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Buddy Colt passes away at 85 years old


Ron Read, better known as Buddy Colt, one of the top heels of the early 70s, passed away today at the age of 85.  

Colt was one of the major players in the building of the Omni at the top wrestling arena in the Southeast and was considered so valuable that when they created Georgia Championship Wrestling, he, Bill Watts and Jack Brisco were all given stock in the company. He was an even bigger star in Florida, during the hottest period in history in the mid-70s as a headliner. 

His career basically ended when he was flying his private plane and crashed in the Tampa Bay.  He was in the plane with Dennis McCord, who returned to wrestle as Austin Idol, Gary Hart, and Bobby Shane, who passed away. 

He was a tough guy, with a strong judo background and also a bodybuilder. He was the level of wrestler that could have been considered for a world title run.