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WWE NXT expected to 'somewhat' return to Triple H's previous vision

Dave Meltzer reported on the status of NXT in this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

With Vince McMahon out of power, there's an expectation that WWE NXT will "somewhat" return to Paul "Triple H" Levesque's previous vision for the brand.

In his cover story on McMahon's retirement in this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer reported that there's a belief in NXT that "the product will revert back somewhat to Levesque’s previous vision." Meltzer noted that it's believed NXT will continue to heavily recruit top-tier athletes, but it will be more open to using experienced pro wrestling talent as well.

Meltzer wrote:

For years, the belief was that Levesque was establishing his team at NXT to eventually become his team when he took over the wrestling end of the business. But many of the members of that team had been fired over the past year. The two names most talked about as being replaced were [Bruce] Prichard and Kevin Dunn, the head of television production. Speculation on their future has run rampant in recent days. In NXT, the belief was that the product will revert back somewhat to Levesque’s previous vision of it. The belief was that while they will continue to heavily recruit top tier athletes, a process Levesque has been a key player in over the past year, that they would be more open to use more experienced wrestling talent as well, and that going forward the door would be more open to better wrestlers who weren’t as big or as good looking as McMahon wanted on the roster.

NXT changed from its previous "Black and Gold" identity to "NXT 2.0" in September 2021. The rebrand has seen NXT focus on younger and less experienced talent, with WWE signing more college athletes and former college athletes instead of established independent wrestlers.

The NXT 2.0 rebrand also happened around the same time that Levesque suffered a life-threatening health scare. WWE announced in September 2021 that Levesque underwent a successful procedure following a cardiac event.

Shawn Michaels is in charge of overseeing NXT 2.0.