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Tyler Bate returns to WWE TV on NXT UK


One of the brand's top stars returned on this week's episode of NXT UK.

Tyler Bate made his return to WWE television during the debut of Noam Dar's Supernova Sessions talk show segment on today's NXT UK. It set up a match where A-Kid retained his Heritage Cup Championship against Bate in this week's main event.

Bate won the first fall in the match, but A-Kid won the next two falls to retain. Though he was visibly disappointed after his loss, Bate shook A-Kid's hand and raised his arm in the air. Bate was still looking at A-Kid and the Heritage Cup trophy while leaving the ring.

A-Kid was Dar's guest for the Supernova Sessions segment. A-Kid had defeated Dar in the semifinals of the Heritage Cup tournament. Dar tried to claim that he took A-Kid under his wing and became his mentor when A-Kid came to NXT UK. Dar also took credit for A-Kid's Heritage Cup win. A-Kid clarified that Bate was his mentor. After Dar insulted Bate, Bate's music hit and he made his return.

Bate congratulated A-Kid on winning the Heritage Cup, but Bate said he wished he could have been part of the tournament. Dar tried to stir up issues between A-Kid and Bate and suggested they face each other later in the show. Bate was receptive to the idea and A-Kid said it's the least he could do for Bate.

Prior to today's episode, Bate hadn't appeared on NXT UK since the brand went on hiatus this March due to the COVID-19 pandemic. NXT UK returned with new episodes airing starting in September.

A-Kid became the first NXT UK Heritage Cup Champion by defeating Trent Seven in the tournament finals last month.

In an interview with SPORF Wrestling's The Go-Home Show podcast last month, Seven responded to a question about Bate's status:

Yeah, I’ve spoke to him obviously here and there and you know, been around to his house and met up with him and stuff . And you know, this year has been incredibly complex for everyone, you know what I mean? I feel like no matter who you are in the wrestling industry, the year 2020 has taken a bit of a toll on you. So there’s a big part of it where he’s had to… he’s had to do a little bit of soul searching. He’s had to go have a look at how he spends his money, how he lives his life, how he -- the time he spends away from wrestling, what kind of influences is Tyler Bate looking at to improve his life, you know what I mean? There’s so many little aspects of things -- and we have to remember and we have to remind ourselves, this guy is 22 years old. He won the UK Championship at the age of 19. That’s not a normal life for anyone. There are no 19 year olds on the planet that are WWE champions. It’s career-defining, and I think a lot of responsibility and a lot of power got put on Tyler’s shoulders at such a young age and I feel like that’s the point of this last year is him learning how to deal with that and like, him learning how to cope with the fame and how to cope with the pressure and how to cope with the limelight so, yeah. He’s been okay man. But, it’s a humongous learning curve for someone at the age of 22 to learn going into being a WWE champion.