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Undisputed Cruiserweight Champion crowned at NXT TakeOver


An undisputed NXT Cruiserweight Champion was crowned at TakeOver: Stand & Deliver night two tonight.

Santos Escobar defeated Jordan Devlin in a title unification ladder match to become the undisputed NXT Cruiserweight Champion. As they were fighting while on a ladder near the end of the match, Escobar headbutted Devlin and sent him crashing through a ladder that was set up in the corner. Escobar then retrieved both Cruiserweight title belts that were hanging above the ring.

Going into tonight's unification match, Escobar and Devlin had both claimed to be the rightful NXT Cruiserweight Champion. Devlin won the NXT Cruiserweight Championship at Worlds Collide in January 2020. But with him unable to travel and defend the title due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a tournament was announced to crown an interim champion. The interim label was later dropped from the tournament. Escobar won his version of the NXT Cruiserweight Championship by defeating Drake Maverick in the tournament finals last June.

There was a point in tonight's ladder match where Devlin looked like he was about to retrieve the title belts, but Escobar's Legado Del Fantasma stablemates Raul Mendoza and Joaquin Wilde ran down and attacked Devlin. After defeating Devlin, Escobar celebrated on the stage with his nine-year-old son, Mendoza, and Wilde.