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WWE NXT viewership up slightly, demo rating ticks down

NXT's ratings have remained consistent over the last several weeks.

WWE NXT averaged 588,000 viewers on the USA Network last night, up one percent from the previous week. It's the fourth straight week that NXT has averaged between 570,000 and 593,000 viewers.

In the 18-49 demo, NXT finished 14th on the cable charts with a 0.13 rating, down 7.1 percent from last week but essentially an average number for the show as compared to recent weeks.

In looking at the individual demo ratings, NXT was even or down in every single category with the exception of people over 50, which were up 6.3 percent from last week. That is the reason for the overall viewership gain. The biggest drops for the show were with females. In the 12-34 age group, females were down 37.5 percent. In the 18-49 age group, females declined 33.3 percent. Males were even in the latter group.

NXT was down 17.1 percent in overall viewers from the same week in 2021 and down 35 percent in 18-49.

Listed below are the last 11 weeks of overall viewership and 18-49 demo ratings for NXT, as well as the 10-week averages in both categories. This week's show was almost exactly even in both categories as compared to the recent averages.

NXT ratings