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WWE talking about NXT returning to touring soon

NXT Stand & Deliver was the first event the brand has held outside the WWE Performance Center since March 7, 2020.

WWE NXT may be returning to touring soon.

Last month's NXT Stand & Deliver was the first time the brand held an event outside of the WWE Performance Center in more than two years. According to Dave Meltzer, there has been serious talks about NXT resuming touring, however.

“There have been talks and it’s not official but they are probably going to start touring relatively soon,” Meltzer said. “Of course, I heard that last year. There was a time where it was about to happen and then they didn’t pull the trigger. But it’s back into the talking stage, serious talking.”

“There’s, like I said, nothing official but the belief is that they will be touring. I can’t imagine with this crew that they would tour nationally, I think it’s probably just the Florida shows.”

NXT In Your House is scheduled to take place on Saturday, June 4. PWInsider reports that no final determination has been made on whether the event will be held at the Performance Center or a different venue. WWE's Hell in a Cell pay-per-view is taking place at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois on June 5.