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WWE NXT live results: Toxic Attraction vs. Perez, Jade & Hartwell

Plus, The Creed Brothers make their first NXT Tag Team title defense.

A six-woman tag team match headlines tonight's episode of NXT.

Toxic Attraction (Mandy Rose, Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne) will take on the team of Roxanne Perez, Cora Jade & Indi Hartwell. Last week, Hartwell came to Perez and Jade's defense and saved them from a beatdown by Toxic Attraction.

Perez defeated Tiffany Stratton last Tuesday to become the winner of the inaugural NXT Women's Breakout Tournament. In winning the tournament, Perez earned a contract for an NXT women's title match.

Toxic Attraction confronted Perez and Jade after the Women's Breakout Tournament finals. Hartwell then made her way out to help Perez and Jade even the odds.

NXT Tag Team Champions The Creed Brothers will make their first title defense tonight as they face Malik Blade & Edris Enofe. Plus, Wes Lee takes on Xyon Quinn in a rematch from two weeks ago. Quinn called Lee's victory a fluke and has promised to prove that in their rematch.

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


Cold open with no introductory packages. Wade Barrett and Vic Joseph are ringside to welcome viewers to the show, which is kicking off with a tag team title match. 

The champions and challengers are already in the ring as the show opens, and the bell soon sounds to start the match.

The Creed Brothers (Champions Julius & Brutus Creed) defeat Malik Blade & Edris Enofe to retain the NXT Tag Team Championship

Brutus pins Blade, and the Creed easily retain in their first title defense.

Lots of mat wrestling and grappling early on, and that gave way to power moves by the Creeds. Enofe took a bump over the ropes where his back lands on the apron, and that looked painful.

The match goes through a commercial break. Another hard landing for Enofe after being thrown around by Brutus. Then it is Julius' turn to suplex the challengers.

Brief rally after Blade hits a flying forearm smash. Blade looks to run wild, but he is soon cut off when Julius catches him on a dive. Julius then drops him when going for a rolling powerslam of sorts, which they immediately redid. Blade is planted into the mat by Julius, and Brutus delivers a sliding lariat. Brutus goes on to covers Blade for a pinfall. 

In a backstage skit, Indi Hartwell bemoans not having a best friend anymore, after she sees the camaraderie between Roxanne Perez and Cora Jade. Hartwell offers advice from a "wily veteran," telling them "this place is crazy." Jade and Perez console her, and they agree they all have a common enemy in Toxic Attractions. High fives all around. 

A vignette shows Apollo Crews reflecting on his return to NXT. Crews is in a diner when another patron is giving the staff a hard time. Crews comes to their aid by attacking the patron. 

Fallon Henley (with Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen) defeats Tiffany Stratton 

Henley pins Stratton after outside interference by Wendy Choo. Both Henley and Stratton show lots of fire from the outset, but the match itself was rather short.

Choo is seen hopping across the stage during Stratton's entrance, unbeknownst to Stratton. Choo later bounces down to ringside on a hippity hop ball, and Choo throws confetti in Stratton's face in full view of the referee. The ref lets the interfere go, and Henley uses an inside cradle for a pinfall. 

NXT Champion Bron Breakker is backstage when Duke Hudson goads him into making a title match for tonight. Breakker defends the title against Hudson later in the show.

Lash Legend cuts a promo on Alba Fyre, and Legend runs down her impressive athletic background. 

Wes Lee defeats Xyon Quinn

Lee pins Quinn after a twisting senton off the top rope. Another great win by Lee, as his push continues.

Lee shoots in at the start, and Quinn soon overpowers him. Lee uses his quickness to counter. He drops Quinn with a kick, and Lee leaps off the top rope with a twisting corkscrew senton bomb. Lee then covers Quinn for a pinfall.

Nathan Frazier talks about his background in a vignette. This is good character development.

The Dyad (with Joe Gacy) defeat Dante Chen & Javier Bernal

The Dyad is a fancy name for the druids that lurk around Gacy. They wrestle while wearing hoods, and they make big, exaggerated movements. This campy stuff looks like a gimmick from a bygone era. The Dyad would fit better on a WWF show from 1995. 

They execute a double team DDT on Bernal, and he is pinned by one member of The Dyad. 

Gacy enters the ring for a post-match promo. Oh joy. He says a lot of words only for him to blame the fans. The Dyad are apparently heels because of the fans. Does Jim Valley know about this?

Sanga and Xyon Quinn have a confrontation backstage. Quinn storms off as Sanga remarks he has found his next opponent. 

Nikkita Lyons is featured in a video package where she vows to return from injury.

Tony D'Angelo hosts the promotion of Stacks and Two Dimes 

Kind of a lame duck segment considering Two Dimes was released from WWE by the time this show airs on television.

D'Angelo waxes about how much Stacks and Two Dimes have done for the family. They get promoted from "associates" to "soldiers of the family." D'Angelo gifts them an expensive watch.

Joining them in the ring for this segment is Santos Escobar and Legado del Fantasma, who all are now in the D'Angelo "family" after losing a stipulation match.

D'Angelo lays down the law to Escobar and company. They all shake D'Angelo's hand, but they are clearly not happy about doing it.

