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Wendy Choo vs. Cora Jade set for next week's WWE NXT


A match between Wendy Choo and Cora Jade has been made for next week’s WWE NXT.

Additionally, Scrypts has promised that next week “you will see that you and I are not the same.”

Choo and Jade began their feud two weeks ago, when Choo prevented Jade from attacking Valentina Feroz with a kendo stick. The following week, Jade called out Choo, bullying her. On this week’s NXT, Choo said that those kinds of comments from Jade were nothing new for her, and next week Jade would be sporting two black eyes.

Scrypts has been issuing ominous messages to the WWE Performance Center in recent weeks. On Tuesday’s NXT, Scrypts claimed that they "got past the guards with ease," indicating they have arrived in NXT. The vignette ended with Scrypts saying “Next week you will see that you and I aren’t the same. So tell me...who’s first to play a little game.”

Here is the lineup for next week’s NXT:

  • NXT North American title: Wes Lee defends against Carmelo Hayes
  • Wendy Choo vs. Cora Jade
  • More from Scrypts