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August 15, 2005 Observer Newsletter: Bret Hart & WWE reach deal, Wrestle-One debuts


To the outside, it appeared Bret Hart and Vince McMahon shook hands and made up, as Hart spent a few days this past week in Stamford, CT, doing a seven plus hour interview and signing an agreement to work with WWE in producing a DVD on his career. It immediately led to speculation of when Hart would return to television, angles he could do with Shawn Michaels, and more.

The reality is something different. Hart and McMahon attempted to work through their differences to produce a DVD. As seemed to be the case when word got out regarding the Ultimate Warrior DVD, which is believed will wind up as a burial job on him, there is the feeling going around that if you don't cooperate with the DVD, it will paint you in a negative light. Hart said he went back-and-forth on whether he should appear in the DVD all week before he left, and was pacing back and forth beating himself up over which way to go, but in hindsight, was glad he made the decision he did.

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