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Alex Zayne suffers ruptured globe in death match, undergoes surgery

Zayne was injured at GCW The Coldest Winter on Saturday.

Alex Zayne suffered a significant eye injury during Saturday's GCW The Coldest Winter show that required surgery. 

Zayne tweeted today that he suffered a ruptured globe during his death match against Jimmy Lloyd at Saturday's show in Los Angeles, and underwent surgery to remove glass from his eye and to repair the injury. 

The NIH website describes a ruptured globe as "a vision-threatening emergency" and a penetrating injury "when an object penetrates the eye, but the object does not go all the way through the eye."

During Saturday's match, Zayne went through panes of glass on four occasions, including hitting a senton through a glass pane that caused a laceration to his arm. It is not clear where exactly during the match the eye injury occurred.

Zayne tweeted that he is out of surgery, the doctor said that the surgery went well, and that time will tell how his body responds to the operation. 

Zayne also tweeted that he had to receive stiches in his right arm to close the laceration before they could proceed with the eye operation. 

Warning, the images below are graphic: 

Zayne wrestled as Ari Sterling on WWE's 205 Live brand in 2021. He signed with the company in December 2020, then was released in August 2021. Since returning to the indie scene, Zayne has regularly appeared on NJPW and GCW events.