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April 18, 2005 Observer Newsletter: Matt Hardy released by WWE, Ultimate Fighter 1 Finale


In a stunning move, which could almost be described as morally reprehensible, WWE announced it was firing Matt Hardy on 4/11.

Hardy was training the day before, doing all-out matches with partner Krazy K, when he got a phone call from John Laurinaitis, to inform him the company was exercising the 90-day option in its contract and letting him go. While he was not told the real reasons, which were obvious, he was simply told that the company wanted to try out new talent. Hardy will continue to get paid through the first week of July, at which point he would be free to work for TNA, if he so chooses. He may be allowed to work in Japan or on independent shows before that, and there has already been interest expressed from Japan for both he and Terry Gerin (Rhyno). A Hardy Boyz reunion on independent shows would be a short-term big draw, but Jeff Hardy has turned down almost all independent offers and has no interest in wrestling much beyond his infrequent TNA TV commitments. Matt Hardy could likely get, at least for the first six months, $1,500 per indie shot and work as many weekend dates as he would want, plus make a killing in Polaroids. Even after six months, he probably would get a decent amount of bookings at that price and get constant work with a $1,000 price tag.

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