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Two matches set for next NXT UK, Seven dropping to cruiserweight


WWE has announced a pair of matches that will be taking place on next week's episode of NXT UK.

Jordan Devlin will issue another open challenge for his version of the NXT Cruiserweight Championship on NXT UK next Thursday. WWE hasn't announced who his opponent will be.

Xia Brookside will also face off with Nina Samuels on next Thursday's NXT UK..

Devlin has been calling himself the real NXT Cruiserweight Champion since returning to WWE television in October. WWE lists both Devlin and Santos Escobar as being NXT Cruiserweight Champions.

Devlin announced in December that he'll be defending his Cruiserweight title in open challenges every time he steps in the ring. He's retained in matches against Oliver Carter and Ben Carter since then.

In a promo on this week's NXT UK episode, Devlin said he wants to go down in history as the greatest wrestler under 205 pounds that WWE has ever seen. He was then interrupted by Trent Seven. Seven said he's going to trim down to under 205 pounds and wants to challenge Devlin when he does. Devlin said Seven must have to drop at least 30 pounds but agreed to give Seven a title shot if he does.

After Devlin mocked him by patting him on the stomach, Seven grabbed Devlin's arm and dropped him with a punch. Seven said he's coming to Devlin's division and will take his title.

This was the first time Seven has appeared in person on NXT UK since losing to A-Kid in the Heritage Cup tournament finals in November. While addressing that loss in an interview three weeks later, Seven said there were things he knew he needed to fix and work that needed to be done.

Brookside defeated Samuels on NXT UK in November but was attacked by Samuels after the match. Samuels then cost Brookside a match against Isla Dawn in December. Suitcases were brought out to ringside during that match, then Samuels appeared on the video screen and said she told Brookside that Brooksides are only worthy of carrying her bags.

Last week, Brookside said soon enough Samuels will see what Brooksides are truly capable of.