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Big Cass involved in altercation at WrestlePro event


Big Cass (William Morrissey) was involved in an altercation at an independent wrestling event on Saturday night.

Bryan Alvarez and Dave Meltzer reported on the story on today's edition of Wrestling Observer Radio:

The report states Cass appeared on a Northeast Wrestling event in Waterbury, Connecticut on Friday without incident. Also booked on the Northeast Wrestling show were Joey Janela and Morrissey's WWE tag team partner, Enzo Amore (Eric Arndt). 

Amore and Janela were recently involved in a separate altercation at a concert, but there were reportedly no problems between any of the three on Friday. 

Cass and Janela were also booked on the WrestlePro show on Saturday in Rahway, New Jersey, which served as a farewell event for the show's promoter, Pat Buck, who is joining WWE as a producer. 

According to Wrestling Observer Radio, Cass showed up at WrestlePro in a "belligerent" state. He threatened (and may have also slapped) Janela. Cass also claimed that a sweater had been stolen from him and threatened people in the locker room if he didn't find it.

Cass ended up getting in a confrontation with Buck, at which point Buck knocked him down with a punch. Alvarez noted that everyone was sympathetic to Buck. Alvarez said he didn't hear anyone defending what Cass did.

After being taken out of the building, Cass then spoke to police outside. Police were reportedly concerned by things Cass said and his loud demeanor, and Cass was transported to a local hospital. 

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