co-host Sha Samuels called Frazer a fraud and said he isn't a true British wrestler. Dar said Frazer wouldn't last a minute in the ring with him -- nevermind six three-minute rounds in a Heritage Cup rules match. Frazer asked if that was a challenge. Dar told Frazer not to get ahead of himself, but Samuels accepted the match on behalf of Dar.

On the NXT UK episode that airs in two weeks, Heritage Cup Champion A-Kid will defend his title against Tyler Bate.