D'Angelo says it is now time for him to have a championship. That was the cue for NXT North American Champion Carmelo Hayes, who is flanked by Trick Williams.

Hayes and Williams cut promos on D'Angelo. They exchange word with D'Angelo, and he claims to be "The Don of NXT." Apparently that gives D'Angelo booking power like he is Hulk Hogan in WCW. D'Angelo books himself in a title match next week against Hayes.

Also set up is a tag match later on with Stacks and Two Dimes against Hayes and Williams. 

Toxic Attraction cuts a promo on their opponents in the six-woman tag team match set for tonight's main event.

NXT Champion Bron Breakker defeats Duke Hudson to retain his title

Breakker decisively beats Hudson via pinfall in a short match. 

Hudson attempts to jump Breakker before the bell, but that backfires on Hudson. Breakker explodes into a fury. After flying shoulder tackles and a Rick Steiner powerslam, Breakker mows down Hudson with a spear. 

Breakker lifts Hudson in a military press, and drops him into a powerslam. Breakker then scores a three count.

Grimes challenges Breakker during post-match confrontation

Cameron Grimes interrupts Breakker's victory celebration. Grimes and Breakker had a brief interaction earlier in the show that foreshadows Grimes heeling on Breakker.

Grimes addresses Breakker, telling Breakker the reason he is champion is because of his last name. I am assuming he means Breakker's real last name, not the name "Breakker" itself. Unless I am somehow unaware about the lineage of Breakkers in the wrestling business.

Grimes tells Breakker he respects him, but Grimes notes Breakker's father is a legend. That is Grimes' problem with Breakker. Everyone knows who Breakker's father is, but no one knows about Grimes' own father. 

Grimes' anger grows as he talks about his father not getting to watch his title win like Breakker's father being able to see his son win a title. 

Grimes says he is catchphrases and such. Grimes challenges Breakker to a title match at The Great American Bash. Breakker accepts the challenge, making the match official for the Bash. 

A Diamond Mine skit with bad acting shows more tension within the faction. The Creeds have booked Roderick Strong and Damon Kemp in a tag match next week, much to the chagrin of Strong.

McKenzie Mitchell interviews Von Wagner, who is joined by Mr. Stone and Sofia Cromwell. Stone and Cromwell speak for Wagner. Next week Wagner meets Brooks Jensen in a match where their sides are barred from ringside.

Giovanni Vinci defeats Guru Raaj

Vinci pins Raaj after a sit-out powerbomb in what is a re-debut.  

Vinci is a new character portrayed by Fabian Aichner. He looks impressive in the ring as usual, but the jury is still out on the character remake.

For the finish, Vinci executes a Last Ride where he sit-outs when delivering the powerbomb. Vince scores an easy three count.  

Solo Sikoa challenges Grayson Waller to a match next week, and Waller reluctantly agrees to the bout next Tuesday.

Grimes is backstage where he confronts Enofe & Blade. He cuts a promo on them for losing their match earlier tonight. Grimes is mad they are leaving before the main event. Grimes claims they are not hungry, but he knows they have potential. Is this the makings of new stable?

NXT North American Champion Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams defeat Channing "Stacks" Lorenzo and Troy "Two Dimes" Donovan

Hayes scores a pinfall to win the match, after he and Williams fight off outside interference. 

D'Angelo during the match causes a distraction, allowing the heels to gain control. They work over Hayes after D'Angelo distracts him. 

Hot tag to Williams, and he cleans house in the ring. Cruz Del Toro attempts to interfere by doing a springboard into the ring. His flying crossbody backfires, and Williams clotheslines Del Toro out of the ring.

Williams tags in Hayes, and Hayes leaps off the top rope with a guillotine legdrop. Hayes then scores a pinfall.

Later after a commercial break, D'Angelo dresses down Legado del Fantasma as he blames them for the family's loss tonight. 

Matches announced for next Tuesday on NXT include:

  • Carmelo Hayes defends the NXT North American Championship against Tony D'Angelo
  • Alba Fyre vs. Lash Legend
  • Grayson Waller vs. Solo Sikoa
  • Von Wagner vs. Josh Briggs

Now it is time for tonight main event. 

Roxanne Perez, Cora Jade & Indi Hartwell defeat Toxic Attraction (NXT Women's Champion Mandy Rose, Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne) 

Perez pins Dolan to win the match for the babyface trio.

The heel trio huddles after they powder, and they regroup for an attack. The babyface trio thwarts the heels as the show cuts to a commercial break. The heels look to gain control, but they keep getting thwarted by the face team.

Eventually the heels gain an advantage. Heat on Jade as Toxic Attraction work her over. Hot tag to Perez, and she is a house of fire. 

Rose tries to jump in, but Hartwell level her with a strike. Hartwell then tosses Rose out of the ring. Hartwell also shoves Jayne off the top rope. Rose pulls Hartwell out of the ring, but Hartwell hits her with a lariat at ringside.

Perez tags Jade, and Jade climbs the turnbuckles. Jade off the top with a senton where she lands hard on Dolan. Dolan might have gotten hurt, judging by the finish. Jade tags Perez back into the match, and she covers Dolan for the deciding pinfall. Perez might have been going for another move, but after some quick discussion in the ring, Perez quickly covers her instead.